‘Cousin Bruce’ Morrow Retires From SiriusXM

Cousin Bruce Morrow

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July 30, 2020

COUSIN BRUCIE MORROW shared with his SIRIUSXM “60s On 6” listeners that he’d be hanging up the headphones following his show this SATURDAY night.

MORROW was a longtime WABC/NEW YORK night personality, and eventual station owner. He has hosted WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY night shows for the satcaster since exiting WCBS-F/NEW YORK in 2005.

Regarding his exit from SIRIUSXM, the 84 year-old MORROW noted he is not retiring and will be back in some form.

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  1. Have listened to him for the past few years quite often .

    He is one of my favourites On SXM while driving Between Vancouver and San Diego . He seems to be a very nice person .

    Sounds great for his age .

  2. Always an engaging segment when conducted live, and especially when he brings on guests with whom he’d also conducted interviews in their heyday. Some many great anecdotes.


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