Media Brand Conservative Party Racist After Federal Election Loss, by Brad Saltzberg


The fact that the Liberals decimated the Conservatives in terms of racialized MP winners matters not to Canadian media.


by Brad Saltzberg

September 23, 2021

CBC News analysis of post-federal election results informs readers of a terrible outcome:  95% of the MPs making up the new Conservative Party caucus are white.

The tone of the report delivers a disconcerting sub-text: this outcome is next-door to criminal. Conveniently, CBC neglect to point out that the Conservatives and NDP ran an equal number of racialized candidates. The crime being that the Conservative candidates didn’t win. Is it any surprise they were decimated by the Liberals?

A sin against humanity it is. The Conservatives deserve a sound thrashing for it, right? Mainstream media are one step ahead of the game:

“It tells me the Conservative Party is struggling. You need to develop a pipeline of activists from marginalized communities — and there’s still some concern that this party does not respect or understand our unique identity as racialized Canadians.”

So states Sukhi Sandhu from Surrey B.C., political pundit who backed the Conservatives in the recent election.

“The party’s platform made no mention of racism or systemic discrimination — a red flag for some would-be Conservative voters.”

 CAP will translate: “Whitey better get off his Butts and start to please racialized Canada. If we are not satisfied, into the racist doghouse you go.”

This is what Cultural Action Party speak of in terms of the true meaning of a post-modern society.  The smart money says this our future. In reality, it boils down to an issue of control. Witness as the tectonic plates of the Canadian landscape shift. In 2021 Canada–Justin Trudeau’s Canada– whiteness is a bad thing.

As implied by Canada’s state-funded CBC Corporation. “It’s a disappointing result for Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole, who sought to bring more BIPOC Canadians into the Conservative fold as part of a push to unseat the governing Liberals.”

So the Liberals are better at the BIPOC game than the Conservatives. They should be– they invented the damn thing. The Liberal Party have been in the game ever since Pierre Trudeauforced multiculturalism upon our society in 1971. The Conservatives, not so much.

In 2021, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals dominated the 3rd World MP victory market, winning 52 out of 57 seats in urban Toronto. Leave it to mainstream media to invert the circumstances to denigrate the Conservatives as racists.

“If you’re out to lunch on this or if you have your head in the sand, then you’re going to lose at the ballot box. On systemic racism, the Conservatives need to wrap their heads around it. The party hasn’t built strong relationships with racial and ethnic community leaders in the swing ridings that often decide which party will be in power in Ottawa.”

Translation: work to please 3rd World Canada, or you are dead in the political water. Such is the state of Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” society. Of course, this label is a fraud. Here’s what it really means:

For six years, the Liberals worked to marginalize Anglophone-Canadians. Assisted by establishment media, “Old Stock citizens have been systemically transitioned to a vilified community. As a result, whatever core that pre-existed has been hollowed out in preparation for a new core to take its place.

This is the real message behind the words of disparagement toward white Canadians. The phenomenon is today a ubiquitous political force intended to invert our society for all-time.

Yes, indeed– it’s payback time for whitey. According to government, media, and academia, present-day Anglophones are to pay the price for the behaviour of our long-deceased predecessors.

With a third consecutive Liberal Party victory, Canada continues to roll toward its pre-determined social destination.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(Est. 2016)



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