Liberals bring in bill to allow even more Internet censorship


Maximum fines are $20,000 in compensation to a complainant and an additional $50,000 in damages to the Government of Canada.

Courtesy of Western Standard


June 24, 2021

The Liberals are at it again, trying to censor even more Internet users, says Blacklock’s Reporter.

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    It’s time to grow up and put on your big person pants. This Liberal government is all in on tyranny. If you think you are ok from being caught up by these evil, Satanic worshipping tyrants and Communists then you are an idiot.

    IF YOU VOTE LIBERAL, NDP, GREEN or BLOC in the next election you vote for your personal imprisonment of life. Even those milquetoast Tories are suspect (???), but for sure the others are tyrants, communists, persecuting thugs and anti- freedom, anti-Canadian, anti western world zealots.

    I grew up in the Cold War where I and others decried Soviet, Marxist tyranny and ideology. Our nation among others stood up to this and to now see in 2021 my nation is going down the same road of tyranny that the Soviet Bloc did is UNBELIEVABLE!



    How to make $20,000 a day:
    – listen to your local am talk station online
    – act like a snowflake and be offended by what is said
    – file complaints everyday to the tyrannical government
    – $$$$$$$
    – it’s like CERB, but better money

    This could easily cost your local propaganda radio station $7,000,000 per day.

  3. Our chance to vote them out can’t come soon enough. Just ensure there is permanent marker in the voting booth. There was an #2 HB pencil in mine the last federal election. Never before have I seen anything but a black marker to cast a vote.

  4. This would also apply to your local TV station online.
    More $$$$$

    This bill could be the end of MSM “news/opinion”.

  5. Sadly the leftist population is so perverted, addicted and radicalized common sense arguments won’t work. Lessons from the past fail on people who don’t care if they are wrong, they let their hate rule them and thus legitimize unthinkable things like censorship, tyranny and open corruption.

  6. Peter,

    So true. The left has totally fallen to Lucifer’s ways. They have completely accepted his whispering to them and his vile ways. Lucifer is the master manipulator, master deceiver too. He is so cunning that he is fine with, in fact compelled by his nature to make sure humans hear, read or see the truth, yet he craftily has so many humans turn away from the truth via his powerful and highly perverted lies and deceptions.

    Liberals, leftists, socialist activists reading my words here roll eyes and laugh at my points made, that is how powerful Lucifer is but only to those who willingly give themselves to him. Those that don’t he cannot take, but like an incessant toothache he will try, try, try and try again to get those who stand up to him to fall into his lair.

    How do I know the liberal-left are rolling eyes, laughing and speaking derogatory words to my post? Because they were me some 8-9-10+ years ago. I rolled eyes at talk of Satan and the Gospels. I quietly laughed at those who made it so clear that evil walks among us. I allowed Lucifer to whisper in my ears and yes even pervert my thoughts and values.

    All that we are witnessing to is built on our falling away from God, who was under Christian values what helped model and build the western developed, free world. Flawed as it was for anything manmade is inherently flawed, it was the human benchmark of quality of life and development and yes our once strong Christian values were very much part of its foundation.

    The liberalization and subsequent falling away from God and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ began this current chapter in the mid 1960’s.

    Our society looks Hell bent to create its inevitable suffering and downfall, which is totally sad for it does not have to be. Humility in the Face of God and a push back towards western conservative and traditional values will save us… The question is how many of us want to be saved?

    Lucifer’s mastering of perversion of our minds, desires and lusts is quite a pill, many of us lust to swallow.

  7. Les…who I vote for shall be up to me. Not you. I’m educated enough to know the platforms and their differences. My opinions greatly disagree with you. I won’t yell…or insult. I’ll kindly leave that part at that.

    Secondly, was it the 60s that started the falling away from your so called God? Or was it earlier than that when indigenous children were being killed by the churches? Such a loving and peaceful God you honor. Then again, I’m not so sure putting an imaginary guy in the sky to avoid paying taxes is the right way either? Even though they use roads and power and electricity and water. Oh the hypocrisy.

  8. Les, your Christian values led to the murder of thousands of Indigenous people’s around the world, including residential schools in this country. Instead of your endless diatribes, why not put your time to better use. Oh say, volunteering on the DTEastside. Then, and only then, will you realize how fortunate you are.

  9. News 1.0
    also Pat Murray

    You fail to understand, the Roman Catholic Church is Satan’s church, as described in the book of Revelation 17 and 18. Read it, preferably from the King James Version of the bible…
    The Roman church has been filled with Pedophilia since they were first founded. They are Evil and Wicked to the Core. There is NOTHING Christian about the Roman Catholic Church.

    I personally know many native children who belonged to the residential schools and they have now been removed from the church…

  10. Pat and News 1.0

    Christian values did not kill by wrongful measures or homicide any Indigenous persons. Bad and wrong headed people would be responsible for any wrongful killings or homicides of Indigenous persons. Just as both of you whom I suspect are typical White, European based members of Canadian Society are not responsible for any homicides or even wrongful deaths and mistreatments of others not in your past, not in your company or not in your care.

    Indigenous deaths are not all by vile persons. We do not know the reasons for any of the recently revealed deaths on the supposed Residential Schools ok? It could have been foul play, but good odds say they were likely natural deaths from oh, small pox, tuberculosis or other transmissible diseases. Why the burials are unmarked today is not known, maybe they had markings and over time were lost or removed WHO KNOWS? Neither you two, nor others, nor me know for sure. But irresponsible liberals and other leftists want to try to without clear evidence scandalize it all.

    As to history and Indigenous peoples, spare me of how the white man slaughtered them all. Long before the white man and during our eventual development and settlements of this Continent those Indigenous people were brutally abusing, pillaging and killing each other for thousands of years. THEY HAD NO BROTHERLY LOVE!!! That is a construct of modern times and not 150-200-250+ years ago.

    Without the eventual development of nations like Canada, the USA and Mexico too the Indigenous peoples would likely still be living in teepees made of animal hides and hunting with spears and bows and arrows. The only reasons some First nations struggle in Canada and even parts of the USA, is too much government welfare keeping them down and on the drip but more so the indigenous hierarchy on their lands where the Chiefs and Councils live like KINGS and QUEENS but their people live like homeless bums and in squalor. THIS IS THE TRUTH!!! But all you liberals and bleeding heart virtue signallers get your proverbial rocks off using the Indigenous peoples and other minorities for you own virtue signalling pleasures. IT’S REALLY QUITE PATHETIC AND DISAPPOINTING!

    OBTW one more time, I USE TO BE A WRANK BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL! All I say and accuse other liberals and socialists of here was ME for over 20 years of my adult life. I know exactly how you all think and feel. I just wound up finally growing up and cutting through the near 100% bullshit of liberal and socialist activism. There is nothing you can say that I do not already know of how very much the liberal and socially left mind thinks and feels.

    BTW global history is full of war/conflict, genocide and persecution. Not one continent (excluding Antartica) has been unscathed. Islam for one over the centuries is estimated to have killed over 150 million people in what is known as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh today, no tears from your eyes on this I be,t!. Mao the pinko commie faggot that surely Trudeau loves is estimated as to have been responsible for over 70 million Chinese deaths.

    Nations all over this globe have been terrorized, slaughtered, had borders redrawn or erased for generations. The Anglo/European/American based societies have (as flawed as it has been) done more to reduce senseless killings, genocides, persecutions and to develop functioning societies abroad than any other race or ethnic culture has on EARTH! But leftists plaguing our schools, universities, media, Hollywood and politics have lied and lie to you all over these facts!

  11. Mr Easton

    I am an indigenous man. I am very well aware of the history of the catholic church. My whole family is aware. Not only in Canada, but Argentinian children and Ruwanda in the mid 90’s. Ireland has had it’s share catholic churches issues as well, so, it’s no secret. Im also aware of at least 20 catholic churches that claimed bankruptcy to avoid paying victims of sexual abuse in America. What I don’t know? Is the kind of “western Christian values ” that has been previously mentioned? Maybe I need to be brought up to speed on that issue.

  12. Pat,

    Blaming all of Christianity for the faults and misdoings of some is an irresponsible action.

    Indigenous peoples slaughtered many who WENT WEST to settle and develop the lands so to speak back in the day. Some ‘tribes’ we blood thirsty killers, others looked long and hard and got along with the inevitable changes to come throughout North America back in the day. Are we to say all Indigenous people were responsible countless killings of those who went west? OF COURSE NOT!

    The simple fact is prior to ‘white european based’ settlements and development of North America, the multitude of Indigenous ‘tribes’ had NO established political borders and no developed lands etc. Most except for maybe coastal peoples were rather nomadic. They fought and stole from each other.

    To think that North America was to solely be the continent of the Indigenous till the end of time is childish, silly and illogical. IT WAS GOING TO BE SETTLED AN DEVELOPED NO MATTER WHAT! Yes, injustices were done but those were two ways at times. Most Indigenous peoples’ nations settled and signed treaties with governments of Canada, USA , Mexico etc. Was it Kumbaya? Hell no! What would make North America be different than any other human settled lands? As I said earlier the world is pockmarked with human travesties, conflicts and genocides. What makes North American or any Indigenous peoples globally think they are so special?

    The biggest crime in Indigenous peoples’ lives, economic, social and political development has been again two fold.

    1: The politicization of Indigenous peoples, mostly by liberal-left governments, which stopped treating Indigenous peoples as equals of rights and turned them into essentially children on the government tit of welfare. This unless stopped will further doom the life of all Indigenous peoples.

    2: The blatant discrimination on treaty lands by Indigenous leaders, chiefs and councils which themselves as rabid parasites take government welfare and even any true economic development monies and horde most of it for themselves and families while giving a pittance to their own peoples. This is most disgusting as their leaders and media shills call for all of us to cry for them when their own ruling class pilfer and pillage their own kind.

    They stand back and watch addictions and family destruction on their own treaty lands, right before their arrogant eyes and we are told to fall on our knees to cry and ask for forgiveness (none of us non Indigenous citizens are to blame for such history and travesties). Well it’s time to stop with outward finger pointing and crying forever victim.

    If Indigenous peoples want to see healthy development of their treaty lands and their people it must start with themselves. Then ENDING TOTALLY ALL GOVERNMENT (POLITICALLY DRIVEN) WELFARE FROM THE GREATER NATION STATE! Until these things happen, nothing much will change for Indigenous peoples.



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