Where Was the World? by Harvey Oberfeld! Where Was The Media?


by Harvey Oberfeld

Keeping It Real…

May 19, 2021

Where was the world when Hamas and Islamic Jihad fired 174 rockets into Israel … not this week, but LAST YEAR, in 2020 … when there was supposed to be a cease-fire in effect? Where was the world?

Where was the United Nations when a HUNDRED rockets were shot from Gaza into Israel in ONE DAY, February 24, 2020?  Where were they?

Where was the European Union when hundreds of balloon-borne explosives and incendiary devices were propelled into Israel from Gaza, day after day, week after week, starting widespread fires and causing property destruction? Where were they?

Where were all those the Palestinians supporters after Israel gave in to their pleadings, opened its border crossings to allow steel and construction materials into Gaza to rebuild its infrastructure … and then Hamas and Jihad diverted much of it to build 13,000 more rockets and dozens of concrete-lined tunnels back into Israel to carry out more terrorist attacks? Where were they?

Just try to imagine how many rockets and what other lethal weaponry Hamas and Jihad would have imported from Iran into Gaza if Israel had caved to world pressure and allowed the Palestinians total control of port imports!

Where was the media when all this was going on … while the world said nothing, did nothing, to stop ANY of it??? Where were the stories revealing what was REALLY going on? What Hamas and Jihad were REALLY up to since the last war in 2014? Where was the media?


Until the Israelis had enough of the air raid sirens, enough of the terror, enough of the rockets hitting their homes, smashing holes in their schools, demolishing their cars, destroying their workplaces and enough of the their children trembling in their homes, their bomb shelters, too afraid to go to school, too frightened to go out to play … many of them so impacted, they needed psychological trauma counselling.

No story there!

UNTIL Israel finally struck back HARD (the only way to deal with Hamas/Jihad) after rockets by the hundreds began targeting their people and their kids every day … again, while the world did NOTHING!

But when Israel fired back, then the world’s TV media moved in, most of them unpacking their cliché-riddled one-sided, anti-Israel reporting formula we’ve seen before:

It starts with the studio announcer saying something like “Israel continued to bomb … ” or “Israel continued to attack…” or “Israel inflicted more destruction….”. (Although it has been very clear Hamas/Jihad fired first and continued to escalate almost every night… launching hundreds of rockets!)

Despite that, the story ALWAYS begins with horrific video of destroyed Gaza buildings, pictures of bodies, especially children, complete with identifying names, even professions of who these poor people are, revealed through interviews with their grieving relatives.

Powerfully sad.

Then local residents proclaim there were only civilians in those buildings, no Hamas terrorists no arms, weapons … only a bakery, or auto mechanic shop etc.

Only then are there very brief pictures and mention that hundreds or even a thousand rockets were fired by Hamas/Jihad into Israel … but Israeli casualties are not named, not even the dead children, and only rarely are we given ANY details of who the Israeli victims were, fathers, mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers, their professions and there are no grieving interviews with their families.

It’s quite repugnant, frankly, to see how often the TV media take great pains to put faces, names and personalities on the Gazan victims of the terrible conflict, but leave Israeli victims unidentified/anonymous … as if they don’t count as much.

Yes, as the song says, “We Are the World”, but for most media, only and consistently in standing with the Palestinians … even their terrorist groups … but never with the Israelis.

Watch for that: it’s today’s formula media bias …designed to manipulate/evoke viewer sympathy favouring one side … the Palestinians and even their terrorist proxies!

Pay attention also to the TV coverage, ” interviews” with analysts …. heavily weighted to favour far left, Palestinians supporters/activists declaring how brutal Israel has been, how much damage Israel has done, how the world must stop Israel … but very few noting the rockets/damage/deaths and injuries Israel endured before it struck back or that the Israelis at least try to target very specific objectives, while Hamas and Jihad fire rockets DELIBERATLY aimed at killing civilians.

And no questions, of course, about why so many Hamas commanders and top brass are now being reported dead if all the targets hit by Israel were filled with only “civilians” … or how did Hamas and Jihad get enough materials to build 13,000 rockets and so many underground concrete tunnels while under “blockade” ?

I don’t know of any nation that has the historical or ethical qualifications to question, let alone condemn, Israel for trying to protect it’s population: Jews, Arabs, Christians and the many foreign workers in the country too.

How many rockets would it take, fired into an American city, a British borough, a French canton, a Russian oblast or Chinese village before those countries would pummel the offending neighbour into oblivion?

And I doubt ANY other nation, attacked the way Israel has been, would still phone ahead … warning Gaza civilians, apartment dwellers or office workers in buildings where terrorists are holed up or have stored their armaments … to get out because the building would soon be targeted!

Make no mistake: Israel is in a existential fight for its survival!

Hamas and Jihad can lose MANY times … and live to rebuild, re-arm and renew their terrorist attacks.

If Israel loses ONCE, the outcome would be too catastrophic to even contemplate.

Stand up for Israel; speak up for Israel; pass this blog around to friends and family to let them know what has REALLY been going on in and around the Holy Land … instead of leaving it up to the terrorists and their co-opted media allies to push the Hamas/Jihad narrative.

And just in case BBC, CNN, CBC, CTV, Global TV and Al Jazeera missed it, the five year old Israeli child killed last week by Hamas has a name: Ido Avigal.

Harv Oberfeld


  1. Harv, as a nation, there was a time when we would have spoken and acted in a unified voice.

    But, you know. Diversity and all that. It’s a strength, don’t cha know.

  2. The most striking image that I have seen was off an Australian report. Night sky over Israel, on the right 1,000’s of rockets on flight into Israel, over the left, the Israeli defence system, only over isreal, protecting their citizens.
    Cannot fathom why Israel hadn’t bothered to flood those tunnels with sea water and put an end to these types…

  3. I have absolutely no time for anyone who supports the murderous and barbaric rule of Israel over the Palestinian people.

  4. “Head”

    Huh ?

    Just one quick question for you then you can continue on with whatever you might be doing .

    Do you realize that when Hamas/Iran begin to push about 4,000 Missiles into Israel that about 25% of the population of Israel happen to be Palestinian People ?

    How do you think those Israeli Palestinian people might feel about being on the receiving end of any given Missile your Hero’s Hamas/Iran or say Hezbollah on any given day launch into the Sovereign State of Israel in an attempt to kill and maim innocent people of any ethnicity, skin tones, religions, whether they be children, women, or men ?

  5. Let’s stay out of this bleep show. It’s been going on forever and no interference from the US or Canada will change that.

  6. BMCQ

    Huh ?


    Israel is not a “sovereign state”. It was purchased by Rothschild BLOOD money from Britain unlawfully in 1917. You can’t “buy” a country that is not yours…..

  7. Richard

    Time for you to catch up on some History .

    Facts do matter .

    Facts are facts, we cannot just simply wish things to be the way that happens to suit ones warped sense of logic, hate, and bigotry .

    You seem to be quite the “Conspiracy Buff”, I bet you could enlighten us on any number of things, the more “Whacked Out” the better .

    BTW – just exactly WHO really did shoot JR Ewing and JFK ?

  8. BMCQ

    Time for you to catch up on some History .

    Facts do matter .

    As usual Mr BS_CQ provides no facts. No rebuttal. He just calls people names which include his masters most famous insult “conspiracy theory” – invented by the Khazarian Mafia created CIA.

    Please Mr Vaccine Passport International Man (soon to be dead of Mad Cow Disease) – back up your claim with evidence the Rothschilds did not “Buy” Israel from the British Govt who had no “claim” in Palestine to begin with. The British (controlled by the Rothschilds since the Battle of Waterloo) used war and misery and murder to take EVERYTHING from countries in the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s.

    So let’s hear it……where is your evidence the Rothschilds did not “buy” Israel?

    I’ll wait…

  9. Richard

    By studying your scores of previous posts the facts show anyone that you see a conspiracy under every and any bush, you in fact would argue physics with Einstein .

    Hey wait a minute, you more than likely believe that Einstein did not exist, you more than likely believe Einstein was/is a made up story by those working with the Rothschilds .

    You must be a poor lonely bitter old soul being forced to live alone with your pathetic conspiracies, your hate, and your bigotry .

    I pity you .

  10. Another Nodding Head:

    I have absolutely no time for anti-Semites who support murderous and barbaric Islamic terrorists who pretend to be “Palestinians” (no such people, BTW) while launching continual attacks on Israel, all while the sympathetic liberal media and “Palestinian” sympathizers turn a blind eye to Islamic aggression and make false accusations against Israel and against the Jewish people.

  11. Arguing of Israel’s existence and who or what was behind it is moot. We know the UN set up the Israeli state post WWII due mostly to the events of what happened to European Jews before and during WWII…. That is a given.

    FF to today. Simply this, there was never a Palestinian state. This is why the UN also wanted expropriated from existing nations in the M.E. a parallel Palestinian state. THAT NEVER HAPPENED! From what I recall the Palestinian state was to be carved from Jordan and Syria, But instead of doing so the Arab states which often don’t much a give a shite about the Palestinians decided to go to war over the New Israeli (Jewish ) state, WHY?

    Because Islam breeds hate towards the Jews OBTW and to Christians too. This follow their supposed prophet dying wish to KILL ALL JEWS and INFIDELS. This is hard bread into their minds. Now not all persons are killers even Muslims, humanity can exist even in their colder hearts. But most Muslims are raised to support the persecution and eradication of Jews and again Christians as well. How to turn off that ‘broken’ switch is the question and likely impossible to do.

    The only pushback is HARD NOSE BEAT DOWN IF THE TRY TO ERADICATE ISRAEL AND ALL JEWS! Soft American power will not cut it! There was little trouble between Palestinians, Arabs and Israelis when POTUS Trump was in office for he made it clear ATTACK ISRAEL AND GET A BIG DOSE AMERICAN BUTT HURT ON YOU!

    Now that Sleepy Joe is ‘illegally’ POTUS the Israeli and Jew haterz are back in full force just as when that POS Obama was Prez.

    The only way to keep the M.E. tensions on simmer is a combination of CARROT and BIG YANKEE BEAT YOU TO A PULP STICK! It would be nice if all western nations would help, but sadly Canada and most of European nations along with the CORRUPTED UN have picked the wrong side.

  12. TV Guy

    Well said, I wish more that think like you had the courage to speak out like you just have .

    Radical Islam needs to be held accountable and those in their ranks that commit violent terrorist acts anywhere need to be held accountable, unfortunately the only thing they understand is the results they might get from a Big Stick . So be it .

  13. Les

    I agree with about 90% of your commentary, great post . Now I will ask your friend Richard a question he will refuse to answer, he is not as courageous as he would want us to believe .


    Do YOU believe Israel has the right to EXIST ?


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