Vancouver PPM Feb 28th, 2022 – May 29th, 2022


PSR thanks our friend and radio ratings expert Ted Wendland of Radio West for compiling and sharing with us, the latest Vancouver Numeris Numbers





  1. It’s revealing to see that JR Country is in second place. I think that this indicates that listeners are seeking relaxation and escapism during these trying times.

  2. JR is not in 2nd not a single buyer looks at 12 + , accurate numbers are A25-54 and JR is #1 by 4 full share points !! Congrats to all of them at the station amazing day for Pattison Vancouver!

  3. The ratings of JR in the last 6 months have been incredible. Mind you, it helps that, like CKNW, they have essentially no competition and can be themselves. It’s also a lesson for other radio stations: if you have a format similar to others, it’s kind of like having a Greek restaurant within 1 block of 2 other Greek restaurants: you won’t last unless you distinguish yourself.

    Ironically, summer is usually the best radio time for country music, so next ratings period could see landmark ratings if the trend continues.

    It will be interesting to see if there’s a shakeup at Z95.3. They’ve become known as a station that with a high turnover particularly in the AM slot, but the big issue is the music: 103.5 and 104.9 play better 90’s and 2000’s music than they do. Not sure if Z95.3 will revamp their music, change the format or do nothing.

  4. Amazing to see CISL’s abysmal ratings. No wonder there are only a handful of live local shows. Mostly garbage hosts, no audience and tiny ratings. Can’t see how they pay the bills.

  5. CISL actually had higher ratings in their last year as a music station versus the sports disaster that it is now! Revert back to Smooth and Easy favourites! We have HD radio now so it is okay to have an AM station playing music in 2022.


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