Sunday, April 14, 2024

Audio Active Advertising by Ryan Ghidoni

This is why your radio ad isn’t working, by Ryan Ghidoni

“The answer is simple…because it’s bullshit.”

These radio ad formats need to DIE – by Ryan Ghidoni

In this first AD SLAP we take a closer look at some tired old ad formats you need to avoid.

The ONE question you need to ASK to create an EFFECTIVE...

This question is the key to writing better ads in less time.

Sometimes FUNNY can cost you MONEY by Ryan Ghidoni

If funny was the key to selling, we’d be greeted by stand-up comedians in every appliance store, every open house, and every car dealership. So here are five tips that will ensure your use of humour never undermines the effectiveness of your message.

The Secret to LONG TERM Radio Advertising by Ryan Ghidoni

The most powerful advertising techniques can be found in universal truths. I want to talk about one today that I have never seen fail in 18 years

“Less COPY equals more EMOTION” by Ryan Ghidoni

“Tip #2 in this week’s article is the most effective way to turn sausage factory copywriting into steak house level radio creative.”

Radio Sales: You can’t always get what you want, by Ryan...

“Most ads fail for one reason and one reason only. You have radio stations with 4-500 clients. You have radio stations with 3 maybe 4 copy writers. It is simply impossible for 4 copy writers to do due diligence to clients, when they have to pump out hundreds of spots. This is why production house’s take on so many clients. They provide good customer service.”

Things you should try INSTEAD of genetic mutations by Ryan Ghidoni

Focus on the listener, not the advertiser: Everyone has a friend, family member or co-worker who endlessly talks about themselves. Your brain automatically tunes them out 2 seconds after they start talking. On the other side of the coin there is that favorite aunt who always remembers what’s going on in YOUR life and wants to talk about YOU

Why Most Ads FAIL to inspire ACTION by Ryan Ghidoni

Another year of Crystal awards for radio creative will be handed out May 4th at Canadian Music Week. So it seems appropriate to take a closer look at the criteria the judges use to make their selections.

What Can Radio Learn From Google? by Ryan Ghidoni

Radio does a good job of serving businesses that are large enough to invest $30,000 to $100,000 annually in advertising but has yet to come up with a way to be accessible to smaller and start-up businesses