It’s SONIC 104.9 Vancouver…


Thank you for listening to KiSS RADiO in Vancouver & The Valley. This KiSS is saying goodbye but you can still listen to the KiSS Radio in Edmonton, Ottawa, and Toronto on their websites or on your smart speaker devices.

Edmonton KiSS 91.7/ On your smart speaker say ‘Play KiSS Ninety One Seven’

Ottawa KiSS 105.3/ On your smart speaker say ‘Play KiSS One oh Five Three’

Toronto KiSS 92.5/ On your smart speaker say ‘Play KiSS Ninety Two Five’

If you’d like to try something new, you could listen to SONiC – The New Alternative. You’ll find SONiC on the radio at SONiC 104.9 (Vancouver), SONiC 107.5 (Chilliwack), and SONiC 92.5 (Abbotsford) or listen on its website at, or on your smart speaker with the command ‘Play SONiC RADIO’



  1. No thanks.
    Listening to satellite radio, where the announcers aren’t telling you to take experimental injections during every break.

      • On BCCDC website:
        91% of Covid deaths are from the jabbed.
        75% of Covid deaths are triple jabbed.

        Did your TV tell you the results were very good?
        Did you get your Monkey Pox jab yet?

  2. Fake, so you choose not to take medical advice from illiterate, uneducated radio disc jockeys and talk show hosts? Couldn’t agree more!

  3. Hey Fake News why are you so hardcore against the Covid vaccine? You took the vaccine so are you finished with the broken record yet?


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