Vancouver PPM Radio Ratings .. Feb. 26- May 27 2018


Demographic: A12+
Daypart: Monday to Sunday 2am-2am
Geography: Vancouver CTRL
Data type: Respondent
Station                                     AMA (000)             Daily Cume (000)            Share (%)      Share Trend
CBU+      (Radio One)                17.2                             235.5                                 16.0                      -0.7

CKNW  (News/Talk 980)        12.4                             189.6                                11.6                     +1.2

CHQMFM  (QM/FM)                 11.4                            377.6                                10.6                     -2.8

CFMIFM  (Rock 101)                   8.9                             222.1                                   8.3                     +0.1

CKWX    (News 1130)                 6.9                              195.0                                  6.4                    +0.9

CJJRFM  (Country)                      6.5                              146.4                                  6.1                     +0.8

CFBTFM (Virgin Radio)             6.3                             291.8                                   5.8                      -0.3

CFOXFM  (The Fox)                     5.7                             163.5                                   5.3                      +1.0

CHLGFM  (LG 104.3)                  5.0                              171.7                                   4.7                      +0.6

CJAXFM    (Jack FM)                  4.4                             182.0                                   4.1                      +0.4

CKZZFM     (Z 95.3)                     4.3                              244.0                                 4.0                       -1.0

CKPKFM  (Peak FM)                  3.6                              118.9                                  3.4                        n/c

CBUFM   (Radio Two)                 3.6                                90.2                                  3.4                       +0.3

CKKSFM   (KiSS RADIO)           3.0                             174.0                                  2.8                       +0.3

KWPZFM  (Praise FM)               2.1                               60.3                                   2.0                       -0.3

CKST       (TSN 1040)                    1.9                              55.3                                   1.8                       +0.3

CISL    (Sportsnet 650)                1.3                              40.8                                   1.2                        -0.4

CHMJ     (All Traffic 730)            1.1                              74.7                                   1.0                        -0.3

CFTE(BNN Bloomberg Radio) 0.2                               8.1                                    0.2                       -0.1

CIRHFM (Roundhouse Radio) 0.0                               0.8                                    0.0                         n/c

Spill Stations: CKKSFM (Vancouver/Chilliwack), KWPZFM (Vancouver/Abbotsford)

Average Daily Universe: 2,299,000

Average Minute Audience (000): Expressed in thousands, this is the average number of persons exposed to a radio station during an average minute. Calculated by adding all the individual minute audiences together and dividing by the number of minutes in the daypart.
Average Daily Cume (000): Expressed in thousands, this is the average number of unique listeners who were exposed to the station for at least one minute during an average day. Calculated by adding the number of unique listeners each day and dividing it by the number of days in the analysis.
Share: Within a central market area, the estimated total hours tuned to that station expressed as a percentage of total.


  1. Corus should be reasonably happy with those numbers. The sports stations need to rethink their strategy, if not abandoning the format altogether. QM/FM’s cume is far bigger than any other station. CKNW has the biggest upward jump in the trend parameter. Wonder if the Drex show is contributing to that uptick?

  2. Watcher

    It is only a guess but it seems McComb has been more balanced the past few months. Cannot comment about 10:00 AM as I only listen when Smyth is on.

    I listen to Steele quite often on my way home and find her show balanced and informative and much easier Listening than when Drex was on with her.

    I also like Campbell, Levy, Bruce, Roy Green and really find JILL Bennet to be a person of common sense and not afraid to take a hard line on something. Always enjoy Palmer and Smyth and they should be on longer day on Fridays 9:00 AM until 10:00 AM and take calls. They would work well with McComb.

    I have been very critical on NW but I must admit I believe the balance makes them easier to listen to. perhaps it shows in the ratings.

    If Drex is working for them good for him and good for them, i would not listen on a regular basis but wish him luck.

  3. Wow, look at that! Seems the sky is not falling in the world of CKNW. Good for you CKNW. To the 15 or so usual complainers regarding said radio station? Numbers don’t lie. A full 1.2 share increase. I hope you guys have a great ratings party. You deserve it. May I suggest you invite Les H, BCQM and all the other usual know-it-alls who have zero clue how radio works and teach them a thing or two. Good on ya CKNW.

  4. “The sports stations need to rethink their strategy, if not abandoning the format altogether.”

    Absolutely not. They’re not designed to have the same ratings as the big music and talk stations, nevermind in the mostly meaningless 12+ ranker. They far outbill their ratings, and contribute to an overall sports strategy for their owners. The TSN radio business model is not the same as the QM/FM business model.

  5. Corus stations are doing fine. Bell stations are hanging in there. Jim Pattisons stations are positive and negative. The Rogers stations numbers are relatively weak for the strong signal in Vancouver that they have. The Newcap stations ratings are a missed blessing. Curious to see if there will be personnel changes in the next eight weeks and from where.

  6. Sorry, 2+ numbers mean nothing. NW has been attracting a 55+ audience. The real money-makers are Adults 25-54, especially females which ad agencies believe are still controlling the household dollar. Look for Kowch Media to offer a breakdown of these latest ratings at some point. I wouldn’t be cracking the champagne quite yet.

  7. Just saying, I agree. It’s a lot better than the end of the world some of these arm-chair radio listeners were promoting months ago. Or a drop in cumes and rating points. A 1 point bump in the ratings can add significant amounts of revenue to a bottom line.

  8. tim, to bad you are to blinded by the light. It seems that your blind devotion to NW is not shared by all. It seems that BMCQ can see both sides of the NW coin. He quite clearly posted ahead of your self righteous lecture on armchair programers. tim its okay as a consumer of any product to compare it to the product that used to be available. Its okay to dislike changes. so tim if NW has gone up in the ratings it could be they are not pushing the buzz line. Could be McComb is actually taking phone calls. Could be even the NDP cheerleader at 10 has dialed it back a bit. Could be that Steele is better sans Drex and Drex has attracted a late night audience. NW really had no place to go except up.

  9. WAY TO GO CKNW! To all you cry babies that post on here how NW is going downhill, people are leaving them, the PD is screwing up, and the hosts are awful. Maybe you should rethink your hobby, as you could never be so wrong as you are right now! Maybe zip your uneducated lips for awhile?

  10. I really cant believe the sports stations are happy with their numbers regardless of targets. Somehow getting spanked by a religious station in the US doesnt strike me as a success regardless of how the station is designed. Both need a bloodletting to at least control the bottom line (unless some of the hosts are working for beer).

    As for Bloomberg Radio some of the shows are actually pretty good but they have to get rid of some of the old sports shows and events as it just waters down the format. As for Coast to Coast being on the station it does sound somewhat out of place but if it can help them raise the ratings a bit they might have better numbers than 1040 at a fraction of the cost.

  11. CKNW pander to the lefties all the time. They are a branch of the NDP and until they reflect my political views which is the vast majority they will continue to fail.

  12. With regards to CKNW going up or down, in my opinion, the real issue and umbrage that a lot of us have is not whether or not CKNW is gaining/losing/maintaining audience, it is whether or not it is serving the public interest. The public interest being truthful, unbiased and actionable news.

    Audience numbers, in reality, reflect the audience preference and the big irony being not so much that perhaps CKNW has upped their game, it may be just as much that the audience has lowered their game. CBC radio has good local market numbers and it is as Global Warming-Free Gibs-Hate Whitey-Make the Rich Pay as you can get. To me, CBC (radio or tv) is unlistenable/watchable. To many in Vancouver, it seems, it provides them with their daily dose of Ingsoc, with CKNW not being far behind.

  13. David,

    Thank you for calling many of the posters uneducated. Just another example of Liberals thinking they know everything and telling us how to think? If talk radio in Vancouver actually offered an alternative which is right of center or even center you would see a real comparison in which you could spout off on.

    I tried listening to Jon the other day and it was painful because over the half hour it was basically all commercials. For now you can be happy with NW hanging in the Number 2 spot as many Liberals love the talking points of the CNN, MSNBC, ABC , etc being repeated.

    If you like only hearing one point of view then you will continue to listen to NW whereas many people out there like to apply critical thinking and know there are 2 sides to every story. Unfortunately you won’t hear that on NW. Group think is only allowed!

  14. Aw gee Davy us uneducateds are sorry that we have upset youall.
    David get a grip . You sound like a pompous a__hole

  15. BNN Bloomberg 1410 AM is the best radio station on the AM dial. Thank you Bell Media for blowing up TSN1410 and replacing it with a unique alternative to the other AM stations in Vancouver.

  16. Since I’m not in the radio business, I’m trying to understand why is CKNW’s “Daily Cume” much lower than some of the other top rated stations.

    Does it mean that the daily cume is not that important of a factor in determining a station’s rating position?

  17. @Just sayin’ and 13, why don’t you both use your real names? It sounds like you are both disgruntled ex-employees of CKNW. Or perhaps you work for a competitor?

    I recently switched from CBC&1130 to CKNW because it’s much more informative and their breaking news is much better.

    I’m one of their listeners and so is my wife… and we are still a few decades from 55+.

  18. Nao, to try to answer your question, the daily cume multiplied by the time spent listening will produce the share number. NW doesn’t have the total circulation that some stations have, but their average listener stays with them longer. News 1130 boasts the same loyalty of audience.
    People who listen to music will try different stations more often than do fans of talk radio.

  19. Wow. Z953 is in a huge hole. What is going on there?
    Worst ratings they have ever seen.

    Is there a flip soon or mass changes due at Newcap?
    Something isn’t right.

  20. Mike Harris, thank you for the compliment. I have pointed out in many posts that I am not in the radio business. I drive truck. I work long hours. I listen to radio about 12 to 14 hours a day. I used to brag that my trucks radio didint need the tuner dial as I never changed the dial from 980 am.
    That was true for many many years. I enjoyed the Forst , Davidson , Mair , Berner, Warren, Tilland McComb on the pm drive days so much that I kept on listening right up until Eckford and Drex appeared. Since then Ive discovered how to change the stations on my radio. 88.1 CBC, 96.5 97.3 all offer talk.

    So Mike I am not a disgruntled exe NW employee. (God knows there sure are enough of them that your error is understandable).
    Im just a fan of balanced fair talk radio

  21. Mistakes by ‘NW’s news reader Friday evening. And technical glitches at the end of one of the newscasts during the Adler segment. The newscast faded out while a sports score was being read and the Adler promo was ramping up.

  22. Z95.3 needs to become a retro all 90’s station like in Winnipeg. To many top 20 stations in Vancouver/Lower Mainland. Go back to their roots and serve the people who grew up with them. There is a HUGE hole and demographic to fill by targeting this lost group of people who actually still listen to radio but don’t want to hear the snoozefest of 103.5. They want the biggest hits of the 90’s! All of them!

  23. Z953 sound terrible. Not the station it once was and deserves better.
    A change to 90’s Music would be something. anything.
    Surely with ratings like that they won’t be able to afford the ZFX contest anymore.
    Not that it works for them anyway.

  24. Vancouver does need a retro station, unlike JackFM. That Winnipeg station sounds pretty decent. Z95 should capture they people that grew up with them. Those people still buy music and listen to radio. A 90’s station would be nice. SO many songs missing from Vancouver that were played on Z95 back in the day. Get some of the Reel World jingles back as well.

  25. I gave up listening to Z95.3 after getting tired of hearing the same 90’s and 00’s songs when there’s so much other good retro music out there. And much as I like having current music thrown in, hearing the same current songs every two hours along with the same second-rate songs from The Weeknd and Pink – when there’s better songs from the same artists – was far from an ideal mix. The station was better when they had more listener request hours.

    104.3’s the Breeze has surpassed my expectations in terms of variety. I don’t know how long it will last in its current format, as 103.5 is very good at adapting, but I’m enjoying it while it does last. To those still upset about losing the oldies station, don’t worry – you’ll get one back in some form or another soon enough.


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