Red Robinson’s health update


from Red’s fb page…

Red Robinson

A quick health update: I recently lost my footing and ended up breaking the humerus bone in my left arm – no laughing matter! I spent some time in St. Paul’s Hospital undergoing physiotherapy and regaining my strength.
Once my arm had healed, I decided to move into Point Grey Private Hospital, a care facility near Kitsilano Beach. After settling into my new digs, I can look out at the incredible view and the iconic Kitsilano Showboat stage, where 10,000 people showed up in 1956 to see me broadcast live. Life truly comes full circle, and returns to its beginnings!
I feel great and I’m involved in several creative projects. As we used to say in the radio business, ”Stay tuned!”


  1. Sorry to learn of your mishap, Red but pleased to learn how fast you are recuperating.
    Returning to Kits should get your blood flowing aplenty. Every time I see the Showboat I remember my early youth and how my troupe tap danced there on occasion. That’s a long story!
    Take good care of yourself and use the smaller weights next time.

  2. Red, hope you heal like the young buck who ruled the stage at Empire Stadium.
    I was a fellow red head like you in younger days, now known as aluminum blonde.
    I remember seeing you in a restaurant a few years ago only to see you waving at
    a fellow ginger proudly. The world still needs more people like you and I think the
    gingers are on the comeback trail as I’m seeing a lot of freckle-faced toddlers these

  3. Jeez I just heard about your fall Red . So glad you’re on the road to recovery. I’ve been a fan since I was about 9 or 10 and I’m just about 70 so you’re just like family ! Do take care sir .


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