No Media Coverage given MP Derek Sloan? CPAC’s most viewed video ever in two days, Now at 408K views


My June 17 press conference with Canadian doctors and vaccine experts became CPAC’s most viewed video ever in two days. ,,Now at 408K views, though ignored by the MSM, the truth has gone viral! ,,The walls are tumbling down!





  1. Here is the good thing, the more the MSM’s out themselves as biased, leftist driven propagandists, the more they lose the public trust and willingness to listen, see, or read their schtick. We no longer need MSM’s to get any news and opinions v. counter opinions on any topics in daily life.

    I no longer hold any trust (ZIP, ZERO, NADA!) or confidence in any MSM’s. I only use them to see the lies, half truths and propaganda they peddle so as to better weigh real news and proper editorials along with opinions v. counter opinions.

    I suggest NOBODY anymore believe ANYTHING from our MSM’s.

  2. Paging Marke D.! Paging Marke D.!

    >>>>> crickets <<<<<<<<

    And he wonders why many people think that he and those of his ilk are POS

  3. Richard….If it’s a fraud, what’s killing all these people?
    600,000 plus in the States
    500,000 in Brazil
    almost 400,000 in India.

    Are they all fake statistics?

  4. T Tree June 21, 2021 At 1:10 pm
    Richard….If it’s a fraud, what’s killing all these people?

    The same illnesses as before 2020. Watch the video and learn.

  5. In Australia from Jan. 1 to June 17 2021, OFFICIAL HEALTH MINISTRY GOVT. STATS.

    Total Aussie deaths due to Covid 19 (not with it): 1.
    Total accepted deaths due to the mRNA injections: 303.
    Total adverse reactions to the injections as accepted by the Health Ministry: 28,000+

  6. T Tree

    What I would like to see is deaths from year to year. Because you sound skeptical I won’t bother to list the stats. Why don’t you take the city, state, province or wherever you live and look at deaths leading up to 2020 and I bet you will be surprised that deaths have not increased as much as you think. BTW population of India is almost 1 billion 4 and if my calculator is right that is .000285 of the population has died. People are dying with covid not from it. And again if its about science then look at those that are dying. They are old, frail, comorbidities etc which we knew from a year ago. Brave people like those in this video should be commended/ TTree anyone in your circle getting preventative care? That is the why I want to know. In the meantime take your vitamin d3, vitamin C and Zinc.

  7. Teddy,

    To the indoctrinated (left), those who fall for the spin, they say it’s about the science, but they lie or refuse to see that 100% of their schtick is about the SCIENTISTS! They hold the scientists of the klan as god-like and irrefutable. They then accept their rhetoric as SCIENCE and not as mere opinions. For the sheeple to question their klan of scientists rhetoric is akin to blasphemy. This is why they won’t do it, it destroys their point of view to do so. Dr. Fraudchi (and others of their klan) is always to them speaking only science. He has no reason to back such speech up with facts but only has to have such speech come from the grace of his lips for the sheeple to accept it.

  8. For those who believe 600,000 have died due to Covid in the US PLEASE do not forget that the CDC themselves said that deaths “classified” as “from Covid” were not true Covid deaths. They went on to state that only 6% were solely attributable to Covid. Having Covid at the time of death and dying from Covid are two totally separate statistics. The incentivizing of classifying a death of Covid has led to wildly skewed statistics. As an example a long time family friend on Hospice care (pre covid) in Stanwood WA died while at a nursing home. They classified her death as Covid when in fact she was near death before Covid arrived in the US. A Covid death was worth more dollars to said Nursing facility.

    Using the CDC’s 6% number, the number of “pure” Covid deaths would be more like 36,000. (6% of 600,000) Even if you triple that number it would be 108,000 which is less than died from the H1n1 virus. (Also from the CDC)

    People should do their own research and do not rely on the sensationalized MSM for their info which is presented to grab headlines and strays far from the truth.


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