Legacy Media’s Slanted Coverage of Trucker Protest Is Reprehensible

People gather in Parliament Hill as the trucker convoy protesting COVID-19 mandates and restrictions stages demonstrations in Ottawa on Jan. 29, 2022. (Jonathan Ren/The Epoch Times)

The Epoch Times

January 30, 2022


As far as large protests go, the Truckers for Freedom protest at Parliament Hill in Ottawa has gone remarkably well. Thousands of upset people have converged in one spot and demonstrated with no reports of violence or vandalism. No clashes with police, no windows smashed.

If you watched nothing but legacy media coverage of the event, however, you would think that the demonstration was dominated by neo-Nazis and other assorted hate groups. The coverage has been nothing less than appalling.

Let’s review what has been making headlines since day one of the protest was held on Jan. 29.

A photograph of a person carrying a Nazi flag has been circulating. It was never actually seen among the protesters but it has been used to try to claim the protest has been dominated by Nazis.

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  1. This rally demonstrates that the CBC and the rest of the liberal media just don’t like that GQ Trudeau, his regime and its policies are nowhere near as “popular” as they like to pretend they are.

  2. I find it very interesting, that one day after the convoy, Angus Reid releases a poll claiming 54% of Canadians are in favour of lifting all restrictions, while the Prime Minister continues to cower in a secret location, now claiming he has COVID. The poll also predicts that the number will rise in favour of ending all restrictions.

    We are seeing the last desperate acts of the covidian cult. People are finally wising up even despite the legacy media’s ridiculous coverage, while big data continues to cleanse the web of antithesis viewpoints, while amplifying the hatred and anger of the vax-holes.

  3. If I had been the MP giving the interview when the Nazi flag behind him (an obvious plant), I would have said, “The truckers and those who support them are opposed to Nazi-like medical ethics, while those who want to impose vaccine mandates are practicing Nazi medical ethics, so why should they be disturbed by the sight of a Nazi flag?”

    And why are the media propagandists so upset about the alleged desecration of the Terry Fox statue when they’re in favour of the desecration and destruction of the statues of every other white man in this country?”


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