Who will be charged with “Crimes against Humanity” – Could Media People also be charged under the Nuremberg Code?


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  1. Many think no such thing as a new Nuremberg trials will come about, but I ask you all, how many Nazis ever thought they would be tried post war, at Nuremberg before and during WWII?

    Covid 19 the abuse of power and lockdowns etc. and the push for injecting people even against their will with experimental mRNA injections causing still unknown problems and issues can very likely see a global blood lust demand for justice and certainly the sell out mainstream media and social media platforms including idiot journalists and editorialists may and will likely face a Nuremberg type trial along with politicians, bureaucrats , medical specialists and other notable and vile people who pushed and push this B.S. agenda.

  2. I only have one thing to say…….they will NOT have enough marshmallow collaborator NAZI cops to protect them. Being as how the cops will ALSO be hunted down for their part.

  3. “Is it time for people working in the MSM to become whistleblowers?”

    The only thing the current crop of MSM gender studies graduates are able to report on are the latest press releases issued from the public relations departments of government and industry.

    They will stand in front of government buildings or head offices breezily reading the press releases verbatim and pretending that they have “investigated” the story, whatever the “story” is.

    “News” reporting is not like it was “in the day”. Long gone are the mysterious brown envelopes sent by whistleblowers – tips that a hard hitting investigative reporter will work on for months before exposing the story. These whistleblowers have gone to social media where the story gets out immediately. Apparently, government is so concerned about social media and Internet reporting that they are planning to regulate it.

    The only thing these himbos and bimbos in front of the camera care about is their hair and makeup and who they need to “relate to in an adult fashion” in order to get that big break in a major market so that they can earn the big bucks.

    Many of these lost souls end up being disappointed and end up leaving the industry and instead working for the same public relations departments of government and industry where they really will get paid big bucks writing press releases that the next generation of gender studies graduates will read verbatim on MSM Legacy media.

    One will do well to forget legacy media as a source of anything other than reports on fires or traffic accidents, even though some still insist on calling it “Mainstream Media”.

    It’s NOT mainstream. It will cease to exist in its current form in less than 10 years. The future is social media. This is where the real news and investigative journalism resides. It will only get stronger as the years go on.

  4. What scares Satan the most?

    It is the people seeing the truth and accepting it over his lies, manipulations, deceptions and distortions.

    You see folks Satan is compelled to make sure the truth is out there, including even himself placing it before our very own eyes, such as al too many linked websites and stories around Covid 19.

    But you ask, “Why would Satan do this if he is the great deceiver?” Because, in making sure you, me, all of us have access to the truth he is able to mock it and endeavour to have you, me and all of us turn from the truth to follow is lies and deceptions. You see Satan can’t make you take his lies, he must get you to abandon the truth. He can’t take your souls, he must have you agree to give them to him.

    His craftiness is abundant in his ability to have even bright, intelligent, maybe even God fearing people turn from the truth and their quest to find it and live by it. He has and is even in our Churches. Many of our trusted Priests, Pastors, Reverends even have fallen to his deceptions and they may even lead their flock astray…. It’s an amazing power that Satan has, to not have to steal anything from any of us, but to have us either willfully or ignorantly give it all to him including how we live our mortal lives and give him our souls.

    The last 15 months here built around the overblown hype and paranoia of SARS-cov-2 and all our governments and societies having fallen inline and prey too it all, is speaking volumes to us. Evil and ignorance are playing their hands to us all in real time here and we can so easily fall prey to them both. Yes, the one and only true God has told us about this, it is written (The Holy Bible), but sadly for many decades now in mostly but not only in the western world we have shunned, turned away from, or ignorantly ignored the words. This I see myself as being guilty of in my life as well.

    The months of stories and news over just Covid 19 tells us that Satan is madly working to subvert our society and to pervert our minds, all to turn us away from God. I too have been blinded by such. But when one truly begins to open his or her eyes the truth begins to be glaringly obvious. We may each personally fight to ignore it, to deny it, as we have allowed Satan to whisper into our ears and to lead us astray by him even showing us the truth as he craftily works to have us call the truth lies….. THINK ABOUT IT!

  5. Les,

    You hit the nail on the head. When it comes right down to it, this is All Out Spiritual Warfare, Good versus Evil. God against Satan, and we know who the Victor shall be!

    thanks for sharing brother

  6. Randy,

    Yeah, those thoughts came to my mind over the last day and I just felt compelled to express them.

    I look back on many years of my adult life where I chose to walk away from my faith in God and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It was done for a few reasons, one being anger at God but the others were falling into a liberal and socially virtue signalling ways where I felt I knew better and needed no God. I was never bat shit crazy about it all, but I was lost and did not see it through my virtue signalling pomposity.

    I see more clearly today that I paid a price for many years of walking aimlessly without God and Jesus, in a mine field of what was liberal-left nonsense and full of self righteousness and self loathing as I virtue signalled my LAMO intentions for others to see. This series of events that I caused on my own in my life have become the biggest mistakes in my life.

    Turning back and beginning my step by step journey back to faith has been eye opening and it’s AMAZING how I see things now and see the wonders of God and my Saviour Jesus Christ. Things and ideals just more easily click into place now, unlike how it was over the 20+ years of my angst towards God and my liberal lefts ways.

    Satan exists folks and he is a master deceiver and craftsman at having one possibly so easily turn away from right and wrong, from faith and trust and towards his false promises, his deception of a utopian world as he lures you to give up all that you are and may be to him and his evil ways.

  7. Too add… I guess my personal experiences is maybe why the story of the Prodigal Son is one of my favourite Bible Stories.

  8. What’s most interesting here regarding this article? Is it’s ALL opinions. Nothing more. The irony is they and others always claim the “fake news” or “MSM is the problem? Yet the very people who say this? Use the exact same platform to get their “opinions” out to the world. Then throw in right wing evangelicals? The likes of Kenneth Copeland and you have crazy town.

    If the problem is MSM? Where should we all be getting our information from? Bitchue? Is that the Gospel of truth? Or is it the gospel of conspiracy theories? Inquiring minds want to know?

  9. Pat,

    The answer is that you don’t just inherently believe most anything you may see, hear or read today. But the MSM have failed us and have been doing so for a long while now. The good thing is that we no longer need traditional MSM to get information. The well of information and yes mis-information is deeper today than anytime before in history.

    Nobody says for you to not get as wide ranging information on any topics at hand as possible, including just to see how bad and corrupt MSM are. Critical thinking is what you tap into in order to get better informed. It’s just that most of the people I see today who are often misinformed are essentially Koolaid drinking MSM users. They have been programmed to not think but to accept what the MSM tells them and by extension governments tell them through the MSM.

    Being well informed is both harder today as to cut through lies, misinformation and corruption, but also easier today to have more avenues of information to help one critically think and see more clearly.

  10. The question was very simple les. Where should we be getting our information from? If MSM doesn’t tell the truth or misinform people? What should I be reading? Please list what sources of media should people be gathering the so called truth? List below where i should be getting the truth from?

  11. Pat,

    Firstly and again, I do not tell you to not see or hear what MSM tells you, for even though I believe and many can show the MSM purely propagandize the established narratives, when you see it you are better able to arm yourself against it. Ignorance to the MSM spin machine is not going to help any of us.

    As to getting further information, certainly the explosion of the internet and of all non MSM based media and information sites can help you develop your levels of critical thinking.

    There are platforms and sites that have people develop and present information on all issues, be they important or trivial. Trivial information BTW is a good thing at times for one must not live life in absolute despair of only bad news and bad or corrupted information on life things.

    Youtube though a growingly dystopian censorship platform has much information on all too many things from serious to trivial. It’s vile censorship ways will be it undoing though.

    You have Bitchute, Rumble, Oddysee (sp??), New Tube as a few alternatives to Youtube and Facebook. Various PodCasters of social an political opinions.

    But for news, current affairs, social and political points, some persons or entities to look into and learn from if even to just counter balance the near 100% BULLCRAP of MSM and big social media include:

    Well this site PSR to start.
    Rebel Media
    Steven Crowder
    Prager U
    Ben Shapiro
    Dinesh DaSousa (sp??)
    Stefan Molenyeux ( Sp??)
    Tucker Carlson
    Andrew Clayvan
    Tim Pool
    Michael Knowles.
    Mark Dice
    Andrew Lawton
    Sky T.V. Australia
    Yes, even Alex Jones, Info Wars
    Podcasters, John C. Dvorak an Adam Curry of the No Agenda Show
    Donald Trump Jr.
    Laura Trump.
    Prof. Jordan Peterson
    For Canada Maxime Bernier (Twitter and PPC party )

    I could go on and on, but I’m just pulling stuff off the top of my head.

    And certainly if you want to see more of the spin machine narrative pushers The Young (Jerks) Turks.
    Sam Seeder (ugh)
    and there are many more traditional B.S. leftist liberal hosts on these various media platforms too.

    You have to start by moving beyond ONLY MSM. You have to begin letting your fingers do the walking in typing in many of these and more names to find their social media channels and there own websites. Then begin to listen, watch and read to expand your own critical thinking skills

  12. So just that I’m clear and understand you? The news organizations you’ve listed do NOTspread misinformation or conspiracy theories? Only the BS leftist Liberal MSM does? Is this what you are telling me?

  13. Pat I never said that, but being I was once a solid liberal, aka: libtard and drank the proverbial Koolaid for many years of liberal, woke, looney and even vile ideals, I have come since my red pilling has helped me to see such and to see how essentially most liberal, socialist, social activist, woke blah blah blah is distorted nonsense and reality or outright lies and lunacy. So YES! most of the sites I wrote above are better and are more honest to the reality of a real world, the good, indifferent and bad of it all, and not an idiot woke liberal assed world.

    Do I expect or demand that you or others here visit these sites and believe all that they say? HELL NO! But to have an open mind and learn what they say to test against your critical thinking skills. I believe if most people would do so, that they would see how the people and sites I wrote above are more correct, more in touch with the realities of life and then you all would better see how most liberal-left ideals are frigging retarded and act against your own and societies better interests.

    But not checking out those sites noted above and many others I did not include does you no favours and no service to bettering your own intelligence and understanding of the realities of life.

    As the conservative author Ayn Rand once said, “You can choose to ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” The modern woke, liberal left persons are ignorant to reality but oddly enough all too many of them love it as so. 🙁


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