SHOCK VIDEO: Rebel journalist manhandled by Trudeau’s RCMP


1.47M subscribers | Sign the petition and help fund our legal complaint Rebel journalist Drea Humphrey was trying to ask Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tough questions — something we know the state-sponsored media isn’t interested in doing — when she was manhandled by Trudeau’s private RCMP guard. Rebel News: Telling the other side of the story. for more great Rebel content.






  1. Whoooa. Gestapo type of thuggery. Big bulls picking on a journalist for asking the coward Trudeau completely pertinent and necessary questions that he should answer. Two big thugs on this small framed brave woman who puts the Mainly Coward Stream media to shame. God almighty, people actually vote for such a little chicken shit of PM. My God.

  2. Jean Chretien’s Shawinigan handshake was all over mainstream news in 1996. I would have never known about Mr. Trudeau’s refusal to answer her questions if it weren’t for Rebel Media’s channel on YouTube.

  3. And here is the thing at minimum what 34-35% of Canadian voters will still vote for Castro’s son, ironically a big portion of those voters will be women and those of a virtue signalling, self loathing, self righteous mindset. To them seeing a young female journalist “Drea Humphry” just trying to do her job being man handled by low brow, mouth breathing thugs with tin plate badges, will somehow blame the female journalist for the incident.


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