Will Sinking Revenues Lead Justin Trudeau To Buy CBC Corporation? by Brad Saltzberg


by Brad Saltzberg

August 8, 2021

Proclamations of doom and gloom infuse our media output when witnessing what we see as a systemic morphing of Canada into a covert dictatorship.

One theme out of many has been expressed ad nauseum– the relationship of our ruling Liberal government and mainstream media. As a synopsis, our view is that coordination between the two indicates replication of life within communist societies.

The most pertinent example is the nation of China. Through the will of government, media must espouse state-approved ideology. Punitive damages wait in the wings for those who breach these conditions.

In other words, the government own the media in China. Bringing us to our ruling government’s relationship with CBC Corporation. In 2016,  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau provided the CBC with a cool $600 million of additional cash infusions. On an annual basis, our government deliver some $1.2 billion dollars to this hyper-leftist crown corporation.

And they expect nothing in return? Hardly. As any common sense citizen can deduce, the CBC today serve as a vehicle for an advancement of Liberal Party ideology. The synergy between the two takes the form of what one may call a “China-lite” dynamic.

At present, CBC revenues are suffering. Their viewing audience has been steadily dropping for the past few years. Considering the general sentiment among “our type”– those who along with Cultural Action Party view the Trudeau government as pseudo-communist– a joyful response permeates the environment.

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“Let them fall” say media-suppressed Canadian patriots“Serves them right for playing puppet to Justin Trudeau and his globalist agenda.”

Without considering one particular outcome: what if Trudeau and team buy the CBC outright? Who knows–perhaps our socialist-saturated prime minister is happy that this media bastion of liberal globalism is suffering. This way he has an excuse not just to bail them out financially, but rather to buy them outright.

Thus delivering the status that state media maintains in Trudeau’s beloved China. Government own the media. Would this not fit perfectly into our PM’s globalist agenda for Canada’s transformation from democracy to dictatorship?

Darn right it would. Or to utilize a time worn aphorism– “be careful what you wish for.”

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder ( Est.2016)


  1. Once upon a time, Justin bought a leaky oil pipeline…why wouldn’t he buy a struggling broadcaster with taxpayer funds?


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