CBC and other mainstream media journalists sign anti-Israel open letter

May 18, 2021

Numerous Canadian journalists have signed an open letter on the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict which characterizes Israel’s actions in the region as an “ethnic cleansing.”

The letter, dated to May 14, 2021 is titled “An open letter to Canadian newsrooms on covering Israel-Palestine” has since received over 1,500 signatures from activists and journalists, including ones employed by CBC, the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, CTV News, Maclean’s, Yahoo News Canada and Global News.

The letter goes on to criticize the “lack of nuanced” coverage regarding the conflict.

“Some groups believe the attacks amount to an ‘ethnic cleansing.’ It should be covered as such,” the letter says.

“It’s time for Canadian newsrooms to carry out the necessary due diligence and report on this region with nuance and context. For that to happen, Canadian newsrooms will have to first acknowledge their failings.”

The pro-Israel media advocacy group Honest Reporting Canada has called the letter “partisan” and “one-sided.”

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  1. First, I’m certain the Israeli government has not always been pure of intentions. That said it has been painted as a thug nation by many people in especially the west and mostly western news media. The fact that most western nations now seem to willfully side with Palestinian and Arabic terrorist groups over Israel is a sign of our increasing backwardness in most western nations.

    These so-called journalists in Canada here signing such a document prove they no-longer are journalists but are stooges, shills and media foot soldiers to anything against Israeli and western world.

    Fact is almost daily, rockets are indiscriminately fired into Israel from mostly Palestinian territories often by the dozens or hundreds per day. Hamas and Hezbollah are the chief Iranian backed culprits. Imagine if you will, living in your comfy home here knowing that on any given day terrorists rockets could be fired into your city or neighbourhood, how do you think that would make you all feel?

    I do not wash away any transgressions that the Israeli government does and has done, but fact is NOBODY in the world gets any credible news over the situation here between Israel and the Palestinians…. NONE! TOTAL BLIND IGNORANCE! The Israelis do not act out of offensive measures but respond to an never ending terroristic barrage from Hamas in Palestinian territories, parts of Hezbollah occupied Lebanon and Syria.


  2. Typical left wing garbage. So simple: Hamas (backed as always by Iran) need to stop firing the rockets and the retaliation will stop. Again…and again…the civilians killed on both sides are the result of Hamas and their good friends who want to “wipe the Jews from the face of the earth.”

  3. Ahh well, it us great that we have a list of names to concretely identify those ‘journalists’ as woke terrorist sympathizers.

  4. Les, Cephas, Woke

    Agreed ! Well stated !

    The fact is if Israel was to lose just one battle it will be their very last as the attackers would never stop the attack until Israel is burning .

  5. Well, have any of you actually read the letter? Basically, the focus is on greater nuance and context in reporting — deeper coverage of the current situation. It does not take sides, as the three of you seem to think.

    Second, to be clear, the letter doesn’t characterize the situation as “ethnic cleansing”, as the TNW story attempts to claim, but rather that some groups have called it that, a legitimate item to cover.

    Finally, take a look at the list of signatories. It’s really not a list of MSM journalists of renown. The CBC people are digital associates and the like. There are students and PHD candidates and freelance journalists, sports journalists, IT technicians, procurement specialists and others from many, many professions and backgrounds.

    So, breathe…..

  6. Robb:

    Oh, so you’re making excuses for the liberal media and their now-openly expressed anti-Semitic attitudes toward Israel then?

  7. Peace will be achieved in Israel only when the Palestinians will declare peace, no longer threats of annihilation, no incitement for terrorism, no longer calling the Jews sons of monkeys and pigs.
    After 2000 years of exile we back in Israel, this is our country.

  8. Hamas, the governing body in Gaza has in its Charter the total eradication of not just Israelis but of all Jews world wide… I think its clear who the threat is. But EVERY leftist filled mainstream media outlet has not and will not tell the global population the truth.

  9. When I see “greater nuance” it just means more glorious propaganda and spin-doctoring to fit our continuing ‘criminals as victim’ narrative. The CBC will excel at this, no letter needed!


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