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Special Feature: Kari Lake talks with Roger Stone – Includes interesting conversation about the media.

To Watch Video, Click on the Image below…

Kari Lake interviews Roger Stone

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’.

White House Stormed, Everyone Has A Choice, Against All Enemies Foreign & Domestic – X22 Report

Oncologist: “There Is Now Extensive Research to Support Ivermectin Use in Treating Cancer”

Masks Are Coming Back, Sneaky This Time. Don’t Fall For It!

Former Utah County Clerk Facing Charges For Mishandling Election Ballots

BREAKING: Springfield Democrat Mayoral Candidate Justin Hurst Accused of Election Fraud — Shocking Video Shows Alleged Pay-for-Vote Scheme

Ready For Trudeau’s Legacy To Be Twisted By Mainstream Media? by Brad Salzberg

The Miracle Cancer Drug Big Pharma Ignores | Joe Rogan Experience

Trump Rally in Houston, TX (Recorded November 2nd, 2023)

Are Micro-Parasites the REAL Cause Of Cancer? Scientist SHILLS Censor Live Saving TRUTH

Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr. Testify In Court
Politicians, not medical experts, to have final say on restrictions after Public Health Act overhaul



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