Vancouver radio station mysteriously plays same song on repeat after layoffs

microphone in radio studio

by Megan Devlin

DH Daily Hive

June 29, 2022

Vancouver’s Kiss Radio gave listeners a puzzling wakeup Wednesday morning after announcing layoffs on Tuesday.

Instead of its usual morning show with a mix of hits and throwbacks, the station played Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name” on repeat.

At one point the song ended and the DJ took a song request. The caller asked to hear the Rage Against the Machine song again, and the two joked about it.

“You’ve been playing it all morning,” the caller says.

When another listener called in and asked to hear “anything besides Rage Against the Machine,” the DJ wasn’t having it and lined up the same track again.

The mysterious single-song morning comes the day after the Rogers-owned station announced several layoffs.

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  1. Me thinks with Christian now working for Rogers Vancouver, 104.9 will be an Indie rock like Calgary’s X92.9, his former radio station…


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