Freedom, Censorship, Lockdowns, Taxes, Not So Great Reset. Maxime Bernier on the Goddard Report


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  1. I “was” a paid member of the PPC party until the FAKE virus hit last year. I’m on their mailing list. Every time they send me email asking for money I email back saying I am not sending a dime until they have the stones to publicly call out the FAKE virus with zero evidence its real, the FRAUD PCR test and the NON-vaccine vaccine Gene Editing Drug that has now murdered hundreds of thousands world wide. Unlike the FAKE COVID deaths which are mostly Old Geezers, FAT people and people dying of cancer and heart disease whom they are calling “death by covid”.

  2. Richard,

    I agree with you.
    For the PPC to form government, they will need greater than a third of the vote.
    What percentage of Canadians are awake to the scam?
    Are there enough awake people to put the PPC in power?

  3. Richard this post speaks volumes about you. Covid might be a fake and a scam and every other bizzare claim you have made and if your correct good for you but that comment tells a story

  4. BMCQ

    Richard Richard Richard

    MY MY MY !


    As usual…… rebuttal from BS_CQ. Maybe the Mad Cow Disease from the Fake VAXX is starting to set in…..YIKES !!

  5. Fake – Richard

    I truly hope and pray that the two of you are friends as you have both more or less painted yourselves into a corner and therefore really limited your abilities to interact with the outside world and those that live in it .

    Hey, I guess video games do have a use after all .

    Talk about Mad Cow !

  6. RE: Richard

    Fat people and old geezers eh? Your mother must be proud. You will be there one day and I hope you don’t need medical treatment for anything. Society has become so sad with the nastiness and name calling.

  7. Max Bernier is a certified whack job!
    After all, who with any living brain cells would be honkin’ some Quebec motor cycle club dudes hot girlfriend, and be a MP at the same time??


    When one hears a politician claim something is free, one must protect their wallets and wealth. NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE! You either pay for it out of your own cash, you can borrow to pay for it or you can have your government at all levels confiscate from your earned income and wealth and or print out of borrowed money currency that you will and future generation will pay back later!

    Nothing is free in life, even the pleasure of waking up to a new day’s sunrise and to later see a sunset is not free. The cost that you will pay to enjoy both is ONE lost day of your mortal life.

    The closest thing to free in our human world is charity and even that may not be totally free for often those who give charity have something they may want in exchange for or ask for later on. It could even be them expecting you to just say THANK YOU, which is technically a cost.

    So where am I going from this?

    Covid 19 mRNA injections, governments are picking up the tab for these, approximately $30 each for Moderna, $20 each for Phizer and about $10 each for J&J. THESE ARE NOT EFFING FREE!!!!!!

    This push to the mass vaccination of a nations’ population is maybe the most selfish thing a society can do. Quite simply this if you are under age 80 and in normal to good general health the odds of you getting sick with Covid 19 is about 1%. The odds of you dying with Covid 19 is less that 0.05% So the governments all over are paying to try to jab say 98-99% of the population who have little risk in getting very ill or dying with Covid 19 is a gross misappropriation of government monies.

    Jabbing anyone under the age of 30 who have a 99.98% or better survival rate is the PEAK OF STUPIDITY AND THE SQUANDERING OF GOVERNMENT REVENUES!!!

    The money global governments are paying to jab people with unproven experimental mRNA injections as well as to propagandize in media to jab the people is money that could be better spent helping people with real illness and health problems, such as the number one killer heart disease, the number two killer all cancers, others include COPD, emphezyma, diabetes, dementia, various knee, hip and joint replacements, mental health etc. These people need better and appropriate healthcare NOW!!! But may not be getting so because our IDIOT governments are pissing money away trying to con EVERY DAMNED PERSON to getting for most an unnecessary, unproven for efficacy, potentially dangerous and for some life threatening mRNA Covid19 jabs.

    Even if one does not want government to spend more money on other real healthcare needs, the bloody money being mis-spent trying to jab every frigging arm could be spent on other areas such as infrastructure, clean drinking water, better sewage treatment, garbage disposal, better highways, better transit, better policing, better border protection, better military, more efficient courts etc. But Nooooooooooooo!!!! we gotta piss away tax dollars and borrow even more to try to CONvince all to get the experimental, who the Hell knows about long term health impacts from, unapproved Kunglflu jabs. WE ARE COLLECTIVELY INSANE!!!

  9. Bag On Too Tight, Face Diaper On Too Tight Guy,

    Max is for Canada, Canadians and Freedom.
    He is taking part in Freedom Rallies across Canada.

    Which Canada hating, population controlling, socialism/communism loving, Leader/Party do you support?

    Did you get the jab?
    Sounds like BMCQ got Mad Cow disease from it.

  10. The real problem with most modern conservative politicians vs liberal/socialist politicians is that the conservative most likely has no backbone. Unlike the liberal/socialist the conservative may have principles but will not really stand up to defend them and to promote their greater values.

    The liberal/socialist does not care about right or wrong, moral or immoral. They lack such qualities. They only care about defending the ideology. It is everything for the ideology. Facts? who needs facts, they just make up their own. The words “my truth” did not really exist oh 10-15-20 years ago. But a liberal or socialist will call out, ” My truths.” as if there is validity in such.

    There is only TRUTH and then there is everything else. The liberal/ socialist has no care for reasoning or facts. They are all in on the ideology and believe the ideology will solve all problems. This is why they can hold two contrary points of view in their minds and not see it as so.

    ie: Survey liberals and social activists. Ask them the following. The NHL is predominantly a white filled league and should the NHL promote more people of colour in the league? You will find most who say they are liberal or socialist will reply, “YES the NHL should promote more people of colour in the league.”

    Now ask them this question, The NBA is a predominantly black filled league, should the NBA promote more white people to play in the league? Their likely answer will be, ” No, what the NBA does it’s own business.”

    YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP FOLKS!!! Try it on any liberals or socialists you know, you will likely be surprised with their answers like I noted above.

    The liberal/socialist has no care about facts, truth, right or wrong. They will most often proverbially or literally die on the hill of their woke, backwards, insane ideology. It’s like a disease and one where those inflicted by it look to be a part of a cult.

    The conservative by comparison is weak, he/she knows what they believe and understand is more factual and defensible, but the are so scared of or wanting to fit into the liberal/socialist crowd that they often bend knee and they often sell out their own beliefs.

    Voting Conservative in Canada today is just voting Liberal light. Where ignorant, abusive, lying and vile twats like Trudeau and Singh bring our nation to its knees essentially A.S.A.P. the Conservative Party today will likely bring us there one day or so later than the Liberal/NDP/BLOC/GREEN coalition. RINOS in the USA are similar.

    Do you all want to know where Canada will likely be in 5 years under O’Toole? Just look at where Trudeau will want to bring Canada by next year or so… THAT IS THE ROAD MAP WEAK CONSERVATIVES HAVE IN POCKET!!!

    Only Maxime Bernier of the PPC represents true conservative and traditional Canadian values.

  11. Les

    As I have stated before the problem with your theory is the FACT that Max could not get elected in his own riding let alone a phone booth which held 6 of his closest friends . Again Facts DO Matter .

    The first priority should be to rid Canada of the Liberal Gov, then work on the rest later . Surely anyone can see that Max has no hope, Richard or Fake would have a better chance than Max and we all know how “Whacked Out” they are .

    Jesus the Flying Yogit Party with Doug Henning would stand a better chance than Max and his Minions and Henning has been dead for 2o years, even if you dig poor Doug up he just might beat Max .

    If the vote is split again later this fall when a Federal Election is called the Libs will win, perhaps even if Max gets no vote to speak of .

    The Singh NDP may end up with even fewer seats than they have now and they will see no future so they will merge with the Libs then forming a new party called the “Liberal Democratic Party of Canada” with PM Justin as Leader .

    The PM will then ensure that Singh becomes the Minister of Diversity andEquity under that new banner and there will be no more splitting of the “Left” and it will be over for your lifetime plus twenty five years .

    Is that what you want ? Can you live with that while clinging onto hopes that Poor Max can get more than 2% of the vote right across Canada or will you take a chance with the Conservatives which is a step in the right direction ?

    The choice is yours, sink with Max, Fake, and Richard (God that scares me) or you can support the Conservatives that at least gets rid of the Libs .

    I am soaking wet in Math, Physics, and chemistry about 10 hours each and every day, I never choose “Long Shots” .

    How many more years do you, your children or your grand children have ?

  12. B”Mad Cow”Q,

    Your conservatives are now centre left.
    If you are proud to be a red tory, that’s okay.

    Math, Physics and Chemistry. Sounds like you’re book smart.
    The street smart people can see that your conservatives are not standing up for Canadians, plus they are welcoming global government.

    You’re sounding more and more like a globalist.
    Time to turn off talk radio, your propaganda TV set, and stand up for Canada!

  13. Fake

    Just what I need in life, someone like you sitting in judgement of me .

    As Colonel Walter Kurtz once said to me, “The Horror, The Horror” !!

  14. Yo Fake…I’m a long time donor to the Homer Simpson Party & yes, got jabbed & wear the diaper…what’s your excuse?

  15. Les: re charity being free….. Please check out the books “Toxic Charity” and the follow-up, “Charity Detox”. Clarifies what is wrong with our approach to some things…. And love the point re: NBA. If local businessman Myles Gray had not been a white person killed by 6? 8? (whatever) VPD in 2015, the WORLD would have been outraged, ya think?

  16. B”Mad Cow”Q,

    Instead of quoting Colonel Walter Kurtz, it would make more sense for
    you to quote Sgt. Schultz “I know nothing, I see nothing”!

  17. Bag Guy

    I am not sure if you agree with me but I am beginning to believe that Poor “FAKE” has come down with a vey serious case of the “Fake” Covid Virus .

    He seems to be running a “Bit of a Fever” .

  18. BMCQ….Fake’s in need of something…
    FN…no liberal in this blood…
    As I reminded a liberal buddy recently, Canada will spin its wheels as long as we have a drama teacher and journalist in control…


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