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One Mans Opinion


July 9, 2021

Good Morning,

Vaughn Palmer

The first part of this is directed to Mr. Palmer who has been doing a wonderful job with his CKNDP (Whoops, sorry NW) segments and the Vancouver Sun !! Fair and Balanced !! Palmer is the definition of that phrase .

I have also copied in some others in media, I am told by credible sources that those same media types they rejoice when they hear from me !!

My apologies I have no contact info for Premier Horgan, the paramedics Chief, Mr. Dix (who has done a wonderful job with Covid)

Dr. Bonnie, or Jordan Armstrong, I hope someone will pass my comments on to all of them .

My wife and I bought one of the B.C. Hydrogen Bus for $ 45 K, it is now anchored in the parking lot at the Victoria Lawn Bowls Club in Beacon Hill Park . We now live in it at that location and we just love it !!
Feel free to drop by for morning tea some sunny morning .

There are many problems with the Ambulance /Paramedics service, everything from delays at ER rooms which ties them up,to somewhat frivolous unnecessary calls from the public when they could get themselves to clinics, GP or ER, to far too many drug addled criminals plugging up ER and Ambulance many of them here from other provinces and more you are obviously aware of but the most obvious thing that causes problems in the Ambulance paramedics response time gets NO Air Time or print time .

We must also keep in mind that a very high percentage of the Drug Addle Repeat Prolific Offenders clogging our streets and sewers are in B.C. on Non-Returnable Warrants from other jurisdictions . The B.C. Government and Top Mensa Member Premier Horgan should immediately take it upon themselves to check the ID of every single people kind arrested and if they are from another jurisdiction they should be immediately sent back to face the courts in that Canadian province, it might help with Emergency Response times here ad they are not being arrested here or going to ER in Ambulance if they are in jail back in Manitoba or Ontario . my apologies for the common sense!

Jordan Armstrong

No excuses but I am told that each and every day 365 days a year close to 40% of the Paramedics are OFF the JOB with Stress Leave and Sick Call Ins !! I DO NOT CARE, there is no excuse for that! Jordan Armstrong and the rest of media need to ask the tough questions of the Ambulance union Chief, Premier Horgan, Dix and the soon to be gone Head of the EHS . Tax payers cannot afford to get gouged even more so the Gov can hire 40 – 50% more paramedics so they can all end up working a three day work week while being paid for 5, Unacceptable !!! I am sick and tired of the Paramedics Chief demanding more from government and “Passing the Buck” while Media “Whistle Past the Graveyard of the Tax payer” !! Sickening !! Hell I need a few months of Stress leave just writing this!

As I often do I spoke to friends and business associates all over North America about Paramedic/Ambulance response times and not one of them mentioned a problem or complaints they have heard of . Some of those I spoke with live in Fort Lauderdale, Boston, SFO, SEA, PDX, and IAH/Houston . you know as well as I do most/all of those cities experience very high violent crime rates so there are many stabbing and gunshot victims .

It is more than obvious now that the B.C./Canadian Tax Payers are becoming “Victims” of the Bureaucracy and between the high cost of housing, taxes of all kinds, and Government creep and Waste the Tax payers are the ones who are under threat of stress and sickness from the relentless Tax Assaults on hard working tax paying innocents only wishing to care for their families and live in peace .

In closing I would like to ask that Media and the B.C. government get serious on this scandalous problem and act now . The Citizens/Tax Payers need this tragedy addressed and repaired NOW, we have no time to waste, people are dying and the investigation/commission or whatever takes place needs to be completed this calendar year and it needs to be transparent with frequent updates for the Great Unwashed, the people of B.C. deserve much better than what we are getting from our political masters, their Minions, and a compliant, and complacent Media !!! Not all of you but ……………………………….

The public needs to immediately contact their MLA on this most important subject, we cannot continue to live in crisis .

I am sorry if some do not like my tone with this but as a society, politicians and media we need to resolve this issue along with other sad events with the Residential Schools we are now facing immediately, no time to “Kick the Can Down the Road” and pass the buck waiting for a fix at a far off date which never comes .

It is imperative we do not allow the politicians, Poverty Pimps, Race Pimps SJ Warriors, and other similar groups to “PERPETUATE” these problems, none of this should be left to drag on as happens so often, we need to demand Government solve this now .
AS a people and as a society we should be better than this!

Enjoy the weekend!


Whiffen Spit Park, Sooke, British Columbia


  1. Bang on with the Ambulance union comments but unfortunately it’s not confined only to them. Firefighters on paid sick leave but are miraculously able to work their “second” jobs of construction/home renovations, nurses taking full advantage of their generous sick benefits and the list goes on and on, you only have to look at the recent spat between the firefighters and paramedics on who should be giving Covid jags on double time pay, apparently not enough paramedics to run the system but lining up for the cushy double time shifts in the Covid tents!!

    A unions only function now is to protect it’s poorest performing members and we all end up paying for it.

  2. George

    You are correct, WE cannot afford to be tax payers any longer !
    Let’s consider this, at this time the cost B.C. Health Care is over 40% of the B.C. Budget and climbing . We have many new people moving to B.C. who have not contributed anything to B.C. Tax Accounts and they are bringing wobbly old parents with them who will need knees, hips, heart work, and all the rest, that does not pay for itself . Then we have an ever growing number of ageing long time residents in B.C. who will also be costing more in Health Care .

    I would venture a guess that Health Care could very soon be close to 50% of the B.C. Provincial Budget, add to that Education will more than likely be close to 30% of the Provincial Budget which tells me that between the two runaway ministries add up for a nice round number total of 80% . That does not leave much for the rest .

    Just look at what Property Taxes have done for 2021, the Province of B.C. could very well be in a Financial Crisis before the end of 2022 and Municipal, Provincial, and Federal Governments are not paying attention . Perhaps the Politicians responsible, their hangers on, and their Special interest Groups Friends have their noses far too deep in the Public Trough to notice what is taking place right before their eyes .

    The Governments of Canada, B.C., other provinces, and all cities need to hear from Tax payers and they need to hear from Tax Payers now, we have no time to waste, we are in the fight for our lives .

    It is the responsibility of ALL Citizens across Canada to vote for Politicians that promise to control government bloat, waste, inefficiencies, and vote out Swamp Dwellers who have created the Pandemic of Virtue Signaling, and the PC, SJ Warrior, moronic legislation that is ruining this country and choking the Tax Payer to the point of no return .


    Agree with everything you say !! Media are asleep at the switch, they are complacent, compliant, and complicit when it comes to ignoring and not reporting on the actions of dishonest, deceitful, and wasteful Politicians because too many in the Media are part of that same Swamp, they have no integrity whatsoever .

    Media need to do much better in questioning Public Sector Union Heads and Media need to start now with the Paramedics Union, the Unions you mention, and many more that come to mind .

    Your last line should be read by Tax payers right across this country, what you state is unfortunately very true .

    It is the duty and responsibility of Media to stand up and ask the tough questions that need to be asked and Media needs to be transparent and inform the citizens/Tax payers of every signle thing that is taking place with the paramedics and their manipulation of the system .

    It must be very frustrating and upsetting for those Paramedics that have integrity, good character, and care about their responsibilities to the sick when they see some of their fellow
    paramedics scamming the system .

    My heart goes out to those Paramedics that stand up for the sick in this province every day !

    Let’s hope more speak out on this, the very future of Canada, B.C., and most cities is at risk .

    OK Media, it is now your turn !

  3. It just won’t happen from the media. Its too late. The newer more modernized generation of obedience trained politically corrected media is here to stay. A good example now, are the scared wooses and thumbsuckers that have filled the ranks at CKNW, who have their soothers ready and a shadowed corner to run too when things get too tough or the new age standard of sensitivity is reached.

  4. Soloist

    I fear you may be correct but IMHO the Great Unwashed need to fight back, send e mails, Twitter, and more to media types pointing out their failures . People also need to contact politicians of all brands demanding better from them .

    If we just abandon any efforts to demand better and more from politicians and media we surrender to them .

    There are more like you and others that demand and deserve fair and balanced media, it is time to step up and let media and politicians you will not settle for anything less than honesty, transparency, and fairness in their coverage .

    Then the public needs to do its job by voting in municipal, provincial, and Federal Elections right across this country .

    One most important thing voters must not do is “Split the Vote”, by doing that we just play into the hands of the media and their political masters .

  5. Fake News

    I strongly suggest you open the curtains in your Mommies basement and while you are at it up your intake of Vitamin “D”, you are obviously not getting enough sunlight .

    Why would a persons appearance in their clothes of what they look like be a factor when considering their ability to run for office at any level ? How juvenile and silly .
    Your own comments and questions make you look the fool, you embarrass yourself !

    Why is it you never have anything of interest or constructive to state, all you have are mature, name calling, and silly comments without substance .

    Really quite sad .

    I suggest you totally ignore the comments of BMCQ, you will then not look quite so foolish,
    You are ill informed and unarmed when it comes to entering into a real debate, better to sit back, listen, learn, and prepare before you make yourself look more the fool .

  6. BMCQ,

    As always, attack the messenger, especially when you know you’re wrong.
    Try to stay on message.

    Did you join the Facebook group above?

  7. Fake

    “Attack the messenger”, you say ?

    I suggest you re read your own post where YOU describe a political leader with a moronic, imbecilic, and juvenile description of “Elmer Fudd, talk about “Attacking the messenger “ .

    Again, you have absolutely nothing of substance to offer, you can only blurt out silly juvenile names and phrases which might be attributed to a very immature shallow person, or someone incapable of any adult thoughts .

    But then again, perhaps I am too hasty to judge, you are more than likely only 12 years old .

    Come on “Fake”, try just once to carry on an adult conversation explaining your position backed up with good common sense, facts, and sound logic .

    Address my thoughts at the top of the page, show me where I am wrong or show me where I am right, show us your best stuff instead of the weak, pathetic, half witted, snipers of foolish drivel .

    Show us what you’ve got, just once, I know you can do it .

    Actually no, on second thought I don’t think you can do it .

  8. BMCQ,

    Your article is just scratching the surface of government incompetence instituted by the NDP.
    This incompetence is costing lives. People responsible should be criminally charged.

    In your next article, you should call for the last provincial election to undergo a forensic audit.

    Elmer Fudd – sounds like I hit a nerve!
    THE weakest of leaders.


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