How Did Doc Harris Get Into Radio?


Susan Einarsson captures it all in this exclusive interview with Doc Harris….

A Puget Sound Radio EXCLUSIVE! presents “Doc Talks”, a Susan Einarsson Production. This is the interview all have been waiting for and Susan just so happens to ask the doctor the questions we all wanted to ask him, but never had the opportunity…

(Video Photographer: Darrell Swanson).


Susan Einarsson’s Youtube Channel HERE

Doc Harris website HERE




  1. Followed Doc on CKLG CFUN, CKNW, and CISL, one of Vancouver ‘s greats. Along with Red, Frosty, Rick Honey, and Dave Mckormack. I miss real personalities in the radio.

  2. I really enjoyed listening to Doc along with all the other great DJ’s back in the 60’s & 70’s on CKLG & CFUN. I think we had the most talented and entertaining group of DJ’s in North America back then. Their vibe coming across the radio was something very special.

  3. Ya Doc, I real enjoyed your work…laughed all the way through this. It was my all time fave Frosty that must have beaten you for NW’s morning gig.

  4. Loved docs stint on CISL back in 2008 when he was the afternoon man and did the 60s at 6 then. He should do an oldies show here like roger ashby does in toronto, syndicated to others as well.

  5. I grew up listening to Doc on the LG73 morning show. “The Harris Report” with the “Rip Off Convenience Mart” spots were my favorite.
    A memorable one-liner after a commercial for the Tom Hanks/Daryl Hannah movie Splash ended: “See Splash, rated PG: not Permitted without Guppies…”

  6. Maybe doc harris or casey white or tom lucas will do a sunday morning 50s 60s 70s oldies show on 104.3 the breeze or somewhere. Just an idea.

  7. A true radio genius. Born too late for Doc’s LG stint, I was a casual listener to Doc on CFUN and CKNW, but fondly remember the year he hosted mornings on CISL (Nov. 2002-Nov. 2003). Somewhere in a trunk I have a collection of airchehcks of some of those shows, including several Harris Reports. When I spoke at the 2015 BCAB Conference in Penticton, doc was kind enough to record a Drake-style intro for my presentation. Ironically one of the folks in the audience that day was Susan Einarsson, also a class act! I believe that Doc and Susan did a podcast together some years back.

  8. Donovan: i actually remember him when he was on CISL from mid 2007- late 2008 when it changed its format a bit partly due to the 600 AM shutdown. He was a walking encyclopedia, especially duting the 60s at 6 program at the time.


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