MP Derek Sloan Puts Out A Call To Whistleblowers in the media…


Press Release from Member of Parliament Derek Sloan…

June 24, 2021

Member of Parliament Derek Sloan

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  1. Sent to me on Facebook today.
    (Not sent to me but rather Canadian Deaths and Adverse Reactions FB site)
    I am a bylaw enforcement officer and private investigator in British Columbia. I could risk losing my job if I posted this openly so I am asking a friend to post it on my behalf.
    I am involved in securing a large government facility in a rural area. Part of the building has been converted into a vaccination site for Covid. The local health authority has moved in, contracted with a private security firm to guard their portion and began operations. My day-to-day involvement is peripheral. I have some interaction with the guards and clinic workers, but my responsibilities take me all over the place so I’m not deeply immersed. But my office is in the same building so I have my finger on the pulse of the place. The site started out vaccinating seventy people per day back in March/April. This grew to as many as 800 per day earlier this month. Now it’s tapered down again. Vaccine supply is an issue.
    I noted the first adverse reaction not long after the clinic opened. The janitorial staff, which cleans the vaccination room every 2 hours, were talking about it. Someone got taken away by paramedics. Part of the clinic is set up as a sort of mini trauma room with ease of access for ambulance personnel. I pass by this room quite frequently, and the door is open. I began noticing people in there after a few weeks. Not every day, but frequently enough to pique my interest. An ambulance wouldn’t always come because in some cases, it was just dizziness or anxiety. But the room seemed to be in frequent use.
    After a while, it seemed there were one or two adverse reactions per day. I became alarmed, but the other staff members shrugged it off because there were starting to be more patients. But the number soon picked up. One of the janitors, a woman, came to me and privately confessed that she was scared about what was happening. As the adverse reactions ramped up, the staff seemed to fall into two camps: those who noticed and those who chose not to. A few weeks ago, I arrived at work in the afternoon to find a panic among the staff. Ambulances had been coming in and out all day. There had been eleven adverse reactions. I was stunned. I attended to my duties and then sought out the janitor who had originally come to speak to me. “Did you hear about the eleven adverse reactions today?” I asked.
    “It’s up to fifteen now,” she said. There had been four more in the three hours I had been at work.
    Since then, activity at the clinic has tapered off again, and so have the adverse reactions. There are comparatively few people coming in right now as the province awaits more vaccines. But it occurs to me that what I have seen anecdotally at this facility serving a population of around 30,000 or so could function as a sort of microcosm of society as a whole. By that I mean: adverse reactions are happening, they are more common than we are being led to believe and some people are deliberately turning a blind eye. It also occurs to me that almost everyone in my circle knows someone personally who has had an adverse reaction … So, given the Law of Averages, things are not looking good.
    It’s important that we share information. It is my understanding that Canada does not have a public database like the US doctors’ VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). I am also told that Canadian doctors are being ‘encouraged’ not to report adverse vaccine reactions or to misattribute them to other causes. What this suggests to me is that, if there is really a problem with the vaccines, there is an effort being made to deliberately cover up the data.
    People have suggested to me that the government would never knowingly harm its own citizens. This strikes me as exceptionally naive. It is my opinion that a government will gladly herd its own citizens onto cattle-cars at gunpoint if it decides to do so.
    It’s happened before.
    Officer X

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