NEWSCBC requests another bailout with ad sales down again



August 7, 2021

Just 578,000 Canadians watched a live CBC broadcast of Emperor Naruhito open the Summer Games according to Numeris, formerly the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement. By comparison 975,000 watched a regularly scheduled episode of a Master Chef cooking contest on CTV.

Another plunge in ad revenue. Another threat to chop services. Another plea for more taxpayer bailout money.

Blacklock’s Reporter says CBC advertising revenues fell again last year by 18% and the state broadcaster said it will require more federal grants to offset commercial losses.

“Advertising revenue from conventional TV will continue to be under pressure,” management wrote in a CBC Corporate Plan Summary 2021-2025.

The plan said, “without additional funding, program spending in future years will have to be reduced to match available resources and some services will have to be reduced.”

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  1. Maybe if nobody watches it should be telling them something about their future. Maybe the juice just isn’t worth the squeeze?

  2. The above article is missing a little information. The live opening ceremonies for the Tokyo Olympics was at 4am in BC and 7am in the east and did draw 578,000 viewers according to Numeris. The ratings quoted for Master Chef were in prime time on CTV from 8 to 9pm. So it would be unlikely that the opening ceremonies so early in the morning would outdraw many shows in prime time. However CBC ran an encore presentation of the opening ceremonies in prime time. Guess what? The encore presentation ran against Master Chef and also drew larger ratings of over 1 million. So the total for the opening ceremonies on CBC was actually over 1.6 million viewers. And for good measure if you add in the audience from Radio-Canada, the total viewership was over 2 million viewers. Makes me wonder what other information the article didn’t include, or if some quotes were taken out of context.


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