HEALTH NEWS: Did you take the Jabs? Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming!


SW Ohio school board meeting. I told them what the jabs were going to do to them. It was if I had said nothing. Masks were reinstituted for all people inside all buildings on this night as well. Tyrants. Mass non-participation, permanently, is the only way.





  1. The following discussion…

    Pro-Covid 19 vax jabber, “So why aren’t you taking the Covid 19 vaccine?”

    Anti-Covid 19 vax person, “First, I do not need to tell you why I won’t take this jab, but let me ask you, why did you take the jab? But before you answer, I am and many others like me are not anti-vaccines, most of us have had a full compliment of traditional vaccines in our life and many of us even may take the flu vaccine at times. But these Covid 19 vaccines are not actual vaccines and myself and others do not wish to be part of a global human vaccine experiment ok? So again, why did you take the jab?”

    Pro-Covid 19 vax jabber, “To protect myself from Covid 19, sheesh why else?”

    Anti-Covid 19 vax person, “Ok, that’s good, so then why do you care if I or others do not take the jab?”

    Pro-Covid 19 vax jabber, “Because you could be spreading the virus to others, that’s why.”

    Anti-Covid 19 vax person, “But who would I possibly be spreading the virus to, given if I was sick with it?”

    Pro-Covid 19 vax jabber, “Other unvaccinated people and as such you keep the virus going.”

    Anti-Covid 19 vax person, “But if you are vaccinated from it and others too, only than the unvaccinated catch Covid 19, even then in time we will build immunity to it and as such we get to herd immunity, thus the virus will then fade away to being only at worse endemic.”

    Pro-Covid 19 vax jabber, “Well actually I know I can still catch Covid 19 from you, so it bothers me that you do not care about me possibly getting sick then.”

    Anti-Covid 19 vax person, “But, if you took the jab to protect you knowing that you can still get sick from Covid 19, then why bother taking and experimental unproven injection?”

    Pro-Covid 19 vax jabber, “The vaccine will reduce the severity of the virus in me and others who are vaccinated against it.”

    Anti-Covid 19 vax person, “So you admit the vaccine does not prevent you and others who have taken it from catching Covid 19? And if so you then know that the CDC and other health agencies admit those vaccinated for Covid 19 also spread the virus and possibly at a much higher rate than the unvaxxed?”

    Pro-Covid 19 vax jabber, “Well….. um… ok… but look I just don’t want to get sick from Covid 19 and the vaccine is suppose to make any illness for me less dangerous. But you can still give me Covid 19.”

    Anti-Covid 19 vax person, “And you being vaxxed can give me or other persons vaxxed or not Covid 19.”

    Pro-Covid 19 vax jabber, “But…. but….. no…. ummm… this stupid, you are being selfish for not taking the vaccine.”

    Anti-Covid 19 vax person, “That makes no sense, how am I being selfish for not taking a jab that will not prevent me from catching Covid 19, nor from spreading it?”

    Pro-Covid 19 vax jabber, “You can get more sick because you did not take the jab, that is being selfish?”

    Anti-Covid 19 vax person, “WHAT!?! If I get more sick from Covid 19 because I did not take the jab how the Hell is that more selfish?”

    Pro-Covid 19 vax jabber, “You ending up in the hospital makes you more selfish, you then cost the healthcare system more money.”

    Anti-Covid 19 vax person, “How do you know if I catch Covid 19 that I will end up in the hospital? On average only between 2-5% of all reported cases globally end up in the hospital and only a small fraction of those end up in critical care. About 90% of cases are asymptomatic and another 5-7% are of mild symptoms, so how is that costing the healthcare system more money?”

    Pro-Covid 19 vax jabber, “Even if only 2-5% of cases end up in hospital you being selfish as such costs us more money.”

    Anti-Covid 19 vax person, “But this makes no sense, if you are worried about these tiny numbers than you must want to stop people with other serious contagious diseases from entering hospitals too, such as the seasonal flu, tuberculosis, Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, other STD’S and so on globally. Lets not forget the large numbers of people who do not live a good or better life, getting serious illness that send tens of millions into hospital care globally. Things like smoking, drinking, drugs, obesity, carelessness causing accidents, or just stupid people doing stupid things, all send many times more people to hospitals globally than Covid 19 has. Are they not possibly selfish people as well?”

    Pro-Covid 19 vax jabber, “This is stupid, you are being selfish for not doing as you are told to get the shot. You are a bad person.”

    Anti-Covid 19 vax person, “Well actually it looks as if you are being selfish for you want to impose your ideas, beliefs and actions onto me and others, and Sunshine that is total selfishness on your part.”

    Pro-Covid 19 vax jabber, “I don’t care I hope they end up putting you and others like you in prison or camps for not doing as you are told.”

    Anti-Covid 19 vax person, “Well that is the difference between you and me. Nowhere did I and others like me ever tell you not to take these injections. You as an adult can do as you wish here, where as you want to FORCE! your ideals through government onto me. You cannot defend these vaccines on efficacy and about them stopping the spread of the virus. You cannot defend these vaccines on non vaccinated being more selfish than a whole host of other peoples’ actions globally. So you then want to FORCE! it upon me and others with the hopes if we don’t do as we are told by you and big government that we are then rounded up and sent to what? CONCENTRATION CAMPS! Is this where your mind is at today? How sick and demented must you then be?”


  2. BTW,

    If we accept employers can fire employees for not being vaxxed for Covid19 or more specifically not proving their vax status then the opposite can happen. Employers can fire employees for being a vaxxed for Covid 19. Discrimination is a two way street folks.

    Also if a business can discriminate against customers due to a specific issues they wish to use, aka: proof of vaccination of Covid 19. Then the slippery slope is a business can discriminate against customers for other reasons or issues.

    Such as:

    Hepatitis C.
    The typical Flu.
    Other STD’s.

    More draconian points of potential business/ customer discrimination:

    Other races, ethnicities, nationalities such as, Black, Hispanic, White, Chinese, Irish, Italian, German, British, Jews, Catholics, other religions etc.
    Homeless persons.
    Military personnel.

    The list can go on for any business can in their minds then justify any discrimination they wish of any identity or group.

    So folks think about all of this very carefully before you still want such a society. It may not be so sweet and kind to even you in the future.

    Simply this, adults choose to take any vaccines or not. And it’s nobody’s business either way. Minor age children of parents do not get to decide one way or another for they lack the ability to give true consent. Any public officials forcing any injections into minor age children without parental consent MUST BE ARRESTED AND CHARGED FOR ABUSE OF CHILDREN!

  3. From 1933 till 1938 till after Crystal Night, Not even the Nazis forced people to discriminate against others. Certainly the Nazi propaganda told that ‘good Germans’ did not support Jewish businesses and institutions. But generally Germans could carry on business and life with those spun as ‘awful dirty Jews’. Yes, peer pressure had its way to move Germans away from Jewish businesses and institutions, but direct enforced discrimination had yet to follow.

    FF to the US South in the 1950’s as a snap shot. I’m pretty certain that governments did not force white owned businesses and institutions to discriminating against black Americans. Yes, politicians and law enforcement may have propagandized such racial discrimination against blacks. But for sure any businesses that did so, did it out of their choice and not by edicts or mandates by governments.

    This is the interesting thing about proof of Covid 19 vax verification cards today. Our B.C. government through Dr. Bonnie Henry is doing something that not even Hitler and his Nazis did to the Jews between 1933-1938, and not even the segregationists did in the US South during by example the 1950’s and that was neither MANDATED discrimination of marginalized groups. Think about it, in B.C and other jurisdictions we are seeing governments impose discrimination on a chosen group in society. The governments are trying to force businesses TO DISCRIMINATE!

    Dr. Bonnie Henry (and others globally doing the same) should be ashamed of her self. Any citizens who support this discrimination are as guilty as the Germans were against the Jews in the 1930’s and as Southern US citizens were against the black Americans during the 1950’s…. THINK ABOUT IT! AND THEN DEMAND THIS BULL SHIT BE ENDED ASAP!


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