CBC forced to pay $1.95 million in libel case as court finds it “failed in its duty to be fair, balanced and responsible”


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has been found liable in Manitoba’s largest defamation case since 1998.

by Marie Oakes

Westphalian Times

March 19, 2022

The state-funded Canadian media has been ordered to pay $295,017 in legal fees, as well as $1,659,403 in damages for libel. 

In 2012, the CBC ran stories on a Winnipeg investment advisor, Kenneth Muzik, who had won the Wealth Management Practice of the Year award in the prior year. 

The state-funded media ran a story depicting Muzik with the headline: “Is your money safe?”, and an announcer’s script that read: “Our top story tonight has to do with your hard-earned savings.”

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