Changes at Country 105 – Hot Rod Harriet is Gone!



Hot rod Harriet is gone from Country 105.

Hot Rod Harriet

Hot Rod Harriet has been in radio and television in Calgary for almost 20 years, spending 15 of them on Country 105. Her resume also includes time as a Reporter and a Weather Anchor. Harriet loves to travel and spend quality time with her family and friends. Happy Travels Harriet!

Roger moved from morning to drive and Josie and Greg start a new morning show the 7th.

Jose was at Virgin Calgary. Her last day was Friday. At this time, we have No idea where Greg is from.


  1. This is terrible news! Between this and Bobby Bones I guess it’s time to tune in to other CANADIAN radio stations.

  2. Harriett and Reynolds are gone I looked so forward to the drive home listening to them
    if you had a bad day they made it all go away
    this is not good what to do now ??? this is a big loss

  3. Ok, this is not good for me! Every day I look forward to these two wonderful, funny and honest human beings in my life. I don’t know what to do know?? I’m so disappointed!!!!!!

  4. Sad news. I wished I never read this. I’ll miss this two great individuals. I think it’s time I find me another radio station. Bye Country 105

  5. Val, Connie and Diane, I soooooo agree with you all, I absolutely LOVED their show, guaranteed smiles. This is very sad news 🙁

  6. Wow, this is the worst news possible. First, we lose the best human being ever, Robin, to retirement. Roger moving back to afternoons is ok, we still have him, he’s just going back to where he used to be. Greg, a welcome addition to Country 105. Very funny and a joy to listen to but part of your stick was Harriet. Don’t know your new sidekick yet but she has big shoes to fill. There is no other Harriet. At this point, I am certainly open to looking at new and different venues to get my morning and drive home entertainment from.

  7. I was wondering what was going to happen here. I thought Harriet and Greg would be the morning show but guess not. Either it was a personal decision to leave by Harriet or just a grave mistake on the account of Corus. Either way my 105.1fm preset will be deleted in my vehicles and all my devices now.

  8. Harriet and Gregg were very entertaining to listen to every afternoon!! I only tuned into Country 105 just to listen to thier show. But, it was just a show….and lets face it, they are just radio actors, put in a padded room together for a few hours a day. Harriet sounded like she was drunk all the time and that was her “act”. When she read the news or weather, you never knew it was her. Whatever the case is here with all the changes and absence of Harriet, I hope it was her decision and not a political one. She’s from Sask. so has good roots and a strong heart, and will survive like all the rest of us hopeless Roughrider fans! Lol!

  9. Was wondering where Hot Rod Harriette and Greg were extremely saddened by this announcement. As if the world we have been living in for the past year and a half isn’t sad enough and hard for so many people. Country 105 gets rid of 2 people on the drive home that brings happiness and laughter to our sad world. Feel bad for Roger Rhodes he and Hot Rod Harriette were also an amazing radio team . Not sure why companies make these changes that affect everyone’s lives . All the best to Gregg and Hot Rod Harriette . So long Country 105 . Extremely disappointed dedicated listener .,

  10. This is very sad news that Hot Rod Harriet isn’t with Country 105. Wish her the very best on her future endeavours, she will be greatly missed! I was hoping for a new morning show the “Odder squad” with Roger, Gregg and Harriet. Changes happen and we will continue to love the hosts in their new time slot.

  11. This is a BIG MISTAKE to say it lightly – where are your heads ! Roger Rhodes made the morning show and Harriet was the afternoon drive home show!!! Also I noticed there is no more Nashville Kat in the morning – bad enough we lost Robin to retirerment but to lose Roger without even a hello and goodbye is unbelievable – No more Country 105 for us after all these years of listening . Whoever made these changes needs their head examined for such a BIG MISTAKE!

  12. My afternoon drive home won’t be the same. I have a long commute and Greg and Harriett made the afternoon so much better. There were sooooo many times these two had me laughing so hard in my car and the stress of the day seemed so much lighter. I’m super disappointed….their banter and the ways they fed off of each other made them seem like an easy team to have together. Ugh…I’ll be reverting back to JACK….

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  14. So stupid that they got rid of Hot Rod Harriett. Josie has big shoes to fill. Why did they get rid of her? She will be missed. I am moving radio stations.

  15. Listened to the new morning show with Josie can’t stand her nauseating voice and humour sure won’t be listening to that again . She is no Hot Rod Harriette. Big mistake Country 105

  16. I am so sorry that Hot Rod Harriet is gone. Her and Greg literally helped me get through the pandemic. They made me laugh every day. They were such am amazing team. I feel like I lost a friend. She will me missed more than she knows.

  17. I was away last week and when I came back I did not read Greg and Hot Rod Harriet on the afternoon drive home. This is a BIG Mistake both of them made the afternoon drive home funny.
    No more Country 105 for me after all these years of listening . Whoever made these changes needs their head examined for such a BIG MISTAKE!

  18. So sorry to see Harriet gone. She & Greg could always make me laugh no matter what kind of day I was having. They fed off each & they made the show terrific. Sad to not hear them together anymore. Good Luck whatever your future holds, you’ll both be missed?

  19. I am so sad to hear of Harriet’s departure. I really enjoyed listening to her with Roger, then Greg. If it was her decision to leave then I wish her all the best. If it was for another reason, i feel you made a very big mistake.

  20. I think they made a big mistake! We feel
    105 is going for a younger demographic with Josie & Gregg. Josie definitely does not have a “ radio voice”. Also missing Nashville Kat. We have been listening for over thirty years. Disappointing for sure

  21. I’m not excited about losing Harriet, but also don’t care for the new girl on the morning show. Maybe she is nervous, but is voice is not pleasant to listen to! Might be time for a new radio station after 31 years!

  22. My drive to work was Robyn Adair ???my ride home was Hot Rod & Greg Reynolds!! Loved both of these morning and drive home shows. After Robyn left I turned the radio station in the morning ….now without Hot Rod…if Harriet was retiring there would have been a lot of goodbye shows, but don’t ya just know it wasn’t her choice??!!!! I’ve tuned out 105.1 after 43?? years of tuning in ( not sure if they’ve been on air that long but that’s when I moved to Calgary) some sad….? big mistake radio station guys!!!!

  23. What the heck are you people thinking. I will be changing stations after 30+ years. So sad for Hot Rod Harriet. She was an awesome addition and will not be the same without her.!!!!!!!

  24. I get that some companies want to make a change – but seriously this change sucks and the timing is terrible. Hot Rod Harriette and Reynolds helped me through the afternoon at work and got me home afterwards – destressor duo always but especially during the Pandemic!!

  25. Does anyone know why they removed Nashville Kat in the morning? I enjoy listening to her in the mornings. At least she has a blog I can read.

  26. I used to look forward to listening to Gregg and Harriett. They always made me laugh. I would often recount to my family what they talked about. I’ll be looking for a new station to listen to. I’m so saddened.

  27. Where is Hot Rod Harriett and Nashville Kat. If you think you will get more listeners you need to reevaluate your strategy or lack of . I am sorry but that Jose has the most annoying nasal voice I have ever heard!!! Can’t even stomach to listen to her. What a loss!!! Time to change stations.

  28. Country 105 – What is going on!??
    Really miss Hotrod Harriet!! She and Gregg were a great team and I enjoyed their show.
    Many laughs – so entertaining.
    The station is not the same now and it was my fav for many years.
    Waiting to see where Harriet will be next. Trying new stations in the meantime.

  29. I am soooooo sad that Hot Rod Harriet, is gone, please come back. I had to look it up, I was hoping she was on holidays 😢
    Greg and Harriet with the ultimate team. I loved listening to them and they had such a great sense of humour and complimented each other so well. 😭 sad the show is not the same now. Please please please come BACK HARRIET. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  30. My husband converted me to 105 over 30 years ago guess now we will become WILD converts. Listening to Josie in the morning makes my head hurt. Sounds like the most annoying pixie. Not even funny, and her attempts make her sound dumb…..and no more Harriett… flipping sad. Sorry 105, no longer a fan

  31. I have been a listener of the morning show for years. Their new pick Jose has already convinced me after 2 days to change my dial in the morning. Jose has a very annoying nasal voice and her subject matter is very immature!!! Who cares if she has a radio face??? Now that Harriet and her annoying cackle us gone I will travel home with Roger.

    I found Harriet and her laugh annoying and used to switch the dial on my way home but, now that Roger is iwill miss them both on my way to work. I think that Greg is very good but

  32. I can’t help think that this is the reason Robyn got out too. The radio station has gone to shit. ‘I’ve been listening for over 40 years. Gregg and Harriet we’re the perfect Duo. They just got rid of Dan Carson without saying anything. Country 105 is going to go from the best station ever to the worst. So sad

  33. I loved Hot Rod Harriet!! Her laugh always made me happy. She will be sorely missed.
    I enjoy Gregg and Josie. Yes her voice is a little different but I like it!

  34. SORRY wont miss her BUT do miss Doug V, Scott, Robyn and Hurc. Luv listening to Lindsey but everyone else sucks….esp listening to a taped American DJ.

  35. Dorothy

    Country 105 will never be the iconic radio station they once were. There will never be another Odd Squad, the fab three, Doug Veronnelly, Robyn Adair, and Dan Carson were top-notch.

    They are gone, Doug and Robyn retired, Dan was gone without an explanation, over a year ago you let go Phil Karlsen and Scott Phillips who won the station multiple awards along with the Odd Squad. Now Hot Rod Harriet (she was why I tuned in) is gone and you shuffle others around. Who is the fool you brought Josie from Virgin Radio???

    Josie I cannot stand, so immature and asks what do things mean, her voice I compare to listening to nails on a chalkboard. Please cut her loose. She is not what this station needs — I think it is about dollars.
    That is my opinion. Your station is losing lots of previously loyal fans. Time to find a new station.

  36. So there was no reason Hot ROd Harriette is gone? No explanation to the loyal listeners?Ive always listened to Country 105, not anymore, you lost alot of listeners after that move. After Robyn Adair, she was the next reason I listened to Country 105!!! There were times that she got annoying but not as annoying as Josie…Im out


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