Tom MacDonald – “Snowflakes”


Tom MacDonald
A week ago I told my girlfriend “This song is trash. Nobody will like it. I don’t want to release it.” A week later, it’s #1 in ALL genres for 6 days straight. Pushing 5M views. Believing in yourself is KEY…but even when you don’t..PUSH FORWARD.

I read an article today about how mainstream music media has been boycotting the song “Snowflakes”. Just wanted to say…in a week, we have over 6 million views and over a million streams. Let them ignore us all they want. It’s US who’s boycotting them.

A big streamer is getting cancelled for Tweeting my music. He deleted it & now ppl tryna cancel him for a “cover up”. Y’all lost your damn minds Man facepalming Oh yeah…ONLY 12hrs till Billboard stops collecting chart data…this is our LAST CHANCE to watch, download & stream “Snowflakes”!


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