Radio Mans fave with The Mindbenders


A Groovy kind of Love

The Mindbenders were an English beat group from Manchester, England.[1] Originally the backing group for Wayne Fontana, they were one of several acts that were successful in the mid-1960s British Invasion of the US charts, achieving major chart hits with “The Game of Love” (a number-one single with Fontana) in 1965 and “A Groovy Kind of Love” in 1966.

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  1. A sweet as in tender love song. But today when I think of groovy I see a stoned out dude saying “grooovy man! Far out!” at something that strikes his fancy and I chuckle at the dated slang. Great song. A groovy, melodic song. And in 1966 groovy was the perfect word. But I am not sure if it works so well today.


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