Only Human, After All, by Marke Driesschen…


Only Human, After All…

Marke Driesschen

by Marke Driesschen


The media, journalists and those associated with it have been getting a pretty rough ride lately..and it has gone beyond just the average criticism that we’re either ‘pro this’ or ‘anti that’, to downright hostility and harassing behaviour.  Last month, a group of anti-tax, covid deniers confronted a group from a news service in Kelowna, calling them liars, complicit in hiding the ‘truth’ and saying they will all be tried and held criminally responsible at impending trials.  Recently, a colleague of mine was getting posts on her social media feeds from someone asking how she could be so naive and complacent on pretending everything in the world is alright, when the media is working to destroy our society and that she will surely face the consequences when the impending ‘trials’ take place.   There are other stories of camera operators and reporters who are constantly harassed and harangued by people calling them liars and spreaders of propaganda.  This goes beyond the usual level of mistrust and criticism, much of it not only implicit but threatening.  It has fuelled mistrust in the media to an all time high.  So much so that I’m noticing many people, who I usually consider rational, open minded individuals, echoing the same rhetoric and claiming they’ve always ‘mistrusted’ the mainstream media.  Much of this has been amplified by the pandemic and our collective impatience over how long it’s gone on and how our government’s have handled it.  But to subject your wrath against the media, which, believe it or not, is trying to get at the truth as much as you want, is misguided…and the treatment individuals are getting as a result is just wrong.  It’s one thing for us to react emotionally and passionately to these situations, but that doesn’t mean journalists or reporters don’t.  Many times they do, and earlier this week there was a good example of that.

Ben Miljure, one of our reporters at CTV Vancouver, was covering the story of the tragic discovery of the bodies of 215 children found buried on the grounds of the Kamloops residential school.  A horrifying story for everyone, but it became much more for Ben,   He was ready to do his live report that night from the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery, where a memorial made up of 215 pairs of children’s shoes had been set up,  The anchor introduced Ben, who then started his report.  But instead of a stoic, somber explanation of the scene around him, his voice cracked with sobs and tears as he described what he was seeing.  What had happened was an awakening of emotions he had kept suppressed  for decades as he realized this was also a story about his heritage..a heritage he had been cut off and isolated from for his entire life.  It’s not for me to tell Ben’s story here, so I urge to go to and read his story ‘I, Ben Miljure, am an indigenous man’   It is compelling, honest and insightful and, I hope, will give you an appreciation of how seriously and passionately journalists take their work.  There are many examples of reporters and anchors who have been overcome by the moments they report on.  Like many of them, Ben was honest, brave and has nothing to be ashamed of.  And for every one who has shown emotion on the air, there are a hundred times more who probably break down off the air.  Many reporters have had to witness tragedy, or spend time hearing the stories of those affected by it.  They go through court documents detailing horrific behaviour or tragic outcomes.   For others, it the challenge of trying to find the truth when dealing with governments, law enforcement, companies and organizations…all who spend a great deal of time and money trying to spin, manipulate and deflect the truth.

Now I know I’m not a journalist in any sense, but I have worked in radio and television newsrooms for over 40 years.  I have worked with many talented, top notch journalists like Ben and learned much from all of them.  Never, in all that time, have I ever seen any example of any reporter or news organization hiding, manipulating or manufacturing any kind of story or existing one to push either some political, corporate or personal agenda.  The only agenda is to get the facts, tell the story and how it relates to the viewer/listener/reader and how it will affect their world.   Sometimes we make mistakes,  Sometimes we get it wrong, but the good ones will always owe up to it and get it right.  It’s always been that way.  There are no daily conference calls with Justin Trudeau, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Bill Gates and the Hollywood Illuminati,  Stories and scripts are not written & vetted and passed down to the anchor desk by our corporate masters to push their agendas.  Yes, we miss some things and we focus too much on the wrong things at times.  I; for one, would like to see more well reported, researched and developed stories, so one can assess and determine what they think, rather than have a panel of pundits sit around telling you this is what you should think.   But as I mentioned earlier, it is even more difficult for reporters today than at any other time.  They have less resources to work with and many now find themselves shooting, editing and filing their own stories as newsroom budgets shrink and staff gets trimmed. Not to mention deadlines, time constraints and the pressure to either get the story first, or get something the other guys don’t have.   To make matters worse, now anyone with an iPhone or video camera who wants to push an agenda or unrealistic idea can post a video online of any event or confrontation which suits their purpose and call themselves a ‘journalist.’  Most of the time, it seems their only motivation is attention.

The pressure to perform and produce is enormous.  The last thing any of them need is someone telling them they peddle lies, and therefore should be tried & imprisoned or called ‘the enemy of the people.   Nor should they be harassed for doing their jobs or what someone else ‘thinks’ they’re doing.

I’m not saying that the media should never be criticized and I know it always will be.  People will always react based on their own bias and beliefs…I get that.  But we have to return to a sense of reason, reality and rationality.   After all, we’re only human.


Marke Driesschen is the Weathercaster and co-host for CTV Morning Live at CTV Vancouver



  1. Marke is a stand up guy. Thanks to PSR for posting this.

    Now the challenge for Marke’s news team:

    Without getting fired, investigate this “Plandemic”.

    Investigate that the Covid 19 virus has not been properly isolated anywhere in the world. (Note: there is no real proof it exists).

    Investigate the risks of taking an experimental vaccine that is in human trials vs. the benefits of taking it.

    Look into deaths from the injections that are being covered up.

    Investigate what ingredients are in the vaccines.

    Investigate what the ingredients in the vaccines can do to the human body.

    Look into the health effects of wearing face masks (bacterial pneumonia, etc).

    Look into health effects caused by lack of fresh oxygen over a period of time, and the constant inhaling of one’s exhaust, while wearing face masks.

    Investigate what the face masks are made of.

    Investigate the swabs that say “Sterile / E.O.” on them. What is EO, what does it do to the human body?

    Investigate what is on the swab and why it is pushed up to your blood/brain barrier.

    Investigate empty hospitals.

    Look into the health effects of lockdowns.

    Look into why HCQ and Ivermectin have been banned from being used to successfully fight whatever bug is going around. Influenza A, B, pneumonia, or?
    (Note: the emergency powers would cease to exist if HCQ and Ivermectin were used, instead of the push for experimental vaccines).

    Investigate why Naturopathic Doctors are not allowed to treat Covid 19 patients.

    The murders of the Shermans who manufactured HCQ in Canada.

    Investigate why people dying of other causes, were labelled as covid deaths in Canada.

    Ask Dr. Bonnie and Dr. Tam why they have only pushed vaccines as a remedy?

    Why haven’t you reported on how people can boost their immune systems?

    Look into the group of lawyers filing Nuremberg like cases for Crimes Against Humanity, around the world and in Canada.

    Look into acts of Treason being committed.

    Why are medical health officers running the country and provinces?

    Investigate the medical health officers ties to the WHO?

    Investigate the head of the WHO.

    Investigate which country is the real power behind the WHO.

    When you get through these tasks, there are human trafficking concerns that should be investigated.

    The team Marke works with will not be allowed to investigate any of the above.
    They will be blocked at the newsroom level or the corporate level and likely fired.

    Hoping Marke’s news team will turn out to be “the friend of the people”.

    And, I hope Marke has time to read and reply to this comment.

  2. TY Mark ! Like you– I have seen both sides of the control room glass– starting as a radio jock then sports and news.. 42+ years for me and this is the craziest feeding frenzy I have ever seen… and my morning inbox is always highlighted by a few keyboard warriors with “f” and “c” bombs.

  3. Marke, I can appreciate your coming forward with this. I fear however, that it will fall on deaf ears. The ‘other side’ will never be convinced, and in fact are emboldened by the debate, into which they will say and do anything to bait reasonable people into that debate. As one old News did once told me ‘if you stick your head out of the sand, someone will take a swipe at it.’ If the pandemic or other crises has taught us anything, it’s to take care of ourselves and those willing to be helped. Bullying takes many forms, but the common thread is that every bully needs a victim. If I understand your editorial correctly Marke, part of what you’re saying is that your colleagues refuse to be bullied. And for that, I applaud you.

  4. Speaking of FAKE NEWS and bullies…..Jody POISON PUSHER Vance and her bow tie Quack doctor friend Hotez continue to call out the ANTI-Vaxxers

    I wonder if these two fools are aware that the BBC just announced that 50% of deaths from the fake virus…..had been VAXX’d. These reports are coming out everyday now. More and more and MORE people that are VAXX’d…..are dying from the VAX.

    I would strongly suggest anyone reading this sign up to Marty’s Daily Blog at Armstrong Economics. He is the most connected person in the world as far as insiders that work with the EVIL ELITES and posts what is “really going on in the world” on a daily basis.

  5. “Last month, a group of anti-tax, covid deniers ”
    Marke, you are an effing moron in the fact that you cannot even see, by the very statement that you just made, as to why you and your’s get a rough ride. And since you fired the first shot, I responded in kind and with the decency you deserve.
    Those folks are also Canadian citizens and deserve to not be denegrated by you our your fellow so-called journalists just because YOU don’t agree with their position, or because you know that you need to adopt this position and language otherwise you won’t wind up getting Trudeau’s media bailout 40 pieces of silver.
    The rest, the mistrust, the disparanging remarks about the media completely falls from the first. You treat Canadains like garbage, well, they will treat you like garbage. As for sob stories. We all have sob stories. It’s time to get a pair and get the job done or get out of the business.
    So, you are well on your way to being replaced by people with iPhones, because people with iPhones are capturing and sending videos showing thousands of people attending anti-mask/anti-lockdown gathering as opposed to your media’s close cropped “a few hundered in attendance” snippits. My relatives with iPhones are sending me videos of what things are like for them in Florida right now.
    “Only Human” rhetoric sure sounds a lot like “Just Following Orders”

  6. How about the MSM reporting on how close together the G7 leaders are?
    Thus proving the Rona does not exist, and they are just implementing a one world government with controls on the people.

    Looking forward to the local news getting on this story right away.
    “The only agenda is to get the facts, tell the story and how it relates to the viewer/listener/reader and how it will affect their world.”
    Don’t forget the audience is looking for facts, not propaganda, not opinion.

  7. Real Journalist: Sees people against mass vaxx program–> Goes to them and asks Why?
    Journalist whoring for Trudeau-Bux: Sees people against mass vaxx program–> Ignores and calls them Covid Deniers

    And just like that, for no reason, no reason whatsoever, completely out of the blue, journalists wonder why the teeming riff raff and masses do not respect them.

    Or that piece of $hit prime minister that the media love to prop up.

  8. From blog post above:
    “The only agenda is to get the facts, tell the story and how it relates to the viewer/listener/reader and how it will affect their world.”

    BOOM! FOX 26 Reporter Announces LIVE ON AIR That She Is Secretly Recording the Channel and Will Release the Video with Project Veritas Tomorrow! (VIDEO)

  9. Most people especially in the western world have had numerous vaccinations (too many unneeded ones given in the last 10-15 years) since childhood. So most are not anti vaxx you sicko bullies. They are anti experimental jabs! Many choose to have annual flu shots, yet society never went apeshit on those who choose not to get flu shots. This is so even though the Case Fatality Rate of Covid 19 is similar to the annual seasonal flu.

    But society has only gotten retarded and bully-like over these E X P E R I M E N T A L Injections! Why? Why are otherwise normal people of all stripes and sectors of society so effing screwed up over these unapproved mRNA injections which according to BIG PHARMA do not prevent you from getting the Kungflu nor even spreading it? These injections are showing massive numbers of adverse reactions including deaths, already only 5 months in the VAERS reporting has had more American deaths attributed to these mRNA injections than previously all the deaths reported to VAERS since 1990, EVER WONDER WHY?

    So you non vaccine vaccine pushers EFF OFF! You took your jabs and you are to believe you are protected, so why do you care about other peoples’ choices? This includes employers and businesses trying to bully or force people to take these EXPERIMENTAL INJECTIONS! Just mind your own damned business.

    As for truth in the media, Mr. Driessechen, DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH! Josef Goebbels could no have had a more propagandist media that all you twats and twits.


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