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The Truth Is Spreading,[DS] Prepares To Shutdown The Truth,Be Careful What You Wish For – X22 Report

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Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots

Conservatives want Bill Blair and others investigated over RCMP scandal

Trudeau Family Establish Highest Inflation, Largest Deficits In History, by Brad Salzberg

Poilievre Got It All Wrong, It’s The Rule Of Law Not Of Czars OR Guardians Or First Ministers Or Cabinets —And Respect For The Constitution, the Division of Powers, The Charter , Parliament —The People, by Brian Peckford

Flashback: the pedophile at Penn State, by Jon Rappoport

Kari Lake Destroys Arizona Media for Falling for FAKE Drag Queen Story Pushed by Deranged Katie Hobbs Activist, Announces Defamation Lawsuits: “Think Twice About Defaming Kari Lake”

Congressman’s Vaxxed 17-Year Old Daughter Died at Home in the Early Morning



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