Edmonton PPM Radio Ratings.. Feb 26 – May 27, 2018


Radio Meter 2016-2017 Survey period: February 26th,  to May 27, 2018

Demographic: A12+ Daypart: Monday to Sunday 2am-2am

Geography: Edmonton CTRL

Data type: Respondent

Station         Format       AMA       Daily Cume    Share  (%)       ShareTrend

CKNO                 NOW           7.2                 196.6                10.4                        +0.7

CISN                 Country         6.3                121.6                   9.2                         +1.7

CBX                  RadioOne      5.2                 89.8                    7.6                         +0.3

CHED              NewsTalk       5.1                106.7                    7.4                         -0.8

CKRA                 Capital          4.6               128.0                   6.7                          -0.3

CHDI                  SONIC          4.1                117.1                     5.9                         -0.7

CIUP                      up!              4.0               107.7                   5.8                         +0.2

CFBR                   BEAR            3.8              104.1                    5.6                         -0.2

CFCW                Country           3.6                40.2                   5.2                         -0.3

CHBN                  KiSS               3.2               115.9                    4.6                        +0.6

CIRK                    K-97                3.1                84.0                    4.6                        -1.0

CFMG                  Virgin              3.0              113.3                     4.4                       +0.7

CKEA                  CRUZ               2.7                 75.7                     3.9                       -0.1

CKNG                  FRESH            2.5               102.9                     3.7                      +1.5

CFRN                     TSN               1.9                  33.5                      2.8                     +0.6

CJNW                    HOT              1.8                   97.7                     2.6                      +0.3

CKUA                   Variety            1.7                   27.9                     2.4                        N/C

CHQT                      News           0.9                    29.6                    1.3                       +0.2

CBC                       Radio2           0.6                    20.3                    0.9                       -0.1


Spill Station: CFCW (Edmonton/Camrose)

Average Minute Audience (000): Expressed in thousands, this is the average number of persons exposed to a radio station during an average minute. Calculated by adding all the individual minute audiences together and dividing by the number of minutes in the daypart.
Average Daily Cume (000): Expressed in thousands, this is the average number of unique listeners who were exposed to the station for at least one minute during an average day. Calculated by adding the number of unique listeners each day and dividing it by the number of days in the analysis.
Share: Within a central market area, the estimated total hours tuned to that station expressed as a percentage of total hours tuned to Total Encoded Radio.
Average Daily Universe: The average daily universe for the analyzed period. The universe is expressed as daily averages because it changes slightly daily as the intab changes.




  1. In my humble opinion… Two factors contributed to the decline in CHED Radio’s ratings. The poor quality of hosts in their daytime line up, and the Oilers not making the playoffs. Corus cuts are also contributing. to a poor performance. I prefer to listen to the sister station; CHQR during the daytime.

  2. Back in the Rutherford days, I used to listen to Rutherford (and the other Daves) on CHQR just to get away from a certain sportscaster that seemed to be “on” 24 hours a day. I realise that there’s no better deal than a Crosstown deal and that Tony Roma’s was the place for ribs, and my teeth could be fixed through Quick Card while my furnace ducts were being cleaned by Modern Power Vac. I still remember those spots along with the names of the advertisers. I made it my life’s ambition to boycot these sponsors. To this day. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.


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