Fired 20-Year Global TV News Director Anita Krishna Speaks Out On MSM Bias – Freedom Convoy 2022



  1. This lady is right on!!!!

    Take it from a 30 year vet of the MSM (won two national awards for investigative journalism). The MSM is the epicentre of misinformation.

    How much $ is it getting from the federal government? Therein is an explanation as to why they whored out.

    Stop watching them. Stop reading them. Fuck em.

    • I can hear the crickets chirping now regarding any sort of “debunking” by the liberal media. Knowing them, they’ll just continue to go merrily on their way with their fingers plugging their ears because they refuse to listen to the truth.

  2. I love this lady. The truth is always so uplifting and refreshing. I totally agree with her because the only medical advice I will take is from the doctors who have been censored.

    Yep. I have my Vitamins C, D, Multivitamins, Quercetin etc. That right there will keep my immune system Rock Solid against any virus. And if I do get sick I have my Ivermectin on standby. I have my chlorine dioxide droppers (Parts A and B). And I have a few other covid cures I read about on the alternative media.

    No experimental injections for me. No Intensive Care Unit with a big rubber tube down my throat. I actually would be afraid to enter a hospital and tell them I have covid symptoms. Too many horror stories.

  3. Anita wasn’t a news director, she was a director of TV news shows. (“Ready Camera Two? Okay, take Camera Two…”)
    She also had a panel show called “That’s What You Think!” on Shaw TV a few years ago.
    Her guests in this episode include baby faces Paul Haysom and Drex and the always lovely Leah Holiove.


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