Allan Slaight, Philanthropist Who Built a Radio Empire in Canada, Dies at 90

Alan Slaight
Alan Slaight



September23, 2021

Broadcasting entrepreneur and philanthropist Allan Slaight, who built and sold a media empire and helped bring satellite radio and the NBA to Canada, died peacefully at home in Toronto on Sunday (Sept. 19). He was 90.

In December 2020, Slaight — who has awards, stages, scholarships and hospital funds, and more, named after him — was the only inductee to Canada’s Walk of Fame, his segment aired on the entertainment TV program Etalk because there was no gala due to the pandemic. His eponymously titled CWOF award, the Allan Slaight Music Impact Honour, skipped a year but past recipients have included Drake, The Weeknd, and Shawn Mendes.

“Allan’s imagination has always inspired me. He believed that anything was possible,” reflects CWOF CEO Jeffrey Latimer.  “As a result, his impact is far-reaching and transcends generations. We were honored to have had the chance to recognize and celebrate Allan last year. I was moved to know that he watched the induction with his son Gary and felt the love and gratitude of a nation.”

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