Global News Radio Host Leaves Company After Making Racist Slur in Work Chat Group


A source told VICE World News Mike Stafford was fired after using a slur against Pakistani people while talking to coworkers online.

by Manisha Krishnan

June 14, 2021

Mike Stafford

Radio host Mike Stafford has left Global News after he used the word “P*ki” last week in Microsoft Teams, a workspace chat platform.

Stafford, former host of The Morning Show in 640 Toronto, has worked with AM640 since 2001. It was later rebranded as Global News Radio 640 Toronto and is now owned by Global News’ parent company Corus Entertainment, one of the largest media companies in Canada.

Update: This story has been updated to include comment from Mike Stafford and an email sent by a Global News manager to staff.

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  1. Hey, Marke D.! Why are you not defending your fellow journalist Mike? He has been under enormous pressure presenting the news and all. I am sure dealing with all those nasty “anti-tax Covid deniers” has taken it’s toll on him. Or, he may have come to the conclusion that the (alleged) London truck murderer had a beef with Pakistanis and not Muslims in general and the narrative reframe was just too much to take.
    I mean, he’s only human, isn’t he?

  2. Either Mr. Stafford is just plain stupid, or he thought himself infallible. If his past comments are true, it showed a pattern of behaviour and that was his downfall.


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