Vancouver recording studio plagued by interference generated by nearby Rogers cell tower

Armoury Studios manager Paul Silveira says the company has lost time and money due to radio interference caused by the cell tower. (CBC News/ Jim Mulleder)

by Joel Ballard


February 15, 2022

A Vancouver recording studio says it has suffered from booking cancellations and lost contracts as a result of interference from a nearby cell tower owned by Rogers Communications.

A third-party investigation has confirmed that interference is being generated by a cellular tower owned by the telecommunications and media company.

The tower sits atop a building next to Armoury Studios, which for more than two decades has recorded albums for world-famous acts including rock band AC/DC and singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan.

Despite attempts to fix the problem, Rogers now says there is nothing more it can do, leaving the recording studio scrambling to find a way to co-exist with the multibillion-dollar corporation’s cellular equipment.

“The interference noise is very annoying,” said Paul Silveira, studio manager at Armoury Studios, adding that a recording studio requires a silent space to succeed.

Many of the studio’s microphones are picking up high-pitched frequencies that compound as more microphones are in use.

“People expect the highest quality from us and to have this outside noise coming in … It’s just not fair and it needs to be dealt with,” he said.

Third-party investigation

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  1. I used to live across the street from a cell tower. All was fine until they upgraded it to 5G. Two stations on the AM band I listen to frequently soon developed ongoing static. I moved a year after well away from cell towers and those stations work just fine now.


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