Flashback! Webster on BCTV! – October 17, 1978 with BC Consumer Affairs Minister Rafe Mair – The Issue of the day, BEER!


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Copyright: BC Archives, Credit: Jack Webster and BCTV Note: Second half of interview not acquired. Interview with Rafe Mair, Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs; discussion about half-price sale on American beer during the brewery strike; liquor licenses and advertising; the Canadian Constitution; Garde Gardom. Interview with Patrick Watson; discussing the CBC, “This Hour Has 7 Days”; Watson’s novel “Alter Ego” and unemployment in Canada. Descriptive Reference Number: AAAA6730 Call Number: V1988:25/0018 Original Air Date: 1978-10-17


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  1. This is absolutely amazing. One legend, grilling a soon-to-be one, in his role as a Socred Minister. I’m slightly too young to remember his show, but I remember the promos “9AM PRECISELY”.

    Imagine in this day and age, someone as intelligent and sharp witted as Webster, interviewing someone as intelligent and quick witted as Raif Mair? No chance! There is nobody in the industry who asks hard questions, and even fewer politicians who could respond like that. Absolutely solid gold, and that you for posting!


  2. Now it’s just the wimp factor at play at CKNW now.. They dodge the tough gauntlet for the easy one of the new era, where correctness and fear is their master.


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