99.9 BOB FM in Winnipeg Bounces to a New Brand – Bell Media Bounces 25 Stations! (Updated)




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May 18, 2021


WINNIPEG — 99.9 BOB FM has faded into the FM dial sunset. You could almost say BOB himself has retired.

The Bell Media radio station was rebranded Tuesday to Bounce Radio 99.9, playing the ’80s, ’90s and ’00s hits, similar to the previous format.

BOB FM, created by Howard Kroeger, had been a staple on the 99.9 FM frequency in Winnipeg since it launched in 2002.

In a tweet Tuesday, the former station wished BOB a happy retirement with yard signs placed outside of its Pembina Highway studio.

Listeners won’t notice much of a change aside from the name, with the same on-air personalities remaining on the air. Bounce Mornings feature Beau and Mandy Shew, with Caroline Hunter holding down middays and Kris Jay taking care of the afternoon drive.

96.1 BOB FM in Brandon has also rebranded to Bounce Radio 96.1.




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  1. 25 stations rebranded, several in BC, Manitoba, Ontario and the Maritimes. Mostly EZ rock and the Bear stations as well as K-Lite Hamilton and KFUN in Kitchener, The Dock in cottage country.

  2. Somebody should start a station called “The Jackass” as this is what these media conglomerates really thing of their listeners.

  3. I tried listening to see what the station sounds like I live in alberta it sounds like a boom that stingray has actually without the 70s I feel bad for the people that had k lite hamilton now to adjust to classic hits format actually hope the bounce does well in canada like virgin and pure country for bell media

  4. why didnt they switch klite hamilton to move hamilton was just wondering about that since now they have a classic hit station in hamilton and people can listen to boom 973 in toronto just was wondering about that


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