Vancouver PPM May 31, 2021 – August 29, 2021


PSR thanks our friend and radio ratings expert Ted Wendland of Radio West for compiling the latest Vancouver Numeris Numbers



  1. Talk/news stations do typically do worse in the summer. So one can only read so much into the drop of CKNW, CBC and CKWX. Still, CKNW’s struggles with the afternoon slot during the time period haven’t helped them.

    As far as the music stations go, it’s a bit like a poker game. If your hand is marginal, you hope your opponent folds before you have to show your cards. As expected, Virgin was the bigger winner from 104.9’s switch to Hot AC. Also, not unexpectedly, Z95.3 started playing more 90’s/00’s music again to take the sting out of competition, meaning Virgin is now actually alone in the Top 40 format.

    The Breeze has done pretty much nothing to attract new listeners but they’re still benefitting from 103.5’s Move branding. Especially with for a station with a lot of loyalty, branding can have a bigger impact than people realize, even with only minor playlist differences. Had 104.3 not axed Kelly, they would have likely done even better.

    Right or wrong, as Rock 101 and Virgin have demonstrated, sometimes consistency rather than change is what works.

  2. PLEASE! Someone enlighten me how Rock101 (ya I get they have an advantage during the summer) can do so well when they continue to play THE SAME DAMN SONGS day after day, week after week, etc. And yes, I understand the annoying Can-Con rules.

  3. Looks like Rogers needs to blow up the format on one of the stations. And The Peak is long overdue for a format shift,maybe a change to Beach Radio…..

  4. Cephas: Yes, Rock 101 is extremely repetitive. The problem is that it’s no different than other Vancouver retro stations: good variety in the course of a day, but the same songs in the course of days, weeks and months.

    Where I think they have an advantage is the relative stability of their on-air hosts, unlike other stations with high turnover or almost no on-air hosts like Jack-FM. It’s like a typical guy in a 20+year marriage: as long as they have respect and loyalty from their partner, they’ll normally stay loyal without asking for change.

    And yes, Can Con has played a role in making stations more repetitive. I have nothing against Loverboy and Bryan Adams, but do their 80’s songs really need more daily exposure?

  5. Okay. Rock101 repetition comment number 2. How about 1 album cut per hour? Or how about the 80s lunch hour including “the 80s deep cut!” Make it a part of the trivia segment and award the prize to the first caller to identify it.

    And great point about their on-air stability in jocks!

  6. I have audacity to suggest a sports station is exactly that a SPORTS STATION. However after more than 50 poor souls working with the original Vancouver 24 hour sports station were told over a very, very loud speaker they had 30 minutes to clear out as Team 1040 was going to a Phyllis Diller, Rodney Dangerfield comedy format 24/7, Yuk, yuk, yuk PUKE, well the dedicated staff were serenaded out of the old Vancouver library building that housed under them Victoria Secrets. What were they seranaded by, well none other than Aussie band Green day playing GOOD RIDDANCE.
    Soooo sadly in the ever growing city of Vancouver, one of the fastest growing cities in North America we are deluged with the 50 year failure Canucks 24/7. You ask is that a winning format??? Well NOOOOO as a Christian Rock Station in Bellingham good old U.S.A. Washington had a higher rating than the now deceased team 1040 and the Sportsnet 650 owned by the billionaire Rogers empire. Truly a pathetic statement as the remaining sports station tries to struggle to get above that magical freaking 2% audience listernship. How sad but more importantly HOW BAD.

  7. Strange that Vancouver still has a 24 hour traffic station in the age of smartphones and GPS.. Now that’s an epic waste of a 50000 watt flamethrower. How does Corus even justify keeping this joke of a station on the air? It’s hard to believe this frequency was once the home of the mighty LG73.

  8. I believe that the 24 hour traffic station is now broadcasting BC Lion & Whitecap Games with the rumor they are going to bid for the Canucks next year


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