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Bell Media Chops Radio Voices of Whitecaps, Lions


 by Patrick Johnston, The Province Sports

Scott Rintoul has been let go by Bell Media. SAM LEUNG / PROVINCE


The sports media landscape in Vancouver is taking another hit, as Bell Media is again making cuts at its TSN Vancouver operation.

Out the door are Whitecaps play by play voice Peter Schaad and Lions caller Scott Rintoul.

Peter Schaad has been calling Whitecaps games for more than a decade. Steve Bosch / PROVINCE

Schaad had been behind the Whitecaps mic for more than a decade, and had done both radio and TV for TSN.

Rintoul was a long-time host on TSN 1040 before moving to the Lions play by play role in 2014.


  1. So… who’s going to do play by play? They just gonna get some interns to do it all now?

    Obviously sports only radio has no real future. Radio may have to go back to a more diversified menu of programming much like CKNW was back in the day when it had good talk radio, some entertaining music (Frosty in the morning drive time and Honey in the afternoon drive time) and some good sport broadcasting and followed up with some entertaining sports talk.

  2. TSN Radio might have hit its peak when you consider how much American syndication they put on and the current hosts they have who talk about American politics, movie reviews and TV rather than sports. I think they need a haircut during the day as it is. Not sure if it is just contracts they have to fulfill.

  3. The Whitecaps have no deal with 1040 moving according to Marc Webber. It wouldn’t be a shock to see Schaad return if they reach a deal.

    But who does PbyP now for the Lions?

  4. Huh ?
    They fire a talent like Scotty while a guy like Jeff Paterson still finds airtime on that station???
    Go figure. I hope Scotty does resurface in our market soon.

  5. Re cknw and Scotty. That would be great. TSN. Getting boring and to big for their boots.also why do they retain Jeff Patterson a mystery to me.

  6. Surprising moves, but ratings for soccer/football on Tab radio not good. 1040 seems a bit stale/predictable. They have stations in several major mkts in Cda.
    Why don’t these stations interact with one and another. As a sports fan, I’d like to know what’s going on in other mkts, from broadcasters in those mkts.
    When Pratt/Jake get boring, I switch to Rome…He covers everything, is numerous, and has awesome guests.
    ‘NW has no commitment to sports..Been there, done that. Scotty/Schad might have to move to larger sports mkts..Vancouver is pretty thin.

  7. A rumour going around thy neighborhood in south surrey is that Pratt won’t be back when the 2017-2018 hockey season opens up.

    One of the local Bell execs lives down the block.

  8. – Rintoul isn’t headed to a larger market. He’s knowledgeable and well liked here … but he has the voice of a 12 year old.
    – ‘NW isn’t headed back to sports. They’ve spent the last three + years firing their sports people.
    – Pratt probably isn’t headed anywhere. Rumors of his demise have been frequent but (sadly) unfounded.
    – Team 1040 is a mess. What a mishmash of bad shows, bad “announcers” and bad content.
    How do you screw up “sports talk” when you’re the only game in town? Ask BMac I guess, he’s the “sports director” – which tells you something.
    They must make just enough money to break even and keep the execs in Toronto from paying any attention.

  9. @Lajord right on. Remember “Sports Page”?? That was the high water mark for sports news and a little humor, and sports talk peaked with Dan Russell.

  10. 1040 is boring. All day Canucks. To much Yankee crap. Inter connect with other Canadian Stations. They keep Rintoul good, loosing Schad is stooped. Call Russel he had a pretty entertaining style. All I can say, all day sports needs a major boost.


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