KiSS Vancouver & Fraser Valley Morphs To Hot AC


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Rogers has scaled back the CHR format on KISS radio CKKS 104.9 Vancouver (92.5 Abbotsford and 107.5 Chilliwack) moving the format to more of a Hot AC approach. This comes after another lackluster showing in the PPM’s that were released earlier in the week. Could be a hard sell as Vancouver’s other two Hot AC stations CKZZ (ZED 95.3) and CHQM (MOVE 103.5) are already well established and have respectable numbers in the PPM’s.
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  1. Now this is interesting. Looks like they’ve been paying attention and noticed that Z95.3 has become more of a Top 40 station than a Hot AC station. Now Kiss radio is playing many of the 90’s and 2000’s songs that Z95.3 used to play. Wonder if Z will take 104.9’s transition seriously enough to put more of those songs back on their playlist?

    Either way, it’s going to take a while for 104.9 to get out of the ratings cellar, and likely Virgin radio will be the main beneficiary. Still, I like the playlist I saw so I’ll give it a try at work tomorrow. There’s got to be some potential interest in a Hot AC format without Kid Carson.

  2. Qmfm too now is rising ratings wise, but even before its name change a bit its been basically for the last decade more of a hot AC format from 80s-today with the obvious exception of the love song program which btw was popular then. And i kinda wonder what about the smooth jazz station which was supposed to be coming? One may think the smooth jazz segment will be gone from 104.3 as a result if its on air. Maybe the corona has something to do with it. And if 104.3 the breeze doesnt change back to what it was when it switched in the first place, it should be “the new 104.3 the breeze” from now on.

  3. And also maybe the peak should switch to 60s 70s oldies or an adult standards format. Makes sense because their ratings are down.


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