Vancouver PPM Aug 30 – November 28, 2021


PSR thanks our friend and radio ratings expert Ted Wendland of Radio West for compiling and sharing with us, the latest Vancouver Numeris Numbers




  1. Good to see 103.5 rebounding. They’re a good station; it was just that the branding last year was implemented badly.

    And the ratings of “Funny” radio 1040 goes to show that sending all your staff into oblivion usually sends your station into oblivion, also.

  2. NDub the biggest Libtard left wing bunch of Trump hating, Biden/Trudeau ass kissing Corus/Global/CBC mouthpieces on the air. Roy Green is good, Jill Bennett is listenable, but the rest of them have Larry Gifford’s boot on their throats (remember he fired Mike Campbell and Bruce Allen) and wouldn’t say crap if their pants were full because he tells them their ass is grass if they don’t tow the line . Fill the shows with climate garbage and there you go with the 12% that are daisy sniffing snowflakes.

  3. Nicolas: actually 104.3 has a really good Christmas playlist anyway. However, who knows if they will switch next spring or February or March?? Became a fairly frequent breeze listener for their music except for the smooth jazz 9- midnight, and for their Christmas carols. If they change, hope they change to 50s-90s standards.

  4. Murray…a little over the top. That being said CKNW is a shadow of its former self. I find myself listening to a lot of American radio…Monson on KIRO and Carr on WRKO a couple of examples.

    • True. That applies to Vancouver radio overall commercial or otherwise very much. I listen to stations from out of town mainly. They reign supreme. Least 104.3 improved their playlist sorta kinda since this past labour day weekend.

  5. I was a die hard CKNW listener for over 30 years. Even though the last 5-6 years saw a big decline in the quality of CKNW I put up with it out of habit. But by June 2020 I finally had to turn away from CKNW. Between their never ending fear and paranoia over the Kung Flu as I saw it was overhyped by June 2020 and their incessant, deranged and ignorant trashing of POTUS Trump as they also let our pathetic, Commie loving manchild PM get off the hook in many ways I just couldn’t put up with CKNW much anymore. I can only listen to a few minutes at any given time of CKNW… Again I for like 30 years was a die hard CKNW listener.

    The COVID 19 bullshit pushed by our governments and media has seen me move from traditional talk radio and take up alternative voices on social media (Youtube, Bitchute and Rumble). mostly out of the USA, but also Canada and the UK. These new voices in media are not only more entertaining and informative, but are truly thought provoking for the most part and not mainstream claptrap like news media in tv and radio are and as such like CKNW has become.

    Now in my car I regularly tune into CFMI 101 FM and just listen to good classic style rock music.

  6. Yes Cephas I know its a little over the top but NW is just a non stop constant bombardment now mostly about climate. We live in a rainforest and if it rains now they blame climate change. If it snows it must be climate change. If it blows it has to be climate change. If we have hot weather with forest fires its climate change. We’ve always had fires and floods since time began. Some years are worse than others and some set records. Ask Wayne Gretzky about setting records. Thank god Mark Madryga does attempt to bring some sense of sanity to his weather forecasts in the morning, and will mention previous events that make you laugh at the hysterical nonsense that goes on now.

  7. Wonder how the ratings of satellite radio would compare.
    What share has terrestrial radio lost to satellite radio.
    On satellite music channels you are not bombarded with climate and covid BS.

  8. Yep Les you got that right. Four years of non stop Trump hatred and where is the hate of the hair sniffing, little girl groping, and fondling pedo, Joe Biden?? Heck, his own daughter is even on the record saying it probably wasn’t appropriate for her dad having showers with her when she was pre-teen. The video evidence of these allegations is all online if you just search it. But Libtard CKNW refuses to comment about Joe or crackhead Hunter, and would sooner piss on Donald Trump Jr. for hunting big game in BC. Our groping, racist, blackface, ethics violating, jet setting, minority government crook in Ottawa gets a free ride from people like Gord MacDonald, Simi Sara, Keith Baldry, Mike Smyth, Jody Vance etc. Larry Gifford demands the team adheres to the Libtard line.

  9. It’s funny, people complain about CKNW but they still talk about it. The mark of a failing radio station is one that people don’t talk about.

    CKNW also has no real competition, unlike radio stations that play similar types of music. Except for the country, new rock and alternative stations anyhow. (It’s also true that no one plays adult oldies standards here right now, but that’s been shown to only generate about a 2 percent market share in other markets and here back in the day; so start asking the management of 1410 or 730 instead of 104.3).

    • I agree with you, man. 730 or 1410 should change to 50s-90s standards indeed. Like, I said before for the last four years, the writings on the wall, at least those older music lovers that aren’t into today’s technology have for the last four years have become turned into “airhead pajama boys/girls”, music snobs and “pseudo cowboys wearing pajamas” and the outcome won’t be good. But until that genre comes back, I will probably have to prefer 104.3 over any of the others, even jack fm (because that station is basically ironic hipster, and I’m not one myself). And sadly, while the jim rome shows not for everybody, it’s a different kinda talk show and for that matter different overall in terms of our radio listening range period. And 730 now that there’s lions and whitecaps game should be 60s 70s. Or 1410 should be what CISL was before the shut down. Keep 1040 as comedy and not have it change back to sports.

  10. If you send CKNW messages about what you think of their new age wokeness on all matters millenial or otherwise, they censor you, block you, cut you off. If you phone to comment, good luck on that, you will never get past the knob that screens the calls. They deserve to be crapped on in some way on comment boards, and yes there are alternatives on satellite radio from the states with guys like Sean Hannity which is listened to by millions and has a healthy opinion from the other side of the aisle for a change and is actually refreshing. The dicks at stations like CKNW will just write that off as Conservative radio. They could only wish for an audience that big.

  11. I didn’t expect radio ratings to TRIGGER so many fragile people. “BOO HOO PEOPLE WEREN’T NICE TO TRUMP!!!” and “BOO HOO RADIO DOESN’T CATER TO ME SPECIFICALLY!!” What a bunch of triggered cry babies in the comments here. Really? This is a post about radio ratings and people are crying and complaining like spoiled little babies…sad

  12. RE: Bobby E

    Oh how I agree with you! I’m confident that CKNW would not even start to shed a tear if these 10 people in here stopped listening to them! It’s hilarious that these same people say things like snowflakes and so forth when others complain, but they do it even worse! They say how bad NW is but yet they can’t stop talking about them, and oh look NW is still on top! Every ratings period it’s the same people, the same comments for years. They are like clockwork, which just tune in here to the comedy channel!

  13. Oh come on CKNW Libtard snowflakes!! If your a 3 and everyone else is a 2, I suppose it makes you look like a world beater. Wanna be CNNs. Chris Cuomo is looking for a job I hear. That would be perfect for CKNWoke. Keep the hate on for Trump.


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