Coleen Christie Out at CTV Vancouver


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Gord Lansdell of Northwest Broadcasters says reliable sources are informing him of the release of veteran news anchor Coleen Christie from CTV Vancouver. Her profile has been removed from the station’s website.  She had been with CHEK-TV Victoria before moving in 1997 to what was then called VTV Vancouver, and has most recently (since 2001) hosted the 5 p.m. news and has been a regular fill-in anchor in other time spots. 

Also reported released is CTV’s Okanagan reporter Kent Molgat (pictured below) and a Kelowna cameraman.  Molgat’s profile has also been removed from the station’s website.  He has been with their Okanagan Bureau since 2008.


Coleen landed a new job at Global. Read about it here


  1. A consummate professional if ever there were one. Easily in the upper echelons for news reading in the Vancouver marketplace. Poor move on CTV’s part.

  2. Layoffs across Canada. Will post a detailed article when final names are known. Heard upwards of 30 gone from radio and 20 from tv

  3. Coleen is a class act and deserved that 6pm slot instead of Tamara.
    Tamara is off for weeks and weeks out of the year and Coleen ends up filling in for her anyway.
    Maybe Jill Krop should snatch Coleen up and get her on the morning show with Jordan Armstrong.

  4. I’m with Biff.

    Jill Krop would be negligent in not contacting Coleen immediately and then working out the logistics to getting her aboard. She was the best thing CTV Vancouver had. Must have been making too much $$$ after 20 years.

  5. I question whether dinnertime newscasts are that profitable for companies anymore. You can only eliminate so many reporters and then have to start skinning down the hosts who by and large are replaceable as long as they can read properly

  6. This is so sad to hear this. Ms. Christie was and Is an amazing Anchor.
    It’s truly CTV LOSS.
    I won’t be watching CTV news any more. Let Tamara t stay home.

  7. This is very upsetting really Bell CTV
    You couldn’t get rid of Tamara at least Colleen was reliable.
    This just makes me wanna go to global

  8. Cannot believe Colleen Christie is gone from CTV News. She brought a high standard of class and sophistication to the news. Big mistake to lose her and retain Tamara Taggart.

  9. Really, why do they continue to support Tamara Taggart, the days off and the personal opinion and the bleeding heart look on her face are pathetic, why doesn’t she watch BBC and learn how to deliver the news…she is NOT a news reporter and I don’t see that getting any better….

  10. Sad….Coleen was one of the better anchors – don’t understand why they keep Tamara Taggert..Why do people like her?
    Sadly television is going the way that radio did, lay offs every other season. Global should get CTV’s loss, but does Global have any $$ to spend?
    Tough job market….But I think Coleen will find something sooner, rather than later.

  11. Over the years there’s been no shortage of mentions or photos of Coleen and Jill Krop being BFFs. Unless Jill’s on shaky ground herself, I’d be surprised if she doesn’t find a spot for Ms. Christie at Global.

    The federal government better get cracking at that media-survival program or there won’t be many print or broadcast outlets left worth saving.

  12. I 2nd Jill’s comment. Coleen is the ultimate in professionalism, and yet very “down to earth”. I will now be switching to Global and my second favorite anchor – Sophie Lui! Bad bad move CTV.

  13. Loss of Colleen Christie from C T V network is a major, Major faux pas for the C T V network.
    Not naming any names, there are a number of announcers, both Male and Female C T V could have terminated instead of Colleen Christie. If she left of her own free will then more power to Colleen and all the best where ever Colleen lands. Her new company will be the winners.

  14. No common sense decision here, Colleen was/is the best! I agree with above comments – another should have been let go. Who in the hell makes these decisions? A sad, sad day. Good luck Colleen!!

  15. Shocked to hear Coleen Christie had been let go , in the frosty
    Send off by Tamara taggert and mike killeen. Will be looking
    For a new tv news station. Upset with this and found
    The send off very offensive .

  16. Over many years, we’ve watched CTV News at 5 with the feeling that Coleen was truly a class act. Many times over the years, we’ve worried when she was off air longer than we thought acceptable.. We knew vacations were part of the package, but we worried that health issues might be involved, and sometimes they were. We always heaved a sigh of relief when she reappeared. If she resurfaces on another network, we will follow her. Bad, bad choice C.T.V.

  17. So very disappointing – I moved from 6:00 to 5:00 to watch the news … I will not be watching evening news at CTV news anymore:( too bad

  18. Coleen goes and Tamara stays. Really!? Tamara reached her peak as the weather girl. Coleen and Mike Kileen were a very professional anchor pair. This is a very serious mistake made by CTV executives. Good bye CTV News.

  19. Watched the cold and impersonal announcement of Coleen’s departure. Thanking her for service and wishing her well in her future endeavors. Thanks HR for that warm send off.

  20. I was shocked at announcement about Coleen, so very cold. I also really enjoyed watching her & I sincerely hope she comes out on top as she is a real professional. That said, I really do enjoy the chemistry between Tamara & Mike as this is the 6:00 pm newscast I watch daily. It almost seemed that they were somewhat in shock when they announced it. Don’t be so hard on Tamara, she has been through a lot & I look forward to her ad lib comments.

  21. The best of luck Coleen, wherever you will be going…you’ll succeed . Weird send off, you deserve better !!! You are the best. I am now switching to GLOBAL News.

  22. Yeh, really sorry and surprised to see Coleen let go. She definitely was classy, talented, and just came across as a nice and caring person. I, too, am hoping she will pop up somewhere on air in Vancouver or Victoria soon. Tamara may not be as good as her, but I’d like to defend her a little bit. I’m sure we all loved her when she did the weather some years ago. She did a really great job there: comfortable, knowledgeable, effervescent. And great banter with Perry (sports) at the anchor desk then. It all seems like so much fun in those days. Of course, she was young and buoyant then. I suspect life has since interceded. She had some serious medical problems and married a man who really loves the Canucks. (It has always been apparent that she doesn’t like hockey) And she has a down’s syndrome son who she obviously loves dearly, but that’s got to take some “wind out of your sails.” Perhaps, understandably, her youthful optimism has been eclipsed. Unfortunately (or otherwise) this may be why she has difficulty hiding the expressions on her face. Like Coleen, we should hope the best for Tamara, too. Maybe the news desk wasn’t the best move for her or the broadcast.

  23. As a former colleague of Coleen who also
    Was axed I feel for her. Her professional delivery and genuine personality made me proud to work with her.. I sure hope she is alright. I also don’t think it’s fair to suggest it should have been anyone else. Getting laid off is one of the worst experiences. My advice to young people that are still deciding on a career is to get a job in something else besides tv. My heart goes out to everyone that just lost their livelihood.

  24. I’m thinking of other CTV news prodcasters who just magically disappear….Perry was replaced with two women…..not to sure what sport they play…..Colleen was a marvelous news caster….the rest of the staff must be shivering in their boots……I wish Colleen the best of luck….BYE,BYE 5pm news in our house….SAD … Tamara looked so sad telling the news of Colleen….wonder what she’S thinking.

  25. What a huge mistake to let Coleen go, and keep Tamara. Hardly a news cast passes with Tamara on it that I don’t cringe over her reporting style. Coleen is a professional and always portrayed that professional demeanor. I was always pleased to see her sitting in Tamara’s chair. The departure announcement was so cold and and Tamara should have been the last person to announce it. I am definitely switching to Global. The only reason we have CTV on anymore is McLaughlin.

  26. Can’t believe you let the best broadcaster ever go. Why not get red of that flake Kerry Adams and bring Colleen back. She is the most sophisticated,classy and professional broadcaster by far. Global would be wise to pick her up in their morning or 6pm show. She is an amazing talent, we will really miss her, probably will switch to CBC or global, now as she was the only reason we watched ctv‼ Bring her back‼

  27. Unbelievable. I watch CTV BECAUSE OF Coleen. Her professional delivery of news stories is superior. She is the BEST by a landslide and I will no longer watch CTV.

  28. sad to here the news about Christie being let go. I always enjoyed watching the news with her as the anchor.I was also let go from a job years ago .I found another job that was much more rewarding.hope she finds the same.many good thoughts your way coleen best of luck!!!!

  29. Coleen Christie was the best on CTV so I will no longer be tuning in. So sad but I hope to find out where she appears next and I will follow. In the meantime I guess I will try CBC or Global. It’s difficult to understand how eliminating a corporation’s best asset can lead to cost saving measures, if that was the intention. Seriously, give your heads a shake!

  30. So hard to believe. I assumed Colleen had been picked up by another network for a better and higher paying job. What sad news. She is such a professional, one of the best. Without naming names, out shadows all of her colleagues. Unless there is some reason unknown to us this exhibits such an incredible lack of professionalism and judgment on Bell’s part. Without her the rest of the news programming is very flaky. By the way, I’m a woman -why is there no sports news? I used to watch CTV news shows all the time. Sad to say, done and over – a matter of principle.

  31. I too will really miss Coleen but come on people! Stop with the Tamara bashing! She is a human being with feelings! So easy to sit at a keyboard and type such meanness with complete anonymity! Pathetic!

  32. Just started watching CTV after being fed up with the Global lot. Was very impressed with Colleen and in fact just mentioned to my wife last night how much better she is than Tamara. Sounds like a lot of disappointed viewers, you can hold your head high Colleen.

  33. CTV should start expecting a sharp and lasting decrease in viewers – it will happen. Colleen Christie is one of the very few efficient, pleasant and professional personnel which CTV could boast of having. Whoever is employed to make such decisions is the one who should be fired!
    The standard of professionalism and charisma Colleen presents would be one of the greatest assets a station could have.
    She should now have her pick of the crop for her next employment – any and all stations who know “quality” will be seeking her. Remember: all things happen for a reason – this may be a good thing for her as she may well be offered the best position she could hope for, she deserves “the best”.

  34. I almost changed stations when Perry left now I’ll watch morning news only..Tamara should stop giving her opinions as they come across rude. Colleen was the one that made people enjoy the news.

  35. I couldn’t believe Colleen Christie had gone – she was the best. A very cold and strange announcement from Tamara Taggart. I think Tamara Taggart should have been let go instead. What were they thinking. I will be watching Global from now on. Still shocked. Bless you Colleen – long may your success continue. Good luck with your new future.

  36. Oh my goodness. ..what a very sad day…I was in shock. ..I have watched Colleen since she was in Victoria…a real classy lady…delivered the news with such grace and style and empathy when needed. What a horrible send off …not even a look back at all the great moments, the sad moments,
    the fun times she brought to CTV…and her chemistry with Mike was awesome! You all should be ashamed of your lack of gratitude for all her hard work and expertise she brought to the news,
    and her beautiful smile! Thank you Colleen for bringing such style to the news…you will be missed and I really don’t care if I watch CTV anymore…All the best in your future endeavors …whom ever snaps you up will be gaining the best!

  37. I share the sadness at the loss of Coleen from the CTV news. She was the best anchor they had. She is professional, yet with a personal touch. She will be missed and I will move to Global if that is where she goes. All best wishes to her.

  38. I consider both Coleen and Tamara good news anchors and appreciate the news delivery by both of them. Coleen is very professional and articulate but Tamaras humanity also adds a lot. I am in awe of Tamaras handling of everything with her health issues and challenges within her family, think she is inspirational in supporting many causes and always managing to be upbeat. Collen is awesome, I wish her the best, it is definitely the publics loss. Sorry to see some of the negative comments on this site.

  39. It indeed was a shock to her the blunt announcement tonight that Coleen had left. Watch her every night and enjoy her when she replaces Tamara at 6pm. A personality like hers will be snapped up very quickly in some field of broadcast or maybe a whole new field. Best of luck Coleen and will look forward to your updated LinkedIn page.

  40. Colleen was, without question, the best news anchor on CTV…huge mistake to let her go. Off to Global now. Tamara should learn some of Colleen’s superior delivery skills!

  41. Very upset at the loss of Colleen Christie. There is no-one suitable to replace her. We watched the news because of her. Now time to change channels. Our best wishes go to Colleen, and we hope that she will re-appear on the Vancouver TV scene very soon.

  42. She was unquestionably the best they had ….. this is a sad day … choices for t.v. news are getting slim now .. the “other stations” don’t offer quality anchors … sigh …. guess it’s back to reading newspapers …

  43. The mainstream news media is in the process of self-destructing, having decided that rather than objectively reporting the news it’s going to take political sides and attempt to change it. It’s become a propaganda arm of political parties and special causes. It’s basically unwatchable, so it’s no surprise there will be many more casualties. It is not a growth “profession”.

  44. First they got rid of Jody Vance at Breakfast Television, now they got rid of Colleen Christie! Think that someone wants to get rid of the “mature” ladies to reach a younger demographics. I say boo to you! I’ll follow those two classy ladies anywhere they go. Young people don’t watch the news, they get it from their phones. Let us Generation X’ers enjoy the class acts, not bubble heads.

  45. I can’t believe they would choose to lay off the most professional female anchor at CTV! She made even the fluffy stuff sound like real news. Never understood why she wasn’t the 6pm coanchor with Mike. Tamara is lovely but too cute for real news (when they actually have real news). She would be more popular on an Entertainment news show. Miss you already Coleen!

  46. Coleen is the only reason I watch CTV news. I will be switching channels and hopefully find her on which ever channel she winds up on. Who in their right mind would trade Tom Brady for future draft choices other than the management of CTV. Not a very bright move. You guys just shot your ratings through the floor.

  47. ”””what, why. really ?? Colleen Christie was let go by CTV? Don’t they know CTV has audience @5 p.m. because of her? She was so professional in the performance of her job and an excellent Newscaster.
    Was the reason high paycheque for her because she was there for a very long time? Very unreasonable, very poor reasoning and judgement by whoever made that decision.

    Colleen remember the saying, ” when one door closes another much better one will open.
    Hold your head high and proud, you’re the best. Good luck to you!

  48. For me as well – Coleen was why I watched CTV evening news. Such a class act – her delivery was superb. Good luck Coleen – if you read these comments! Hope to see you soon on a more deserving show. This news item mad me sad!

  49. If Bell were looking for savings why would they not remove Mike or Tamara, if Coleen presented for an hour by herself, then why would it not work at 6pm. Stupid move, like others no longer going to watch CTV

  50. Unfortunately when you have corporation that own these TV stations its all about the bottom line at the end of the day. All you need to do is look what happened at Global. Steve Darling was let go. Once you have been with a company after so many years your salary continues to increase with time. Corporations aren’t concerned with the human side of their company. Just like Steve Darling I am sure Coleen will land on her feet and hit the ground running.

  51. I don’t understand why so many posts here lambast Tamara. I wasn’t a fan of Coleen & her overly dramatic news reading. She’ll land on her feet. Haven’t any of you heard about the lay-offs at Global? That’s life. Most of us have been laid off or even, god forbid, fired at least once in careers that go beyond a few years. In the meantime, please stop lambasting other news staff.

  52. I watch the early news because Coleen is reading it and doing an excellent job. Will not move to Global cause they do the same just plain drop someone and they’re replacements don’t come up to standard so I’ll be off to CBC. Shame on CTV/ Bell for letting Coleen go she truly was the best they had and I hope so lands somewhere betterand is treated better than she was at BELL

  53. Switched to CTV supper hour news several years ago but find their cutesy forced camaraderie and cringe worthy adlibs just as annoying as Global’s. Someone should remind Tamara she’s a news anchor not a commentator. Lately I’m more drawn to the CBC local news with a single anchor reporting the news and none of that fluffy banter.

  54. I, too was shocked to hear Coleen had been let go. It’s abominable the way CTV & GLOBAL treat their newscasters. Hope Coleen ends up somewhere better than either of them I always watched the 5 o’clock news to see her and even enjoyed seeing on the 6 o’clock news when see filled in for Tamara. Lots of luck Coleen you’re a class act.

  55. Overall I think it’s devastating to be let go from a career job you love and I believe all the news people love their jobs, some doing it better than others, but all to be commended! It does tend to be part of a working career and I’m sad to see the Coleen Christie/Kent Molgat and yes, even Steve Darling lose their jobs but it is all part of life in the working world. I just want to wish Coleen and Kent the very best and I’m sure they will do just fine! As for Steve Darling the best in your new chosen field.

  56. Never was a Coleen Christie fan, so her departure is fine by me. People lose there jobs all the time, why should jobs in the public eye be any different?

  57. Very disappointed in the way this was announced on the 6pm news. I felt colleen deserved better than the short statement and very impersonal tone the anchors used. There was no mention of Kent molgat either. I switched to global for the weekend news when they let Michael kuss go and he was picked up by global (disappointed when they let him go!). Guess I will be going global weekdays too. Ctv has let too many good reporters and anchors go and keep promoting the major award they won! I don’t like to slam those who are still left but I agree they let the wrong news anchor go in this one. Colleen wish you the best and I will be watching for where you go next (hopefully still in Vancouver).

  58. By far the best Anchor at CTV News BC and oddly enough the only Anchor that knows how to pronounce Abbotsford correctly, it’s a shame that residents of that beautiful “city” will be forced by CTV management to once again live in AbbotsFURD, #failedenglishclass

  59. I actually wrote a letter to Bell when Perry and Michael Kuss were let go. So glad to see Michael over at Global. Now Bell has done this. Coleen was terrific—very friendly and knowledgeable. She will get into another position soon, we hope, maybe after a well deserved rest. I think it is time to switch from CTV news.

  60. The Stations are bleeding, and they want to make sure the shareholder is happy – so expenses are being chopped, as income from the lack of ad sales, eats these Broadcast entities for lunch.
    Ms. Christie is a splendid talent, and she was probably being paid a good buck.
    That puts a target on your forehead. Look at the buyouts and firings in Media (Print, TV and Radio and Newspaper), across the country – to give you a clue about how much trouble Rogers and others are in. Good luck to all affected. Sadly -it has happened to many of us.

    I am sure Coleen will land a gig.

  61. What a shock that Coleen Christie has been let go. HUGE MISTAKE CTV! She was the best broadcaster in the business as far as I am concerned and I will never forgive CTV for this. I will miss her immensely and will demonstrate my disappointment by boycotting CTV news. Hopefully a T.V. station with at least half a brain will pick her up. Where Coleen goes, I go! : (
    Very, very upset!!

  62. Why?! What a huge, stupid mistake! I guess I’ll call Shaw and see if I can drop CTV from my cable package. Even if I can’t, you’ve lost a viewer.

  63. People get let go from jobs everyday we never hear about it It is very sad to hear you know what no job is stable today The only reason we know about the people getting let go is they are in the public eye That does not give us the right to bagder another person for it. I feel for Tammara having to read the nasty things said about her give her a break I wish Colleen the best in the future whatever that maybe.

  64. Are you kidding me CTV – Buy a Clue and get in the game. you kept Tamara and let go Coleen? What part of “wrong” don’t you understand. I say truthfully I have watched you for years – pick a window – I am leaving. Could someone at Global pull up a chair for this old guy?

  65. Colleen was the only women that was a professional newscaster on CTV Tammara looks annoyed and miserable when reading the news. Will watch CBC for me as Global sports is all I can stand. Weather and news stinks on Global.

  66. Colleen Christy, a real class act and the reason to watch the news at 5. Tamara should have been let go instead. So much for CTV, I will look for Colleen on Global hopefully. She and Mike were a great team, letting Her go, a really stupid move.

  67. Colleen Christy, a real class act and the reason to watch the news at 5. Tamara should have been let go instead. So much for CTV, I will look for Colleen on Global hopefully. She and Mike were a great team, letting Her go, a really stupid move. Wishing Her the very best.

  68. What a shock. The send off was so insincere. Colleen is a class act and it is CTV’s loss. Sending Colleen best wishes and hopefully we will see her in a new job soon.

  69. Just tuned in tonight to see the replacement and it’s “Mr Excitement”. I don’t get it? Why would let her go and a much less accomplished anchor takes her place. Is it seniority?

  70. What the heck? After all of those years, they could have at least given her a farewell more than just a dry “She isn’t working here any more!” She has class, a friendly face, and read well. Definitely will miss her. Tamara is fine, but I agree, she has become somewhat somber in the past few years. Colleen will be welcomed somewhere else, but we will definitely miss you!!

  71. 99% of these comments about Tamara are so disrespectful. Whether you liked her or not doesn’t give you the right to say these horrible, hurtful comments. How do you think she will feel when she reads them? She is just delivering the news – give her and people like her a break. Everyone has feelings. Best of luck Coleen in whatever you end up doing.

  72. Really enjoyed Colleen .Will be watching her where ever she goes.I have no idea why they
    let the best news anchor CTV has go. Miss prissy Tamara who is hardly ever there(good thing)
    should have been the one to leave. CTV has been letting a lot of good people go recently.
    Global here I come.

  73. Hmm. I really liked Coleen and her presentations. She is classy, Bell not so much. Her devoted viewers deserved a better explanation and a more positive exit plan. I will switch channels.

  74. Well no more bctv news for me. Can,t support a news station that lets a superb anchor go. Hopefully we shall see her on a better tv station. Please stay in b.c. Colleen. We really are going to miss you.

  75. What a shame…Colleen is why I watch CTV at 5. She was the best anchor CTV had.. far more professional than Tamara who was far better as the weather reporter. I will be switching channels. Poor decision Bell. You could have announced her departure with more class.. not impressed.
    Good luck Colleen – hope you stay within range.

  76. I am disappointed that Coleen Christie is no longer on the air as I came to trust her as a valued newscaster. I wish her the best.

  77. Colleen was the consummate professional – a female Tony Parsons – but a class act in her own right. I too will now switch to Global – sad.

  78. Bell sucks. Firing people to fatten their bottom line. Totally despicable.

    Don’t come crying to us in 10 years when you can’t get qualified educated people to run your stations.

  79. So everyone in this thread is saying that’s it, I’m done, I’m watching Global now. And then you flip over to the Steve Darling thread, and everyone there is swearing they’re done with Global over his departure, and switching to CTV.

  80. What CTV has done to Coleen Christie is an act of mindblowing utter incompetance on there part ! remember folks you can,t fix STUPID , these inept execs at ctv should be FIRED , good luck Coleen you are so much better than those goofs . Jim Thomson — Powell River .

  81. I was watching Coleen when she was in the morning on VTV. Very intelligent. Over the years I have watched her at 5 as well as the other slots she has been in. Coleen I always thought you were great. Lets us know where you are going I will follow you there. Good luck in all your endeavors and we will see you there

  82. Cannot believe ctv would axe Colleen Christie over several others. Soon there will be no one there who has the class and sophistication to hold an audience. If the firings were done on merit, Tamara would be gone. She was a cute weather girl, but not a good anchor. Never know if she will show up or not. We are switching to Global.

  83. I only occasionally watched CTV but when I did it was for the 5:00 news as I really liked Colleen Christie… her and Perry were the best CTV had…both now gone! 🙁 Have never cared for Tamara’ s reporting style, personality or fashion sense so would never watch the CTV 6:00 news…she should have been the one that was let go.

    Jill Krop….please please please hire Colleen for the morning Global show. It is so boring and amateurish ever since Randene left…maybe Colleen could breathe some life and class back into it.!

  84. Agreed…Colleen is superb. Tamara needs to go…she’s overly opinionated, biased, mean-spirited and often insulting to Mike who is professional enough not to react on air. Why is she still here and Colleen is gone? A really BAD decision.

  85. How many others out there think as I do??? Something is very wrong with CTV, are they going broke? They have no idea about loyalty to staff AND viewers. They lay off the best of the best because they are making too much money? Time for all of us to think about whether or not we tune in to CTV. Micheal’s gone, Coleen is gone. I’m leaving for Global from today on.

  86. Colleen did a fantastic Job on CTV doing the news. The station will see listeners going to other stations. This is really sad and I think the GM should reinstate her and fire the person that let her go. All the Best Colleen. Listeners will speak I hope to have you reinstated.

  87. Amen, Mike. I met the woman for all of ten seconds and she so rude and condescending I couldn’t believe she was just a local anchor who didn’t know her place in the world, like she thought she was Diane Sawyer or something.

  88. If letting Colleen Christie go was a money issue, CTV should have kept her and let both Tamara Taggart and Norma Reid go. Neither of them are very professional at reporting the news.
    A bomb can go off killing 200 children and Tamara would just report it and not blink, but if it is a story about somebody kicking a dog, oh boy does she have a LOT of personal opinions to say about that. Just report the news Tamara. Did CTV think that because Tamara spent a week co-hosting with Regis Philbin that that made her a news anchor.
    Whoever decided to let Colleen go should be next to get the AXE.
    Global News, here I come.

  89. Coleen was a breath of fresh air . This is how she came across to the viewers that enjoyed her broadcasting which is obviously being reflected in the comments from the vast majority of viewers. Her impressive resume and popularity will speak for itself. The biggest disappointment I’ve seen in the 30 plus years of being a loyal CTV news watcher. Cold departure announcement was so unprofessional but perhaps not T or M’s words themselves.

  90. I for one won’t be watching CTV any more for my news. I tuned in for Colleen and off for Tamara. I couldn’t stand all the mugging she does on camera. and the fake faces she makes. Half the time she makes inappropriate reports for the subject they are reporting. I do hope Colleen goes somewhere local so I can still see her. It is irrelevant what kind of children Tamara has or what her health issues are. “MIKE says she is awful to work with, well *I* am tuning in to watch her perform and I am not interested in what she does outside of the 5.00 news. Colleen thanks for the good times and good luck in the future.

  91. Sorry to see a classy lady gone from CTV News. She was the best they had. Colleen Christie, you will be missed by many. The fool management at CTV don’t know what the heck they are doing and what an asset they’ve lost. Good luck in your new endeavours. The company that hires you will be very fortunate!

  92. Very surprised to read all the posts defending Colleen Christie as an excellent anchor woman. I have always watched the 5 o’clock news with her on it, and even though she seems like a very nice person and I have nothing against her, I have always thought she wasn’t a very good newscaster. I don’t think I’ve seen one broadcast where she wasn’t stammering at some point, or reading the teleprompter wrong. Still, it’s not a very nice thing to be let go from your job. Wishing her all the best in her new position.

  93. Coleen Christie was the best anchor on CTV , very bad decision and I will be watching Globel from now on .Tamara Taggert is still there ,give your head a shake .

  94. Jane – Coleen Christie was an excellent broadcaster, and she did a great job at performing her persona on camera (as noted by the vast majority of viewers). However – as someone who actually worked with her – I can tell you that calling her a ‘true professional’ and ‘classy’ is just plain wrong. ‘Classy’ isn’t making condescending comments behind the scenes of a charity event for people with disabilities. Educated viewers should at least know the difference between performance and reality before making these statements. Otherwise you might as well elect Bill Cosby as ‘Father of the Year’.

  95. HUGE Mistake CTV Colleen best of luck.. Mike only looked happy when Coleen was on his side as Tamara has had so much time away …Tamara you are far to opinionated on whatever Mike has to say on live Broadcast.. YUP switching Channels…no offense Mike you still do a great job when solo or with Collen.

  96. Sure by now they have realised their mistake. Oh! well maybe some enterprising news media will pair her with Steve Darling then we can get back to watching two good anchors.

  97. Nobody should feel good that one of Vancouver’s most popular, professional, well liked tv anchors got the axe. But, as Tom Jeffries points out, the Virgo gal was shit out of luck i.e. likely had a target on her head for some time, with her high salary earned from years of metorious service. The beancounters at the HO typically go after the highest paid staff, first, while those who make peanuts or joined the business recently, are perhaps relatively safe for now.

    Meanwhile, the sheer volume of posters who threaten to pull out and defect to Global gave me a chuckle. When Steve Darling got canned, many fans of Steve ( a very popular likable man by all accounts) also threatened to defect to CTV ! So now, there is NOWHERE for you tv viewers to defect to, as once a beancounter, always a beancounter.

    I actually once predicted on this site that live television from cities outside of Toronto will one day be no more, and all Vancouver tv stations will be satellite dumps with stringers, videographers who will report, shoot, edit, suck cock, and send the video file by email to the Toronto head office. LOL Vancouver has actually been a defacto middle market of sorts, for years, with improper pronunciation of words, butchering of athletes’ names and bad, crudely edited sound. The only REAL major market tv is Los Angeles, New York, and Toronto. Just watch KTLA News and WNYW News and see how Canadian tv news steals from them.

  98. I second all the other motions. Dump Tamara and bring back Colleen. Tamara is off for weeks and is unreliable. Colleen has always been there when you needed her.

  99. Coleen was always restful and enjoyable to listen to. I find so many female announcers on CTV and Global have voices not suitable for the position they have, the weather and traffic announcers in particular.. They rush so fast through their short time on air that it is impossible to grasp what they say or understand at times. The tone of their voices is not calming, either high pitched or nasally. By the time they have finished their report I often feel edgy. Coleen had all the right attributes. a pleasure to look at and listen to. We the viewers need to be perked up and she did it for so many as is confirmed by the previous comments. We were lucky to have had the pleasure of having her on our screens for so long. Randene was another well loved reporter in the same league as Coleen to me. Such a pity they were dismissed without any just cause except cost reduction.

  100. Absolutely Ridiculous!!
    Coleen Christie is very professional and GREAT at presenting the CTV news.
    She is very likeable, down to earth, and so disappointed she has been given the pink slip!!!
    Tamara Taggart should have been gone as alot of people have said. Dammit. Does not make sense!!
    Hopefully Coleen will find employment with Global. I wish her all the beat!!

  101. I (and others, obviously) agree that Coleen Christie is a much nicer, superior talent than Tamara Taggart and perhaps, less egotistical, more pleasant. However, talent, my friends, is a subjective concept and I have seen with my very own eyes, how the most shittiest, laziest news people have risen up the ladder in this business, while hardworking, loyal, diligent newsies get fired. I don’t completely get that, but after 35 years in the biz, there are many things about the politics of commercial bcasting that I simply don’t understand.

  102. I too am a big fan of Coleen. Both my wife and I were shocked to hear the weird bit delivered by Tamara on her dismissal. I usually only watch the 5PM newscast and only because of Coleen. Lots of folks saying this is an opportunity for Global but it would actually be a bigger opportunity for CBC to pick up viewership. Either way, I hope to see her beautiful face on TV again soon. We love you Coleen!

  103. I am so disappointed in the news , first they dropped our weatherman and now Colleen,
    we have change to Global and hoping to see her there. God I hope she gets decent offers from somewhere. Love you Colleen and will follow where you go

  104. Coleen is a good anchor.I always enjoyed watching her and mike.I will miss her and wish her the best.Who made this decision remember[ karma ]

  105. Ha.
    With the demise of Daytime Soaps, many people – of a certain age – seem to spend WAY too much time glued to NEWS channels, to get their fix on which “anchors/personalities” :
    – They “like”
    – They “don’t like”
    – And who’s changed their hairstyle

    Anyone who’s worked on the front lines -& haven’t’ we all . ( And as “Mike” hinted at above);
    Every newsroom has 3 types:
    – The serious journalist.
    – The hard working average “Joe or Jane”.
    – The A-Hole or Diva.
    When the cameras come on at 5:00 or 6:00….
    The average person at home can watch a newscast (for YEARS) and never know which is which.

  106. Every newsroom has 3 types:
    – The serious journalist.
    – The hard working average “Joe or Jane”.
    – The A-Hole or Diva.

    Why don’t you give us some examples of the above, Lajord. That would make for such an interesting read that I could even make some popcorn and munch while it read it.

  107. I could do that for you, pennypinchingcon. But I wouldn’t want to crush your dreams. It would be like letting you know that Santa Claus isn’t real.

  108. Have been waiting for Colleen’s return and just learned that she has been let-go.
    Why? She was the best news reporter ever at CTV.
    Please reconsider because although I have been watching CTV for years, this means I will switch to Global.
    I’m sure Colleen will end up a winner, but I can’t say the same for CTV and the leads who made this stupid decision.

  109. I, too, was bopping around on my Twitter account and, while I had noticed a lack of Colleen lately when I do plug into the 5 or 6pm CTV news, I kind of just thought she must be off on holiday or something. I was shocked to see it had been the end of Jan since she was released. How did I miss that?

    She is my absolute favourite there and I always wished she had a regular spot so I could make a date to watch her. But, she was always bouncing around so I just didn’t think about them possibly letting her go.

    VERY BAD MOVE, CTV!!! (Bell Media really — stupid company!!!)

    She is and has been your best shining light there for years and years. Amazing personality and so warm yet professional (I’ve always wondered why Tamara can’t quite make that happen in her broadcasts). You always felt you were seeing the real person, not some automated news reader.

    I’m so upset. It’s ruined my weekend!!! I hope we see you again soon, Colleen! Although I’m quite sure you have so many friends and interests that you could apply your amazing gifts to and be thoroughly engaged in another line of work. But I would miss not being able to watch you on TV, if you don’t continue in that field.

    This is what you get when it all revolves around money and QUALITY isn’t considered. You lose loyal viewers/ customers!!!

    All the best to you in your new endeavours!
    A Victoria fan!!!

  110. Very sad indeed. Coleen Christie was the reason I watched CTV news. I only watched and PVRed the 5pm news. Coleen was professional, classy and a wonderful person to watch. Moving to Global,

  111. So sorry to see colleen leave, she had a professional presentation of the news and a very caring delivery. I along with the others believe Tamara should have been the one to leave. The commentaries and opinions after every news story gets tiring, and opinionated. The other news networks don’t do that and it’s why I will be watching another newscast. I don’t know why she always has to raise her voice so loud when delivering the news, please leave your comments about stories to the public to make their own opinions, you deliver the news…..wishing you all the best colleen, you will be missed

  112. I hate what is happening at CTV News. This past week there was NO sports coverage. Nada. Then I found out something incredible. The sports section of the news has been cancelled! My jaw dropped when I found out. I am not a huge sports fan, but if it’s been a tough news day it’s good to see something more positive, even if it’s just team spirit. Now there is a hole, and I feel as if a tooth has been pulled. Jason Pires has been hastily shuffled to cohost CTV Morning Live, and though I think he is great in the sports department, this is just a bad fit for him. In the previews, he has a “what am I doing here” look on his face. They’re waiting for him to fail so they can get rid of him altogether. What they did to Colleen was just disgusting. I happen to know someone in the newsroom, and she was told with no warning and had to clean her desk out in front of all of her colleagues. These horrific things create a feeling of “am I next?” which is nothing but anxiety and a morale-killer. Those who DO survive the cuts have survivor’s guilt. This is a Bell Media thing, but why does this make people go, “Oh, OK then.” Story over. Nothing we can do, it’s Bell Media. Aren’t there PEOPLE involved? At any rate, CTV’s ratings are going to plummet because they’re getting rid of all the talent. I was always told that sports was the most popular part of ANY news broadcast, and now it’s just GONE. As for their hiring policy, anyone with experience is too expensive to keep on, so they hire rookies who really don’t know what reporting is. I would switch to Global, but my daughter is a reporter with CTV so I get to hear all the inside stuff. It’s terrible.

  113. Colleen was an excellent broadcaster, but her departure won’t affect me as I quit watching CTV years ago when they gave away the winners of the first season of The Amazing Race Canada on the news, before I had a chance to watch the finale on my PVR.

  114. I’m VERY sad to see Coleen Christie is not on at 5 pm anymore. She has been my Favorite ..and I have followed her when ever she has gone..
    She will be Dearly missed by me
    I will be switching to Global Now

  115. Bad decision to get rid off a classy lady but I am sure Colleen will do well given her excellent professionalism and personality. Good luck Colleen.

    It seems insensitive though to pick on Tamara’s absences as she had been dealing with a very serious illness and also has lots of challenges raising a child with a disability. Having said so, I think Tamara is a wonderful individual, sensitive to people’s misfortunes and animals. She, too, is very professional and does an excellent job. I do like hearing her occasional comments as they bring out the human in her! I prefer a human than a robot just reading out the news.

  116. Seriously, where is your brain ctv Vancouver news ??????? letting coleen Christie leave, a BIG MISTAKE……is the almighty dollar everything nowadays ????? Easy to watch, lovely voice and presentation, and just enough warmth on air to stay professional……Watch CBC a lot more since her departure, not a fan of most of your other anchors, except Mike Killeen…….Really miss her and not a fan of Global except on weekends, including Michael Kuss, who is soooo much better since leaving CTV…….CBC local and national is well worth watching.!!!!!!!

  117. I can’t believe they let coleen go. I won’t be watching ctv no more. I will be switching over to BCTV. They should’ve let Tamara go instead. Team Christie all the way.

  118. I see overly self-righteous, entitled, self-important, pseudo stars… when I bother to watch, the local news minions – puff-up and pontificate… Taggart lost her way a long time ago, and has become – her own moral majority. Christie, has her own version of self-righteous queen…

    I don’t recall the “golden years” of news… being this bad; maybe, it was… but a little more subtle.

    The part that really makes me want to puke: when they all parrot their employer’s agenda(s). Good little minions that they are.

  119. Nice to see Coleen on Global’s noon newscast, today. Like everybody else, I like Coleen a whole better than Tamara. CTV made a big mistake.

  120. Colleen was inspiring and fun to watch. Bell media is not doing itself any favours by removing a well loved news caster! I hope Colleen resurfaces somewhere soon! Miss her a lot!

  121. Of all the good people CTV (Bell Media) have fired, and hired people that have no idea what they are doing – the worse is their retention of Kari Adams – total airheaded control freak. Pathetic.

  122. Colleen has been a breath of fresh air for the few shows she has done for Global TV.

    When she was on I made sure I watched or recorded the noon news…I have always
    liked her as well as many others on Global but she is the perfect piece to the puzzle of
    what was missing on Global News. She has a great sense of humour, employees seem to
    work well with her, she is experienced well spoken & one of the best anchors I have seen.

    I also miss Robin Strickley & Jill Krop . Our family only watch Global News so hope you can soon find a permanent spot for Colleen Christie…she is excellent


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