Brian Peckford’s Call To Action – Legislative Assembly Victoria BC Saturday March 5th, 12 NOON!


We Unify Canada ( and the Freedom Convoy will stand for democracy on Saturday March 5th at 12pm at the Victoria Legislative Assembly, 501 Belleville Street. British Columbians are invited to unite as one at the provincial capital to hold our leaders accountable to truth and the rule of law. A peaceful march and convoy parade into downtown Victoria will follow the speakers’ presentations.


Dr. Anna Kindy is a physician from Campbell River.DR. MARINA SAPOZHNIKOV | PHYSICIAN
Dr. Marina Sapozhnikov is a physician from the Cowichan Valley.ROZ CAMPBELL | FORMER FIREFIGHTER
Roz Campbell is a former first responder and firefighter.JEFF FIDDLER | VETERAN
Jeff Fiddler is a 30 year Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Serena Freedombear is an initiated Matriarch of the Moonlodge.

Brendan Marshall is a co-owner of the Sunnyside Cafe in Victoria.

Ana Biosis is a BC Convoy For Freedom coordinator.

Mike Gibson is a 42 year policing veteran.

Marcus Ray is an award-winning speaker.
Maria Manna is an actress, singer and Ordained Minister.

Stay tuned for further announcements!
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  1. Really?? When Ukraine is being invaded by Russia. And innocent women and children are being killed. Where’s their democracy? Where’s the truth from the Russian Government? Why aren’t you protesting that?
    Why aren’t you protesting the fact that you can be thrown in prison for demonstrating against the Russian government or publicly speaking out against it?
    Shame on you Brian Beckford! You don’t know how good you have it in Canada.

    • Why are you supporting Ukraine’s fascist regime (installed there by the Clintons and Obama the Great Pretender and supported by George Soros and various liberal politicians) and their neo-Nazi Azov Battalion blackshirts?

    • Do you get your news from your lying TV?

      “Why aren’t you protesting the fact that you can be thrown in prison for demonstrating against the Russian government or publicly speaking out against it?”
      All you need to do is replace Russian with Canadian.

      Are you oblivious to Trudeau’s tyranny here at home, or are you a supporter?

      Bush supports Ukraine.
      Kerry supports Ukraine.
      Biden supports Ukraine.
      Soros supports Ukraine.
      Pelosi supports Ukraine.
      Hillary supports Ukraine.
      Obama supports Ukraine.
      Romney supports Ukraine.
      Abromovich supports Ukraine.
      Klaus Schwab supports Ukraine.

      Waking up, yet???

      • Mitch McConnell supports Ukraine. (“Putin is a thug”)
        Lindsay Graham supports Ukraine. (“take this guy out”)
        Donald Trump supports Ukraine (“The Russian attack on the Ukraine is appalling. It’s an outrage and an atrocity”. He also referred to it as a “holocaust”.)
        141 countries voted to censure Russia, 35 abstained and only five voted against, those being Russia, Belarus, North Korea, Syria and Eritrea.

        The Ukraine seems to have a long list of supporters including Jokerman.
        But maybe Jokerman is sleeping and needs to wake up. Perhaps instead of a simplistic list of the usual suspects when taking sides on a topic somebody could actually explain why anybody wouldn’t be supporting Ukraine at this time.

  2. Hi Michael,

    I applaud you for all the work you have done. Your read of the Ukrainian situation is very good. My grandfather was Ukrainian, my grandmother Russian. I know very well the dynamic being played out.
    My grandfather told me many stories. He was, in fact, a professor of agriculture and he was taught in the University of Moscow, before returning to the Kiev region. So, I understood from the get-go, for example, that Crimea was historically and continued to be, essentially Russian and they simply voted to reunite with Russia because the Ukrainians are so damn corrupt.

    My Ukrainian Grandfather always said this: “Ukrainians are wonderful people, but they somehow manage to always have the most corrupt and vile leadership”.

    That is the Ukraine in a nutshell. My Ukie relatives are pissed at me because I am not unhappy about President Putin coming in to clean house. You see, Michael, I am Greek Orthodox, as are my brothers and sisters in the Ukraine, Russia, Serbia and Greece. We are brothers and sisters. I do not look at this as an invasion of the Ukraine, I look at this as my ancestral homeland having been so overrun with foreign influences and corruption, that we cannot clean this up ourselves, we need the help of our brothers and sisters to step in and help us. That is what family does.

  3. How does any of what’s written above justify the murder of innocent citizens. Ethnic cleansing is what your suggesting and when has that ever been an admirable route. Are all of those fleeing Ukraine corrupt influencers?

    • It’s a hard pill to swallow isn’t it Brenda. The price that people have to pay when they have corruption in their midst. The corrupt bastards running the Ukraine for the past few years have had no problem screwing over their fellow Ukrainian. No problem with daily shelling and ethnic cleansing of the people in the Donesk and Lugansk region of the Ukraine.
      Where where you Brenda when this was happening? Where the heck were you with your outrage? Or were you ok with a murderous regime killing Ukrainians on a daily basis on the eastern part of the Ukraine. Did you think that the funny ex-tv star comedian who became the leader of the Ukraine would somehow treat his fellow countrymen and women different, because, you know, he was kind of an artsy-liberal guy. A drama-teacher kind of a guy. A funny socks-wearing kind of a guy.
      Brenda, this is what happens when YOU don’t say anything at the beginning. When YOU don’t say that you think it is wrong for the Ukrainian government to shell it’s citizens on a daily basis. But maybe you think it is OK because those Ukrainians had Russian ethnicity. So, if YOU kept quiet, then you must be OK with ethnic cleansing because the Ukraine has been involved in the ethnic cleansing of the eastern part of the Ukraine.
      Ethnic cleansing is not what I am suggesting. Ethnic cleansing was taking part on the behest and participation of the Ukrainian government for the past few years. Zelensky is the one who needs to step up into the dock of the Criminal Courts because he not only let this happen, he continued to support it.
      All those fleeing the Ukraine are not corrupt influencers, but they are the innocent victims of the criminal influencers. And the criminal influencers that the Ukraine has, come from the same breeding grounds, and think tanks, and councils, and affiliation groups and NGOs as the criminal influencers that we have. We had a one week taste of that.
      It’s war Brenda. It’s war over there, and it’s war over here. Trudeau and Freeland declared war on us with the War Measures Act. The Government considers us as their enemy. Let that sink in Brenda. We are very much like the Ukraine.

  4. So VancouverTVguy, Fake News, tell me what ‘Freedom’ Brian Peckfords lost? What has the ‘Tyranny’ done to him personally to support his protest?

    Enlighten me (us) as to where you get your 100% true information and facts from. That can be verified as ‘the truth’ and not the lies that MSM supposedly spread?
    Tell me and all of us, what freedom you have personally lost ? And I mean permanently lost.

    You guys do know about the Holodomor right?

    • Look further than your TV.
      Sounds like you realize Tyranny is here.
      Yet you think you will somehow be given back your freedoms, without having to fight for them.

      Is your lying TV covering the 1291 Pfizer side effects that were released last week?
      Is your TV lying about Russia/Ukraine? (hint:yes)

      When it becomes obvious you are being fed propaganda, you then need to look for the truth. Sounds like you’re happily absorbing and repeating the propaganda.

      What about Holodomor?

      Guessing you might work in the MSM.

      • So once again you can not answer my questions. Is it because your hate and rage against anything Covid or MSM related have blinded you to logic and common sense?
        And the Holodomor was well documented long before there was MSM

        • You believe in “logic and common sense” instead of reality.
          You don’t have to look far to prove the MSM is propagandizing the people.
          Look into it, you will find answers to your questions.

          “Hate and rage”. What would make you say this?

          Again, what about Holodomor?

          Did you get your booster?


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