How The Liberal Party and Canadian Media Work Together To Win Elections, by Brad Saltzberg


Applying pressure with hot-button issues racism and abortion, Team Trudeau and media are adding a third piece of weaponry– Vaccine Hesitancy.


by Brad Saltzberg

August 21, 2021

In 2015, it was the citizenship values test, and face-coverings during citizenship ceremonies. Come 2019, it was anti-abortion fanaticism. For 2021, it appears to be vaccine hesitancy.

Of what do we speak? Cultural Action Party make reference to what are referred to as “wedge issues.” These come up at election time as a foundation for how a ruling federal government dispose of the competition.

At least, this the way it used to be. Living in a post-modern society, the rules of the game have changed. It was during the federal election campaigns in 2014 when the format took a left-hand turn.

Liberal PM candidate Justin Trudeau was battling to overthrow incumbent Conservative PM Stephen Harper. In need of a steroid boost, Trudeau’s strategists began to utilize media to get the job done.

Upon capture of his crown, newly-minted PM Trudeau ramped up the program. Injecting $600 Million tax-dollars into the bloodstream of legacy media, the arrangement was in place for a second term victory in October, 2019.

The strategy was set. In tag-team fashion, the Liberal Government, CBC News and corporate media would drive timely wedge issues into campaign discourse. It did the trick for the ousting of Conservative leader Andrew Scheer in 2019.

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Two issues stood out from all others— racism and abortion. Team Trudeau  went about creating a most potent formula— the application of racist theory, along with a tactic drawn from the sexual revolution in the 1960’s— women’s rights. Abortion was the ticket. In terms of social influence, there is no stronger emotional elixir than the combination of racism and abortion.

It is, after all, emotion which captures the votes. Not fiscal planning— as Canadians can see through Liberal deficit accumulation. If you want to decimate the reputation of a political party, brand their hides as racists, bigots and anti-abortion zealots.

This is exactly what Team Trudeau did in 2015, and again in 2019. Election 2021 brings has brought a new player to the table— vaccine hesitancy.

This time out, we have a triple-shot. One in which the Liberals and mainstream media—today referred to as “government-funded’ media— will apply in their attempt to win the upcoming election.

The application is subtle. Strategist’s know better than to come straight-out-of- the-gate with their magic potion. Slow and steady wins the race, as CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star ease the rhetoric between the lines of their collective output.

Will “vaccine denial” by way of government and media assist Justin Trudeau in  winning an election he so dearly deserves to lose?

Racism, Abortion, LGBT, Covid— these are emotion hot-buttons that win elections. Or perhaps more succinctly stated— the issues that destroy the competition.

Economic budgets, federal deficit, taxation— critical issues all— but dull as dishwater. What brings the checkmarks on voting ballots is that which sparks up the emotional centre of the human brain. Justin Trudeau’s strategists being infinitely wiser than he is have cooked-up a plan to keep their boy in office indefinitely.

“Vaccine Denial” is the ticket in 2021. Add to this the “usual suspects” of abortion and racism, and off go the Liberals into the pseudo-communist sunset.

At least in theory, anyway.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est.2016)


  1. Lets hope that on September 20 the vast majority of Canadians wish Justin ‘Blackface’ Trudeau and his vile, corrupt Liberal party gets big dose of, GO F**K YOURSELF!

    As per pinko Commie “I actually don’t give a crap for Canada’ Singh, I only hope the NDP takes votes away from the Liberals to help sew Justin ‘I love Communist China ‘ Trudeau getting tossed on his rear.

  2. Les, Les you need to take your meds lad.
    You’re going to trigger an aneurism!
    Canadas natural Liberal party will again prevail. It’s the way we do things in Canada.
    The Harper years are still fresh in Canadian minds. We don’t respond well to piano playing tin pot dictators. “I believe I make the rules.”

  3. Rasterman,

    “piano playing tin pot dictators.”

    As opposed to the guy who so admires Communist China because the dictatorship that it is means it can get things done. A PM who has been found guilty of 10 ethics violations is a better model of leadership than PM Harper was? Look I was no fan of PM Harper, mostly due to him being a blind stooge to faceless globalism. But if I’m picking the last player on my team and my choice is Trudeau or Harper, I’m gonna go with Harper here.

  4. Once again we’re voting against rather than for. Given the current crises, well vote for a team. Teams have strong and weak individuals. The Reform party aren’t a team.
    Harper still pulls the strings and nobody trusts the man.

  5. Rasterman,

    I voted for Maxime Bernier in the last election because he was the man I wished to be PM. He and the PPC policies ring more true to me and he is the only party leader who talks of defending Canada and our once grand values and history.

    I would wish him to be our PM if I could make it happen. I hope he wins his riding and that maybe a few PPC candidates win in some tightly fought ridings. But I do not see him becoming PM, at least not yet. Maybe in 4-8 years.

    I would vote for the PPC this election if it was any other leader being PM of Canada than the anti Canadian, Commie loving, woke, shit head Trudeau. But for this election I will vote for the Conservatives even if I am no big fan of marshmallow like O’Toole. He is wussy too but he does not demonstrate open hate towards Canadians especially white males, Christians and business people. Trudeau is TOXIC to what Canada is and should be. We need to stop voting for leaders in the western world who demonstrate that they hate their own nations and people.

    So for the next 4 years I’d rather see where O’toole takes Canada than where I know the POS Trudeau will take Canada…. But it is my hope that one day soon Maxime Bernier becomes PM. I just don’t see it in this election though.

    After all I just wrote here, I hope the NDP under the admitted Communist and the most vile, hateful party Leader Singh, gets his ass handed to him with the exception the NDP strips off enough soft Liberal votes to make J.T.’s potential election loss more embarrassing for him.


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