Jake Ryan Moves From Nights To PM Drive at HOT107


image001After bouncing around the Edmonton pop stations like a beach ball at a Katy Perry concert Jake Ryan landed on HOT107 nights a while back, but today HOT 107 announced Jake will now host the afternoon drive for Hot 107.


  1. Yawn, who cares. 5 stations in Edmonton playing the same crap. Terrestrial radio is such shite, and most PD’s are such cowards. Now back to my ipod and XM.

  2. @Big Scotty If you don’t care so much why would you even bother comment? This is an industry board where we talk about our moves, our failures, our losses & our successes. Some of us still enjoy this as a career. So kindly go f**k yourself.

  3. @Ash:

    Big Scotty made a valid point which is that terrestrial radio in major markets has become very “vanilla”.


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