Max Bernier Interview on Tucker Carlson Show…


Maxime Bernier appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News to discuss his arrest in Manitoba and how Canada is turning into an authoritarian country.
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  1. Max had to go to another country to get on National TV.
    Canada has a big and deep swamp. Max is the guy to drain it.

    Is it finally becoming obvious that Trudeau’s handouts to the media in Canada are paying dividends? Not FOR the people of Canada, but AGAINST the people of Canada.

    Everyone working in the MSM in Canada should hang their heads in shame!

  2. The Canadian MSM’s headlined by pinko Commie CBC are as Fake said ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE! There is only a sliver of a difference between our crap, lying MSM’s and what was Izvestia to Soviet TV/Radio and Pravda was to Soviet Newsprint.

    We may have defeated the USSR back by 1991 but the DEMENTED and PERVERTED COMMUNISTS just fled the USSR to further infiltrate our already by 1991 leftist driven western society

    Pi$$ off all you Socialists and perverted Communists… May you all die wretched deaths.


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