Retirement in the forecast for beloved CTV Calgary meteorologist David Spence

CTV News Calgary chief meteorologist David Spence has announced his plans to retire in the fall.

CTV News Calgary


May 26, 2021

CALGARY — A staple of Calgary television for decades, CTV Calgary chief meteorologist David Spence intends to step away from the cameras this fall.

“It is with true mixed feelings that I end my career by leaving the best news team I’ve worked with in all these years,” said Spence. “In 2012, I was diagnosed with intermediate prostate cancer, and it made me realize that life and health ought not to be taken for granted. I am healthy again. No one knows how long that will last. So, at 61 years old, I believe it’s best for me to step down in order to enjoy good health in my retirement as long as possible.

“My decision comes after a lot of thought and reflection on a successful, fun career. In short, it’s been a dream job.”


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  1. Beloved? Oh come ON.

    Viewers may be “comfortable” with him because he was always there, but there is a rather large army of himbos and bimbos that will PAY to get on the air and are delighted that they have the opportunity to work for what amounts to minimum wage, as opposed to the lucrative salary that the legacy on-air announcers command.

    Big Media does not care about the viewers and care even less about their on-air employees. It’s all about the bottom line. All of it.

    Legacy news anchors better be dusting off the audition tapes, they will soon need them.

  2. I gotta say this is one forecast I’m not enjoying . David is a true legend. It’s the Viewers and Bell’s loss. Some big shoes to fill for whom ever wants to work cheap. All the big named talent is disappearing quickly which is so sad for the industry both TV & Radio. David Spence we’re gonna miss you.


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