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By Harvey Oberfeld

Keeping it Real…

March 13, 2015

Trudeau Proves Himself Unfit for Top Job … Again

When Canadians vote …at least those who do … we are NOT choosing Canada’s Best Matinee Idol or Best Smile or Friendliest Media Photo-op Champion …. or even Best Orator.

We are choosing the person we believe will best LEAD the nation, protect our country, advance our economy, preserve our environment and address social inequalities and injustices.

And being a democracy, with so many varying ideas, philosophies, ideologies, it’s not surprising that every election, a whole lot of voters end up very unhappy with any results. But … except for the most partisan types incapable of saying or thinking anything good of those they oppose … I submit all the major party leaders until now would have had the intellectual abilities, experience and knowledge needed to govern, even if we disagreed with their policies.

Justin Trudeau?  No!

Remember, we’re talking about the Prime Minister of Canada.

As I have written on this blog before, he has never impressed me … from his silver-spoon upbringing, a lack of any meaningful job or business experience, any special community service involvements and not even much in the way of credible major political ideas, contributions or accomplishments … apart from self-promotion and self-advancement.

In fact, this past week, he showed once more his total lack of even basic historical knowledge and understanding Canadians should EXPECT from a Prime Minister.

In a Toronto speech, Trudeau compared the Harper government’s immigration policies towards Muslims to Canada’s anti-Semitic policies turning away Jews during the Second World War. Many Jews turned away and/or sent back ended up dying in the Holocaust.

“So we should all shudder to hear the same rhetoric, that led to a “none is too many”  immigration policy towards Jews in the 30s and 40s being used today to raise fears against Muslims”  Trudeau said.


In fact an insult to BOTH Jews and Muslims.

Over the past decade, Canada has welcomed  an average of over 56 thousand immigrants a year from Muslim countries each year, almost 625,000 … and still counting.

In addition, Muslims who feel persecuted abroad and board an aircraft bound for any Canadian city (or arrive at the border by ship or by car) and then claim “refugee” status.

And when they get here, we immediately provide them with all kinds of assistance, health coverage, free education, social services … and legitimate refugees face a welcoming attitude by most Canadians. Even phony refugee claimants and illegal economic migrants, Muslim or whatever, are given rights and access to government services NONE of the Jews received from McKenzie King’s openly anti-Semitic policies, ministers and bureaucrats.

We don’t inter Muslims arriving here, even from terrorist-infested Muslim states,  in enemy-alien camps in rural Ontario or Quebec, as Canada did to some of the very few European Jews who did make it here;  we don’t turn away ships loaded with refugees and send them back to die in gas chambers, as we did to the Jews; and I haven’t seen bans on Muslims living/buying homes in areas of Canadian cities, attending schools or universities, or joining golf/country clubs, as Canada did to the Jews in the period Trudeau cited.

A disgraceful comparison by the Liberal Leader.

Not to mention …but let’s … that there are FORTY-NINE Muslim-majority nations in the world … giving legitimate Muslim refugees LOTS of choices and possibilities that was certainly NOT available to Jews fleeing for their lives.

What Trudeau is REALLY doing is playing the race/religion card to ingratiate himself with Muslim-Canadian  voters … and clearly is not only willing, but actually trying to distort history and the facts for his own selfish political advancement (again).

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair …. no fan of the current Tory government’s immigration policies himself … took Trudeau to task for using the “Jewish” comparison.

“Using any reference to the Holocaust in relation to the situation in Canada is singularly inappropriate,” Mulcair said this week.

As Canadians, both inside Parliament and out, debate current government policies, proposals and actions on immigration, civil rights etc. there are MANY aspects that can be targeted and torn apart.

But comparing Canada’s treatment of Muslims today to the way the Jews were treated in the Second World War shows an ignorance NOT WORTHY of any educated person …. especially one who dreams of becoming our Prime Minister.

Harv Oberfeld


  1. Your liberal colours are blinding me BLT. The fact Harv is and has been a long time liberal and had the kind of insight into the world of politics both federal and provincially, he can obviously tell what type of individual would make a good Prime Minister and Justin Trudeau is not on his list. I don’t believe long time liberal Warren Kinsella is interested in joining the Trudeau team come next federal election either, and that says lots! Personally I value the knowledge and experience of Oberfeld and thank PSR for republishing his stories. The man even in so-called retirement has lots to say and I for one want to hear, be it radio, tv, politics, you name it.

  2. As usual Harvey makes excellent points. He’s no Harper supporter so the Liberals should pay attention. I think the election is Justin’s to lose but unless he surrounds himself with people that have some serious gravitas he’s going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  3. Some of the RESPONSES SO FAR on Harv’s web log↓
    1nonconfidencevote // Mar 13, 2015 at 5:44 am

    Trudeau”lite” has the intellectual capacity of an ISIS teenager from Britain.
    As for his “jewish immigration” comparison. Ridiculous. No comparison from WWII immigration policies to today.
    Wasnt his father arrested in Montreal during WWII for driving a motorcycle while wearing a Nazi helmut?

    (Response: I covered/knew his father …got the last “fuddle duddle” he gave before he retired. I may have disagreed with him on various issues, but ALWAYS admired his intellectual strength and knowledge. Justin doesn’t even come close. h.o)

    2Larry // Mar 13, 2015 at 7:10 am

    I hope I’m wrong but my gut tells me that the Ontario vote could put this lightweight into power in the upcoming election. Bad for the country to say the least.

    (Response: Not so sure about that…last election Tories picked up 71 of Ont’s 95 seats… and doubt Trudeau’s remarks will win much support from the traditionally Liberal Jewish vote…esp when you add in Harper’s pro-Israel statements and policies. h.o)

    3DBW // Mar 13, 2015 at 7:58 am

    Not going to argue you with your analysis of Trudeau or of his statement comparing Muslims today to Jews of the 30s. But, here is the problem.

    There are lots of people out there who are not happy with the Conservatives and their policies including a disregard of parliament etc. etc. Many of those criticisms you have pointed out.

    You have also pointed out that the NDP is not a great choice for various reasons.

    And of course we have Trudeau.

    Now, there are partisans who are going to support their party regardless and will ignore the flaws of the leader. That goes without saying.

    Many of you have guessed that I support the NDP and you wouldn’t be wrong. I am quite happy with my current MP and if he runs again I will support him. But during the 90′s I wasn’t impressed with the federal NDP and put my vote elsewhere and in 2001 I wasn’t impressed with the provincial NDP so put my vote elsewhere. Not saying I ran with the enemy, just that I put my vote elsewhere.

    My philosophy is that you do not reward bad government. I am not going to argue with partisan Conservatives who feel that Harper has done a great job. You are certainly entitled to that vote.

    However, for the non-partisans who just want the best government possible, and are concerned that the Conservative have a lot to answer for, I truly believe that you have to take the risk of voting in the less than experienced Trudeau or Mulcair. If it turns out badly, then four years from now you can ditch them for a hopefully renewed and improved Conservative brand.

    Rewarding bad government because you have reservations about the alternative, just doesn’t make sense. You will continue to get bad government.

    Besides, we can always hope for a minority which is preferable to any majority.

    (PS if you got this far larry Bennett, I answered your questions in the previous post.)

    (Response: True… I have also been critical of Mulcair and Harper …but those critiques surrounded their policies…. never their intelligence or knowledge of history. Trudeau is clearly a lightweight in those categories…unsuitable to run a country. h.o.)

    4Ron Wilton // Mar 13, 2015 at 8:32 am

    One might infer from your implications about the unsuitability of Justin Trudeau to be prime minister, that your preferred choice would be to stay with the Steven Harper regime.
    I submit that the lack of qualification you correctly assess for JT would have in large part also applied to SH before he attained his present position.

    As much as I would prefer Elizabeth May or Tom Mulcair to either of the aforementioned, those choices are not positioned to succeed quite yet in our polarized electoral mindsets.

    SH is not my choice by a long margin and I would rather take my chance on either JT or a coalition than endure another term of SH.

    (Response: Maybe Mulcair? Only IF he can start showing some interest/advocating giving BC/West some real power and FULL EQUALITY in representation/power …even if it means cutting Quebec and the Maritimes back to EQUALITY with the rest of the country. h.o.)

    5frosty // Mar 13, 2015 at 9:14 am

    Ahh, religion….gotta love it. Bill Maher and I both agree however Justin’s not fit. Options are……….??

    Response: THAT’s the question…options??? Well, when Trudeau became leader, many believed he offered a credible third option …. but the more we see/hear from him, I believe we are back down to two. h.o)

    6skidder // Mar 13, 2015 at 9:30 am

    I know you love your retirement, but for our sakes I wish you were still a paid journalist. Thanks though for this column. Isn’t this all about basic cultural values? Some religious symbols are indefensible.(KKK, swastika ) I believe immigrants should embrace Canada. My reaction to Trudeau’s speech was one of disgust for basically calling me a “racist”. Mulcair, is head and shoulders over Trudeau in every way, and I have to admit has been a very effective opposition leader.

    (Response: Thanks… but really enjoying retirement …. almost hate to tell you soon off on another major travel adventure. Trudeau is just either so uninformed about history and what racism and discrimination REALLY entails or he is just pandering to what he sees as a growing potential Muslim vote … reasoning Harper already has Jewish support because of pro-Israel stance and a lot of backing from middle of the road voters fearful of what large numbers of Muslim immigration has done to Europe. h.o.)


  4. Old Islander // Mar 13, 2015 at 11:11 am

    I loathe Harper, for a variety of reasons. I was caught in his big ‘Income Trust’ lie, which cost me an extra couple of years work before I could retire. I despise how he has reduced his government to a near dictatorship, with MP’s terrified to do or say anything not pre-approved by the PMO. But I’ll vote for him, rather than mini-T, for whom the term ‘Bozo Eruption’ was apparently coined.

    I need to feel some confidence in my PM; that he (or she) won’t screw up so badly on the international stage, that real harm will be done to our country. While I dislike Harper, I like that at a recent G20 retreat, he was the only western leader with the nards to publicly tell Putin what he really thought. Imagine if it had been mini-T standing there as Putin approached, wanting to shake hands with PM of Canada. He’d of fawned all over him like an old long-lost friend. Mini-T is ‘dangerously’ naive.

    Mini-T’s record to date is a series of bozo eruptions, each more idiotic than the last. It must be a full time job for his handlers, to try to prevent them.

    God help us, if we’re so stupid as to vote this light-weight under-achiever into office.

    (Response: I have written that if there’s one area I do like Harper it’s in his principled stands on foreign affairs issues…including telling Putin right to his face to get out of Ukraine. But there are many other areas I disagree with him and his undemocratic ways. The next election will be most interesting and although I have voted Liberal in the past, I think Canada, internally and internationally would be better served by Harper or Mulcauir … rather than by Trudeau. h.o)

  5. Its too bad because Mulcair is a far more intelligent and capable leader than either of the other two choices.

    I agree he’s done a fine job as opposition leader. But as leader of the federal NDP, he has the luxury of being able to say and promise anything he likes, because he knows he’ll never be elected.

    He is a closet separatist, and has promised if elected, to re-instate the gun registry — a boondoogle for which we’ve already paid approx $2B.

    No thanks….!

  6. Justin Trudeau …PM!! Very scary prospect. I can not imagine him mayor of Montréal , Toronto or Vancouver, let alone PM of Canada.


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