GUNTER: Here’s what’s truly scary about Bill C-10

Silhouettes of mobile device users are seen next to a screen projection of Youtube logo in this picture illustration taken March 28, 2018. PHOTO BY DADO RUVIC /REUTERS


by Lorne Gunter

Published May 8, 2021

When we’re debating Bill C-10 – the federal Liberals’ law to regulate the internet – could we all, please, stop referring to cat videos?

The threat is not whether the CRTC will monitor your smartphone recording of Fluffy wearing a shark costume while riding the Roomba

The Liberals’ real intent is to stifle posts that are, in their minds, “misinformation.”

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  1. Why would any sane person be surprised over proposed Bill C-10? IT’S WHAT THE DAMN COMMIES DO WELL!

    Frigging wake the Hell up people. Canada already has one foot in its grave, much more of crap like this and any other Liberal, NDP, GREEN,BLOC crapolla may just do us in as the nation we once knew.

    Nations can vote in or sleepwalk into Socialist/Communist governments, but later after this, nations then have to shoot their way out of Marxist Bullshite governing. LETS PUSHBACK ALL THESE PERVERTED JERKS LIKE FIDEL’S POS SON AND ALL THOSE OTHER TURDS AROUND HIM NOW! Canada like all western nations is worth saving and not losing to Marxist inspired ideologues and jerks like Trudeau and gang.


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