Left-wing Vancouver broadcaster Jody Vance to host pm drive on NW for three weeks

Jody Vance – Courtesy of Twitter



A little bird whispered in our ears that long time Vancouver radio gal Jody Vance ( pictured on your extreme left!) will be filling in Monday to Thursday afternoons on cknw for the next three weeks. RUMOUR has it former CBC anchor Mike Killeen may be moving into the Black Tower in three weeks as the permanent host.




Editor Note: Dr Fauci’s emails have been released. The world shall awake, finally!



  1. Glorious news! Woke propaganda will be once again pouring out on the air from our mindless, but ever devoted stooge!

  2. If CHEK is reportedly getting $2 million, how much could the black tower be getting?

    If the fill in host said I think Trump is the greatest president ever.
    Would that person be taken off the air, and likely fired?

  3. I agree, Jody is a LEFTIE!, but hey, so are all the other hosts on NW. All of them!!! The last so-called wimpy conservative radio host was Bill Good Jr. I would say the last conservative hosts would include Rafe Mair, Garry Bannerman, Peter Warren, Jack Webster, amongst the greats!
    Corus has an agenda, and that included hiring extreme leftist Democrat Larry Gifford from south of the border, as the PD over Corus News radio stations here in British Columbia and Alberta. Corus is included in the six global corporations who own over 92% of radio, tv, magazines and online connections throughout the earth, compared to less than 6% who still own their own stations. These corporations become ‘ONE’ when it comes to a Narrative in their newsrooms, which NW have become part of. People like Terry Bell, former newsman really amaze me with his comments. Terry, can you honestly say your former radio station is truthful in ALL their reporting. I remember the days when NW was indeed Top Dog. What a disgrace it has become.

  4. I needed at least a 3 week break, maybe permanent. I hope Eric Chapman gets replaced also. NW is a mere shadow of what it once was.

  5. Warren Betanko: Sorry I amazed you with my comments. In answer to your question; no, I can’t say all ‘NW reporting is truthful. Given the just-graduated staff, that would be a stretch. The big corps in Toronto with all their cuts to salary and staff make that impossible. I still manage to NOT bad-mouth the local bosses. Not their fault. All worship the East! I, too, remember the days when ‘NW was Top Dog in the Vancouver market. A lot has changed since then. I now just put it down to the march of time. Cheers.

  6. How it works, Monday Aft. eg:
    Vance yakking usual drivel intros TV hairdo Chris G.
    Chris says tv news will be about buried FN kids from Kamloops res. School
    Then says ” you know a lot of people have been talking about this as a George Floyd moment”
    Zarf takes moment to reflect… Nope. Never heard a peep from anyone even remotely. Therefore:
    4am drop confirmed. Going to be the Summer of 215.
    How relates to Vance? Journalist? Nope. Script-reader? Absolutely.
    So go and get vaxxed you moth********kers. Jody knows best.

  7. Say, Alex.
    Eric Chapman may have faults, but is 20 IQ pts > than Vance.
    Does not get P-Pass so advancement limited.

  8. I hope NW gets exactly what it deserves for this insult to their audience. Ms Vance is not balanced. Not fair. Close minded. One dimensional.
    3 weeks of her on the pm drive will be good for 1130 and any other station on the dial

  9. If the Killeen rumour comes to fruition, I only assume he’ll be an improvement over super lefty Steele…and I hope her father is doing well.
    As for Vance, maybe return to your sports background and join the ranks of the (sarcasm alert) genius commentary in those notables Jennifer Botterill and Cassie Campbell.

  10. Here is Jody POISON Vance pushing “children being secretly” poisoned by euthanizer dr Eric Khazarian Mafia Cadesky. When kids start to die from this mRNA magnetic nano particle infused Gene Drug – Jody Vance, CKNW and Eric Khazarian Mafia Cadesky need to be held accountable through Nuremberg 2.0 trials.

    They ABSOLUTELY have been given all the info on these poison drugs so they will not be able to use “I didn’t know” as a defense. I will gladly throw the lever if asked.


  11. Since Vance has been a rabid non vaccine vaccine pusher, using her airtime to instil fear and paranoia into what listeners she has had and will get over the next 3 weeks let me just add some info from Phizer on their original trial studies last summer before getting emergency use authorization.

    Each group, real vaccine and placebo had appx. 21,000 participants. During the time of the study Phizer found out numerous facts about their mRNA injections, but one I note here is interesting.

    Of the weeks following the real vaxxed group a total of 0.04% after being injected came down with Covid19. Sounds impressive doesn’t it, but! the placebo group during the same number of weeks were found to have a total of 0.8% contract Covid 19. What this means is that the Phizer (and I’m sure the others will be similar) only reduced contraction of Covid 19 by less than 1%.

    For that you take the risk of being in a extended human study of an unapproved non vaccine vaccine.

    Also related, the BIG OH NO INDIA IS DYING OF COVID19! When health officials late April began testing Ivermectin, they found within days a significant reduction in illness and deaths with Covid 19. So impressed they were, their leading health official OK’d free of charge any an all doctors to prescribed it to Covid 19 patients. Since early May till now they have seen a reduction of cases by over 85% and deaths by over 25% by mass use of Ivermectin. They only province that has seen a rate increase of Covid 19 cases and deaths is one where their elected leader is a full out Marxist and his name is actually MK Stalin, yes named after the Soviet tyrant. He made it illegal to distribute Ivermectin in his region and since then it is the number one hot spot in India for Covid 19.

    For many months now the world knows the success of Ivermectin on the Kung Flu yet many governments and their health bureaucrats have stifled the use of Ivermectin in treating Covid 19, in some jurisdictions with threats of sending doctors to prison if they do use Ivermectin… THE QUESTION IS WHY!? Why are many governments and officials against using a bonafide and well known/safe drug to treat Covid 19?

  12. I find it laughable that anyone would take advice from an under-educated radio announcer or anonymous website poster. As for the choice do the afternoon show on CKNW, I find it equally ludicrous that anyone should care given the myriad of choices. I’m sure Ms. Vance and Mr. Killeen are nice people, but infotainers they are not.

  13. I have heard Vance, and find her to be an outrageously naive person for the job she does. She has an almost zero on the objectivity meter that a good journalist or broadcast journalist should have, especially when it comes to critical thought or talk against government such as this BC government or the Trudeau Governing fools and incompetents and turncoats against Canadians and Canada. She seems to embrace and maybe seemingly worship the Provincial Health Officer, Dix and leadership at large, even when those terrible people ended up causing way too many pandemic deaths of the Long Term Care seniors because these horrible bosses did not use the rapid test kits or jump on the close quarter living and separate them to be more safe much sooner. It’s not the heroic worker’s fault, but it is Dix Henry and Horgan and the top officials fault. I can only come to one conclusion and that is, this is criminal negligence and I pray they are held accountable . But Vance and some others at that Global NW house of worshipping zombies I think, are some what responsible enablers, in part, because they allowed themselves to be worshippers of false gods and goddesses of government like Henry, her second in command PHO, Dix and Horgan instead of doing their job and the officials kept getting away with what I would call tantamount too manslaughter.
    I can maybe understand Vance not having the strength of a good journalist because she isn’t one and never learned the trade and code, or is a fake one. To do a mainstream talk radio show like NW or CBC say and bring all your political correctness, biased baggage and government ass wiping wipes and worshipping wand to your work table and microphone and push your shit like that is god damn bad. But then again she’s not the only one. I think Baldry is the second in command PHO in B.C. come to think of it. Acting like it anyways. Another worshipper as far as I can tell or give that perception as do so many at the Global house of shame. Sad, Sad, Sad, sad, sad. So bloody saaad.

  14. Thanks for letting me know that Miss Vance (who mentions her kid every chance she gets ) ) will be filling in for 3 weeks. Now I can catch up on my sleep.

  15. This site is a right wing site, you need to know that. Corus Entertainment is one to throw tomatoes at, yes indeed. Anybody with a so-called left wing position is deemed young and uneducated. You cannot read both sides or both positions. If you are under 53, you are deemed young and naive.

  16. What’s really interesting? All of you Jody Vance judgers know exactly what she’s talking about, you know her topics and her views. In the real big scheme of things? That’s exactly what she wants. In that case? She wins.

  17. Travis, I made no mention of age or gender of said hosts. Nor do I care if they are left or right. I DO care they have a well-informed opinion and can present it in an informative and entertaining manner. You can be a lot of things in talk radio, but the one thing you cannot be is ‘boring’—that is the death knell of any performer. Radio consultants make a fortune selling companies like Corus on how to hire talent. The problem with that scenario, which is why we hear so few really good announcers, is the mistaken belief you CAN make a silk purse out of a cow’s ear.

  18. A question for all people reading this:
    Do you listen to CKNW because of their political bias, or because you think they have no political bias?

  19. This beautifully illustrates how sad the state of affairs are in the media game. The fallen giant, the once “top dog”, turning the airwaves over to a complete dullard. I wonder how long before Jody Vance does a segment on “what a great human being Bill Gates is” and how “the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is saving the world”.

  20. News 1.0 Boy you nailed it. Do not be boring. I listened to Jody on the way home from work yesterday. Ironically, whether or not I actually like a host does not materailly affect my desire to turn on or off. Am I being informed or entertained. Yesterday, she had a segment in which she and some newspaper guy were going on and on and on about how salt of the earth and forever missed a recently departed local journalist was going to be. I had to turn off my radio. BORING BORING BORING
    Pat Murray. Thanks for absorbing all our truth bombs and Trad-Con views. We win.

  21. One just needs to look south and see that with the exception of a couple, the media leans left. The same can be said for Canada starting with the worst in CBC. If you really want to see if Corus leans left you don’t have to look far and see that their national PD is a democrat from the States. But go further and listen to their talk stations in other markets and you will find the same left leaning broadcasters who have no time for callers who have a difference of opinion. Regarding Ms Vance it might behoove her to find other voices to talk covid, science etc. Because if all you interview is like minded individuals you will never get fair and balanced reporting. Sadly a trait that has disappeared from the media.

  22. Pat Murphy

    You pose a very interesting question and I doubt very much you will get a direct answer .

    I know nothing about Vance other than to say I have heard her once or twic for a very few seconds, did not like what I heard then tuned out .

    Same goes for me with Simi, Lynda and that poor Eric and Adler .

    I do not hate them at all, I just do not listen, do however like Jill Bennett very much as she is fair and balanced and has no concerns about throwing darts at anyone she disagrees with and that is how talk radio should work . I was hopeful for Michael Smyth but it seems that he has caught the Virus from Baldrey and he is therefore nowhere near what he was in the Province and as a CKNW fill in host. Smyth it seems to me much like that Full of Self Importance Wind Bag Charles Adler has gone through “Political Re-Assignment Surgery .

    Seeing as we are all still here, am I the only one who cannot understand Zussman or does he really need a translator .

    Having said all of that I am with you Pat, WHY WOULD ANY “Whack Job” that dislikes Vance or anyone else for that matter bother listening, why would they even think of tuning in ? Crazy !

    Again, you will not get a reasonable answer/reply to your question .

    Yes, WHY do they know everything about what Vance has to say if they dislike her so much or at all ? Puzzling .

    t would be like me listening to that Poor Bewildered, Befuddled, and victim of Stockholm Syndrome Prince Harry, why would I listen to anything poor Harry or his Puppeteer Meghan had to say when they make no sense to me and seem to be doing everything they can to become relevant .

    It is easy for me to not listen to Vance, Simi, Adler, Lynda, Eric, Poor Harry or his Puppeteer Master, therefore I do not know enough about them to protest about them continually .

    I wish them all much luck as I want every single one of us to make a decent living but I will not be part of their listening audience .


    I do listen to Simi when she does her Vaughn Palmer segment who is insightful, informative, educational, fair, and balanced . The Simi Palmer Segment on NW is the best radio in Vancouver, too bad the Top Mensa member PD at CKNW saw fit to dump Bruce, he was an opinion person and he did not present himself as anything more or less .

    I heard the replacement for Bruce and that was what caused me to leave CKNDP for good, it is now obvious that the Emperor (NW) Has NO Clothes .

    I hope you get your answer Pat but I would not wait around hoping you get anything that does not contain some sort of Whacked Out Conspiracy .

    My question is this, why is it that NW still seems to be Number 1 or 2 in the PPM Ratings ?

    Why cannot someone like CKWX put up some real good talk show people kind between say 8 AM and 5 PM, they would do very well . They can start by hiring Jill Bennett away from CKNDP .
    Does that mean NW is a 4 in a Sea of 2’s and 3’s ?

  23. https://twitter.com/jodyvance/status/1282515786876153857

    Remember when Jody POISON PUSHER Vance was BS-ing us about Fauci with Beat Off Baldrey and “Ok ok…..ok….ok ok….ok…..ok ok ok” Mike FAKE NEWS Smyth?

    I wonder how she is going to react when the whole world finds out the NON-vaccine vaccine Gene Editing Drug full of Magnetic Nano Particles……….is poison. I wonder how FAR LEFT WOKE Jody Vance will react then. The truth is coming. People like Jody Vance and the rest of the FAKE NEWS at Global FAKE NEWS will be responsible for spreading lies about the FAKE vaccine poison and need to be held to account.

  24. Pat and BMCQ

    I will be the ‘direct answer’ you guys crave. Same as BMCQ in that it doesn’t take a genius to discount Jody after extremely short listens. Yup, maybe no more than two listens.

    And BMCQ we’ve all heard about your suggestions for News1130 talk shows. Your last paragraph, albeit a good suggestion, is getting old.

  25. Cephas

    Please re read your own post, you just said, it is a good idea and as a wise people kind once said, “Good ideas never get old” .

    One never knows who might be reading your pearls of wisdom, it never hurts to re confirm and guess what ? Those that have read any given comment on a previous occasion can just scroll on by the repeat performance .

    Thanks for the kind words of support .

  26. About other talk radio stations or CKWX, this is what many in the industry fail to understand today because MSM radio is polluted with brainwashed, self righteous, self loathing liberals with B.S. degrees at over inflated costs and ZERO value pushing never ending LEFTISM in the media and radio.

    Start up a talk radio station that presents a majority of airtime to centre-right, trad. con. pro western, even classic liberal programming using hosts who actually can critically think and that radio station will soon be rolling in $$$$$$$$$$.

    MSM is failing because it no longer understands nor sees the craving of traditional western world values by the majority and often quiet speaking population. MSM radio has been so warped by leftist dogma and bullshit that the managers and programmers cannot see past their own narrow minded and self righteous nonsense beliefs.

    But any business man and program manager who has real brains and initiative, set up a talk radio station that is majority center -right, pro western values, Heck even some proud Christian ideals in programming and yes, you can have a lefty host or two just to balance things out and this radio station will NOT need any government handouts for it will be rolling in $$$$.

  27. So as Jody POISON Vance continues to push the mRNA Gene Editing Drug full of Magnetic Nano Particles agenda…..


    The DEATHS from this POISON and FAKE vaccine continue to mount according to a Canadian researcher:


    But of course you will never hear about this on the Jody POISON PUSHER Vance show. She is too busy bragging about her son whenever she gets a chance gleefully telling everyone how he received the poison FAKE VAX.

  28. Les, In other words, host more akin to Roy Green. If you had a radio station that had both Roy Green and Simi Sara types, they would capture the entire news-talk audience. It could be turned into an intra-host rivalry. It would be vital to have phone-ins though. Absolutely vital.
    “Hi Roy, did you hear about X on the Simi show this morining, I don’t know how anybody can say such a thing?”
    “Well, yes, let’s open lines and see what listeners have to say?”
    It would be like Mosh Pit Radio. Very compelling I would say.

  29. George,

    Roy Green is akin to more of a classic radio talkshow host. Certainly center-right but of a more critical thinking mind. And yes open lines a traditional talk radio life line, but seemingly forgotten by most talk show hosts today, whom like to hear themselves talk than to take calls which could challenge their often pompous, warped liberal lack of thinking points of view.

    The problem with Simi is she is not really interested in listeners’ POV as she rarely opens up lines. She is also far out left in lacking critical thinking skills. This plagues most liberal-left persons and notably in talk radio. Simi is a light weight in critical thinking to defend her POV’s. She is more or less like a Cathy Doll just pulling her talking string and you get canned words/phrases.

    It’s hard to find a modern liberal talk show host who is unlike Simi. A time was a Michael Smythe who was centerish-left had it, but the current atmosphere in black tower screwed up his mind too. Just look at Charles Adler. Back in Winterpeg he was very much a trad. con. talk show host. His years drinking Vancouver water and being inside a growingly leftist cesspool in the black tower has made him more of a libtard on many issues. It got to the point where I could no longer really listen to him as well.

    An intellectually minded liberal radio host is hard to find today. If you go back many years between CKNW and what once was CJOR a few moderate, to moderate left, to left hosts were good at defending even if wrong their POV’S. Oh, Bill Good ( a moderate) or the likes of Phil Till (another moderate) or we can go on to Barry Clark, Art Finley, Fanny Keifer, even old crusty Dave Barrett. Looking to once powerful KGO 810 out of S.F. a few good thinking liberal hosts included, Bernie Ward, Sean Nix, Christine Craft, Gene Burns, Chris Clarke, Duane Garret (it was so sad when we found out he committed suicide), Lee Rodgers. These types of moderate left or true lefty hosts were articulate enough to defend their POV’s even if they we mostly wrong LOL. 🙂

  30. Les. I completely agree with you. But about Simi Sara. Like a lump on a log. Or, on a broadcasters chair. Not very useful. She just seems so light. Superficial maybe. NW usually get number one ratings though. I think that’s because there isn’t really much competition in B.C. If there were I’m sure they would be fighting for air. It’s really an artificial number one in a tiny circle.
    I grew up on that Jack Webster Era of CKNW when I was a kid. That was always on in my family and our circle. Oh the times have changed from then to this. I’m not sure what to call it. But I know it’s all screwy now. God, some of the help they hire. But I guess that speaks volumes about wimps and wokes at the top. My Lordy. My my my.

  31. Les, you are so right about Bernie Ward. Listened to him a lot when I lived in So Cal. Used to listen to Jim Hightower (Lefty) and Brad Messer (Righty) when I spent some months in Texas. Jim and Brad were on opposite sides of the coin but very listenable as they never really put anyone down.

    What happened to Adler? Did he have some kind of Dalton Camp moment?

    As for Simi. It really should be See-Me! See-Me! I know more about her radio persona than I know about my own own cousins. Simi, we are just not that into you. The more I listen to her the better I am liking Eric Chapman. Whoda thunk that in a normal world?

    I get your take on Mike Smythe, but what the heck happened to Vaughn Palmer? It’s like he is part of a Henry & Adrian threesome. He seemingly cannot utter any words about those two without sounding obsequious. He has become the (figurative) exact opposite of a virile male. Fluevog should be making him shoes for the great propaganda service he is performing on behalf of the Health Ministry. Fluevog should make some for Adrian but I don’t think he would know how to put them on without Henry telling him how to. A pair for Horgan too, but put somewhere as opposed to being worn.

    Back to the original point. I suppose the idea is to reflect upon when and by whom we felt like radio stations were informing us in a materially relevant and actionable way. I will leave it to you folks to decide if it was then or now.

  32. No one, not one single talk show host in the history of the format could hold a candle to Bill Wattenberg of KGO San Francisco. Highly-educated, articulate, compelling, entertaining. Even the old-school hosts in this country, alive, dead, retired, still working—not even close to Wattenburg!

  33. George,

    Bernie Ward was a true liberal but he was articulate and unlike most liberals today he could defend his POV’s even if incorrect. I was a pro Reagan center-right teenager. I came across KGO one Sept. evening when fighting a bout of insomnia and rolling up and down the AM dial of my clock radio when I hit KGO’s skip signal and as a teen thought it was so damn cool to hear S.F. all the way up here in B.C. Ironically the host I first heard that night was you may guess it, Ray Taliaferro. I could not believe what I was hearing, he sounded like a crazy assed nut job.

    Me then still being center-right, I would stay up and listen to this nut Taliaferro. He would get me so frigging riled up I would yell at my radio at times. But I also began to listen to other evening KGO hosts when it was mostly the liberals air time. KGO during the day was then quite conservative. I soon began to listen to and over the years hosts like Lee Rodgers, Gene Burns, Chris Clark, Michael Krazny, Sean Nix, Duane Garret, John Rothman and yes Bernie Ward. My infatuation with being able to listen to US talk radio at night slowly moved me into the liberal spectrum. Bernie Ward probably did more to have me turn liberal than any other talkshow host as again right or wrong he could defend his POV well and he was so colourful on air.

    So by the end of the 80’s and me being a 20 something KGO at night and of course CKNW and CJOR all influenced me into liberalism. Which lasted another 20+ years.

    As to Cephas on Bernie Ward, yes we all know the situation that was him being lured by a
    woman and caught sending her a picture of a naked teenage boy. Nobody denies it who knows the story and he was tried and sent to prison over it. I have no idea of how much or if he sent child pornography to others. Him being a devout Catholic he has to wear the crime. I am not aware if his problem was any more than that one child’s pic. That said and today me being red pilled I do not agree much anymore with Bernie’s then liberal left views. But he was very good at talk radio and convincing enough of selling his views to be a big part of my then liberalism from my 20’s onward.

    News 1.0.

    YEP! Dr. Bill Wattnenberg is the most intelligent man I have ever heard on talk radio. OMG did he teach me a lot about science and physics etc. He being a former nuclear Physicist working at Lawrence Livermoore and other places in his life blew my mind. He was a true PATRIOT and yes I was in my liberal years so I did not agree with all of his conservative political views but I loved listening to him 10pm till 1am. Sat. and Sun. nights as well.

    His sign off on Sunday nights were classic as he did not like Ray Taliaferro and likewise Ray to him, but he after usually digging a jab at Ray turned the mic over to Ray after his Sunday night shows. It’s a good thing Bill did his show via remote at his cabin outside of S.F. and not in the studio for I believe he and Ray would have eventually gotten into blows.

    Him being good friends with Clint Eastwood was cool too. I’m sure you know Bill was in Dirty Harry, The Deadpool as a talkshow host who the killer blew up his car with Bill’s character inside it.

    One more very astute KGO host was John Rothman, his political leaning was center-right. He is the smartest radio host I have ever heard on the history of US politics and political leaders. He knew almost everything on how the US system works and it’s political history. He did serve in the Nixon administration as a political advisor if I recall correctly.

    This all said up to the purge of December 2010, KGO 810 was IMO likely the greatest talk radio station on earth. The near total firing of all talk radio staff that December blew me away. For over 25 years I listened to KGO 810, but after the purge I virtually stopped listening to KGO 🙁

  34. Les. KGO skip? I remember being a teenager in the interior of BC and getting KGO and Boise Idaho on the skip. Had an old tube Phillips radio and would connect the antenna to the copper plumbing.

    Regarding Bernie Ward’s legal problems. I think anyone involved with C.P. should face the most serious of punishments. Not knowing what exactly was involved, I cannot say much about Bernie except he got more punishment than Pete Townshend and Hunter Biden.

  35. I cant figure out with all the options available why people are still listening to NW. There are hundreds of live shows or podcasts for center-right or moderates to listen to bypassing any agenda-driven programming on NW. All you need is a $35 google speaker that plays stations or podcasts or just load up a podcast on your phone and cast it to the speaker.

    Here are a few:

    Podcasts on Daily or 3-4 times a week:
    Megyn Kelly Podcast. She is centre-right but very moderate and is a very smart woman.
    Sebastian Gorka Podcast
    Bannons War Room
    David Knight Podcast
    Joe Rogan Podcast
    Michael Savage Podcast

    Live Radio on TuneIn or Simple Radio Includes
    Dan Bongino KTTH 9-12
    Sean Hannity Show 12-3
    Mark Levin Show 3-6
    Red Eye Radio KVI 10PM to 3AM
    Alex Pierson CFMJ 330PM to 4 and 5PM to 7
    Alex Jones Infowars 9AM-1 Although labelled as a Conspiracy Theorists by the left the amazing part is that 70-80% of his stuff comes true. I remember thinking he was nuts years ago when he said a very rich financier owned an island in the Caribbean where he had underaged girls satisfying the needs of powerful men who he was jetting off to the islands.

    Quit complaining and start going elsewhere you wont go back.

  36. Why much of the global governing response to SARS-cov-2 is wrong and Satanic based can be found in Biblical scripture.

    The Bible has numerous verses on QUARANTINE, all signify quarantining the unclean or sick and not quarantining the healthy or the greater society as a whole

    Leviticus 13:4

    But if the bright spot is white on the skin of his body, and it does not appear to be deeper than the skin, and the hair on it has not turned white, then the priest shall isolate him who has the infection for seven days.

    Leviticus 13:46

    He shall remain unclean all the days during which he has the infection; he is unclean. He shall live alone; his dwelling shall be outside the camp.


    The fact we have succumbed to illogical general/makeshift quarantining of the greater healthy society speaks volumes as to where this fallacy comes from, Satanic forces and not the common sense values written in the Bible to which are attributed to God All Mighty.

  37. I’m amazed Jody didn’t learn a thing from a lady she interviewed eight years ago, Lenore Skenazy, who the lamestream media pushed as America’s worst mom. The agenda at the time was to remove parents’ ability to allow their children to experience independence by instilling the “stranger danger” fear in them. I watched multiple interviews with Lenore and it is apparent there was/is a widescale agenda; even locally where I am a public servant was charged with allowing his kids on public transit alone. I’m glad Lenore had the ability to expose this agenda and hoped Jody would understand there’s people in high places who have agendas. But it’s obvious she doesn’t understand and pushes the vaccine agenda fervently, and unfortunately to the detriment of her own offspring and society at large.


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