The Finest Radio Personalities Of All On 1050 CHUM…


Courtesy of Doug Thompson’s

Rock Radio Scrapbook

For years, Rock Radio Scrapbook visitors have been blessed with the contributions of Doug Thompson, the long-time radio producer, writer and historian extraordinaire. Most of his work has appeared in the CHUM Archives

(Photo courtesy Charlie Ritenburg)

Legendary CHUM Program Director (and later General Manager) J. Robert Wood had the above words placed over the door to the 1050 CHUM jock booth at 1331 Yonge Street. When board operators were eliminated in the 1980’s, the sign was moved to above the AM control room door.

Today, that same sign proudly hangs over the CHUM FM control room at the station’s new home on Richmond Street in downtown Toronto.

This montage is a testament to the talented 1050 CHUM DJ’s of the 1960’s and ‘70’s – those inspired, passionate, creative guys who always knew exactly how to intro a song.

They truly were ‘the finest air staff in the world’.

 In order, the montage is:

  1.  Bob Laine (0:23)
  2.  Johnny Mitchell(0:50)
  3.  John Majhor (1:08)
  4.  Mike Cooper (1:26)
  5.  Mike Holland (1:49)
  6.  Tom Rivers (2:13)
  7.  Dave Johnson (2:27)
  8.  Jack Armstrong (2:57)
  9.  Scott Carpenter (3:26)
  10. Pat Riley (3:41)
  11. John Rode (4:09)
  12. Wolfman Jack (4:28)
  13. Daryl B. (4:57)
  14. Chuck McCoy (5:27)
  15. Brian Skinner (5:51)
  16. Bob Magee (6:30)
  17. Jay Nelson (6:52)
  18. J. Michael Wilson (7:22)
  19. Jim Van Horne (7:52)
  20. Terry Steele (8:31)
  21. Duke Roberts (8:57)
  22. Hal Weaver (9:24)
  23. Dick Hayes (9:34)
  24. Duff Roman (10:11)
  25. Roger Ashby (10:29)

Enjoy the CHUM DJ Intros Montage here.
Produced by Doug Thompson

Listen HERE




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